How To Fix Unknown Host Minecraft

Fix : Reinstall Your Minecraft

[HOW TO FIX] Minecraft: Unknown Host

If the methods above fail to fix Minecraft LAN not working issue for you, perhaps there are certain problems with your Minecraft application itself.

To fix the problem in this case, you might need to completely uninstall your Minecraft, download the latest version from the official website, and reinstall it. To uninstall a program from your computer, you can refer to this post. Then, reconnect every involved computer and check if the issue has been removed.

Fix : Decrease The Render Distance

The Internal Exception can also arise if Minecraft is not able to render all the video blocks at once. This is can be due to poor internet quality. Hence decreasing the rendering distance is advised to be decreased so that Minecraft doesnt need to render a lot of video blocks simultaneously. To do so:

  • Open Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click on the Options... button.
  • Go to the Video Settings option.
  • Set the Render Distance slider to about 2 or 3.

Once done, try to play the game and see if the issue is fixed or not. If it is not, then head over to the next fix.

Tip: The next couple of fixes are going to make changes to the Java that is installed on your PC. And prior to any of the Java-related fix, make sure that your PC is loaded with only one Java.

Fix 1 Make Sure That Every Computer Is Connected To The Same Network

When you are unable to join a LAN session, check if every involved computer is connected to the same network. Its possible that you and other players are not connected to the same network, thus causing Minecraft LAN not working issue.

So, if you encounter Minecraft LAN not working, the first thing you should do is to check if you and other players are using the same network.

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Connect To The Server Again:

There are possibilities that your network setup is wrong. Youll also realize the DNS issue with the new server Minecraft. After you attempt to connect a brand server in Minecraft, you will get an alerting message on your games screen. If your screen will display you a pop-up notification that will say, Failed to attach to the server.Check that you are attempting to attach the server again.

Fix : Try Playing Minecraft Without Mods


Some users would like to play Minecraft with mods which can make the gaming more fun. But this may cause certain problems such as unable to use LAN connection in Minecraft.

Therefore, you can try removing all the mods from the game to fix the problem. And you should make sure both you and your friends are not playing the game with mods.

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Fix 2 Check If Minecraft Is Blocked By Windows Firewall

The Minecraft LAN not working issue could occur when Minecraft is blocked by Windows Firewall. You can check Windows Firewall settings to ensure the Minecraft executable file is allowed in Firewall.

Step 1. Type control in the Windows 10 Cortana search box and click the best match Control Panel to open it.

Step 2. Set View by large icons. Then find and click the Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 3. Then click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.

Step 4. Click on Change Settings and start scrolling down the list. You need to make sure that the boxes next to javaw.exe, Java Platform SE binary, Minecraft are checked.

Step 5. Click OK to confirm the operation.

After that, you can open your Minecraft and check if you can join LAN session successfully. If Minecraft LAN not working issue still exists, you can try disabling Windows Defender Firewall before playing the game, which has resolved the issue for some players.

To do that, just open Control Panel and enter Windows Defender Firewall interface again. Then, click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off in the left pane, and check Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option for both Private and Public network settings. Click OK to save the changes.

If you can play Minecraft LAN game now, its nice. But if you still encounter Minecraft open to LAN not working, you might need to re-enable firewall and try the following solutions.

Disable Firewall For Minecraft

A few players suggest that you will fix the Cant resolve hostname error by disabling the Windows Firewall for Minecraft.

The Windows Firewall is used to protect your Windows system from network-based threats. You can always configure these Windows Firewall settings from the Control Panel settings.

If you dont know how to do that, follow the next instructions:

  • Press Windows key + R and type control, then press Enter. Opening up the Control menu
  • Inside the Control Panel menu, search for Allow an app through Windows Firewall and access it. Allowing an app through Firewall
  • After that, firstly you need to click on Change settings to give administrator permission. Through the list of apps search for Minecraft, then click on Remove to disable the firewall for Minecraft. Configuring the allowed apps
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    Renew Your Custom Domain Name

    There are a few instances in which players got the same error on a Custom Domain name. It will result in the Custom Domain name problem.

    So, what are the possible ways outs to solve this problem?

    Well, you can renew your Custom Domain name to fix this issue. You can also keep an eye on the expiry date of your Custom Domain server. It will help you keep away from the connectivity issues.

    Ways To Fix Minecraft Unknown Host Error

    How to Fix Unknown Host Problem in Minecraft 1 7 2

    Minecraft is an excellent game, theres no doubt about it. After all, it does take something special for a game to still be relevant a full 10 years after its initial release. For us, this game has really held up well too. And sure, the single player version still holds quite a lot of appeal for many.

