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Is Minecraft Modding Dead

How To Install Minecraft Mods (2021)

No, its very much not dead. Its currently in a transitional period: 1.12 was a stable version for modding for a long time, then 1.13 changed some low-level structure of the game, and the predominant modloader, Forge, took some time to do a significant rewrite. Whats your favorite mod for Minecraft?

Make Minecraft