    That being said, there is just way more fun to be had when you venture into playing it online. Normally, getting online in Minecraft is quite simple too. All you really need to do is connect to server and then all of the benefits of online play should just be laid out in front of you.

    Better yet, if you want to really have a fully customizable experience, you can also choose to buy your own private server, where you control who gets in and what happens in there. The only real downside to this is that it does cost a little money. But, for what you get, we think its more than worth it.

    However, we have noticed in the last while that there have been a few complaints saying that people are having difficulty with their servers. Today, we are going to tackle the unknown host error and show you how to get things back to normal again.

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    How Can I Teleport Other Entities In The Game

    You can use the following command to teleport to entities and vice versa in Minecraft:

    In the command, mobtype is the type of mob nearest to you, like chicken, that you want to teleport to. If youre going to teleport your pet or a mob that you named, you can use the following command:

    Given name is the name you gave to the mob, and p is you. You can also write your name instead of p in both the commands.

    Try Adding Ip Manually

    If you are facing a log-in issue, you can skip on logging in and try manually typing the IP Address to that given box. There are higher chances that this method will sort your problem. After manually typing the IP Address, you will easily connect to the server.

    Chances are there that you may have left a space while putting the IP Address. Avoid making such a mistake at the start of the process and the end as well.

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    How Do I Know If My Hostname Is Resolves

    Resolving host names with a DNS server

  • To check the host name on the operating system, in a command prompt, type: hostname.
  • Verify the computer name information: Right-click My Computer.
  • Check the host name configured on the DNS server. Run the following command:
  • Check that the host is responding.
  • Renew Your Custom Domain Name:

    Reset! On the Minecraft Server

    There are a few instances within which players got a similar error on a Custom Domain name. It will lead to the custom Domain name issue. So, what are the possible ways in which resolve this issue? Well, you can renew your custom Domain name to repair this issue. You can also keep an eye fixed on the end date of your custom Domain server. It will assist you to keep away from the connectivity problems.

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    How Do I Fix Teamspeak Failed To Connect To The Server

    Follow all steps above first!

  • Use WLAN when mobile connection is blocked from your mobile service provider or has a bad quality or an high ping.
  • Check your connection quality in 3G/4G/5G/WLAN network.
  • Check your ping to target server.
  • Allow the client to connect if you have a antivirus or firewall installed.
  • How To Fix Minecraft Cant Resolve Hostname/unknown Host Errors

      This guide explains how you can fix the Minecraft cant resolve hostname/Unknown host error. You need to add specific Preferred and Alternate values for the DNS server and your issue will be resolved. Complete method is discussed in the guide below.

      The first thing you will need to do is to go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel. It will appear on your screen, then select the Network and Internet option.

      You will find your Internet settings in this option. Now click on Change Adapter settings.

      Right click on your Wif-Fi and go to the properties option.

      From the page that appears, scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 and double click on it.

      This will open up a new window as shown in the image below.

      After that, you need to enter the numbers in the Preferred DNS server option and enter the number in the Alternate DNS Server option. Then click on the OK button.

      Now go to the Search Bar and type cmd. In the cmd, you have to type ping

      Press Enter now. It will be successfully Pinged to this address.

      In order to check a server which is no longer operational. You will need to enter your server address in cmd, if you find your ping request is timed out, it means the server is not operational. Here is an example for it.

      In this way your issue will be resolved effectively.

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      Why Does Minecraft Say Unknown Host

      A few years ago, Minecraft was discovered to be suffering a lot of complaints regarding network troubles.

      Apparently, some of those difficulties are returning now. Even yet, this is a problem that many gamers have to deal with on a regular basis.

      Unknown Host is a bug that generally gets you annoyed. Your attempt to connect to the desired Minecraft server has failed.

      What causes this problem? Well, you normally dont know the precise ISP in your games.

      Thats what places you in a tough position. This issue has a straight link with your computer network and your web server.

      What Is The Minecraft Unknown Host Error

      How to Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname/Unknown Host Errors (Quick and Easy)!!!!

      Above, we talked about how any Minecraft player has the option to buy their own server if they want to. One of the key benefits of doing this is that you can restrict the server to only allow in the people that you have green listed.

      However, recently we have noticed that people are having trouble joining private servers even ones that they are supposed to be allowed to get into. So, seeing as this proem can be quite annoying, weve decided to put together a quick troubleshooting guide to help you get around the problem. And here it goes!

    • Type in the Servers IP Address
    • For most of you, the quickest and easiest fix for this problem will be this one. Better yet, this fix is really simple to do. All you need to do when you are getting the unknown host error is to try manually typing in the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to. We do realize that it does appear that this wont do all that much, but it does work more often than it should.

      As a precaution, we would recommend that you actually manually type in the IP address rather than simply copy and pasting this. The reason for this is that it can be pretty easy to accidentally include a blank space or two.

    • But what do I do if I am the host?
    • On rare occasions, it can actually be possible that you cant actually connect to your own server. So, if you are getting the dreaded unknown host error while trying to connect, here is what to do about it.

    • Getting this error on your custom domain name?
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      Fix : Repair / Reinstall Minecraft

      You can perform a Repair of the Minecraft app. You can use the Windows built-in repair option that show up in the Control panel.

      • Open Settings by pressing Win+I.
      • Go to Apps > Apps & Features > click on the three dots of the Minecraft Launcher> Advanced options.
      • Scroll down to the Reset section and click on Repair.
      • Proceed as per the on-screen instructions.

      After the repair, restart your PC. This should repair Minecraft but if it was not working for you then try reinstalling Minecraft and Java. But before uninstalling both of these, make sure to backup the important stuff.

      • After backup, head over to the same Apps & features page in settings and uninstall both Minecraft and Java.
      • Reboot the PC.
      • Open Run by pressing Win+R on the keyboard and go to Appdata by entering the same in the run field.
      • In the AppData location you should see Local, LocalLow, & Roaming folders. Open them and delete the Minecraft folder from each one of them.
      • Now download, install it as administrator and reboot the PC.
      • Finally download and install Minecraft and again reboot the PC.

      Once all done, launch the Minecraft Launcher and see if you are able to play the game without the Internal Exception error.

      Why Does It Say Io Netty Channel Abstractchannel Annotatedconnectexception Connection Timed Out No Further Information

      IP issue: In some cases, the problem is caused due to the wrong IP address or the port listed while trying to connect to a server. Therefore, the IP address needs to be edited from time to time. Firewall: Also it is possible that the Windows Firewall that you are using might be blocking your connection to the server.

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      Fix : Turn Off Ap Isolation

      If you are using Wi-Fi connection, perhaps your router applies the security feature AP Isolation. With this feature, users can connect to the internet from the same network, but they are unable to connect to each other. So, if AP Isolation is applied, you are very likely to encounter LAN not working Minecraft issue.

      In this case, you just need to turn off AP Isolation feature. Heres how to do it.

      Step 1: Find the IP address of your router/modem. Just execute the command ipconfig in Command Prompt, and the value of Default Gateway is the address of your router.

      Step 2: Open your browser and type the IP address of your router/modem in the address bar and press Enter.

      Step 3: Input your user credentials and log into your routers configuration page.

      Step 4: Locate AP Isolation option and disable it. Note that this option might also be described as access point isolation, user isolation, client isolation, or enable wireless access point.

      After disabling this security feature, you can restart your router and check if you can join LAN session in Minecraft now.

      Use The Latest Version

      #1 MINECRAFT w/ Nieuwe Server OMG !!

      Are you using the latest version of Hamachi on your computer? Have you installed the latest version of Minecraft on your PC? What about your friends then? That is important as several users found it the hard way.

      It seems that if every player in the network is not running the same version of Hamachi and Minecraft, things can break. Instead of trying to figure out which version is being used by the one who created the server, I would suggest that you guys all update both Hamachi and Minecraft to the latest version to avoid any back and forth or downgrading. Upgrading to the latest version will also patch known bugs and bring new features or functionality.

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      Fix : Temporarily Disable The Firewall

      There are possibilities that this issue is occurring due to conflicts of the Windows firewall. This happens quite rarely but yes, it is possible that the Windows firewall behaves unusually with some genuine services like Minecraft. In such cases, you should try disabling the firewall temporarily.

      • Search for Control Panel and open it.
      • Go to System and Security.
      • Click on the Windows Defender Firewall option.
      • Click on the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off option from the menu on the left.
      • Now, enable the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option for both Public and Private network settings and finally click on OK.

      This will disable the firewall from the PC. Once done, open the Minecraft launcher and check if the issue is fixed.

      Fix Internal Exception Javaioioexception Minecraft Error

      The tag of being one of the most widely used and popular in the world doesnt make that thing free from errors. In fact, there is nothing in this world that can be called a perfect of idle. The same thing also applies to an extremely popular game, Minecraft. The game has an enormous amount of fanbase in the gaming community. But still, there are errors like the Internal Exception that a number of Minecraft players encounter. This error message comes entitled Connection Lost along with further elaboration saying, Internal Exception An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

      If you are also facing the same issue on your Windows PC and looking for its fix, then bear with me this fixing guide where I am going to share various ways to fix the Internal Exception Minecraft error.

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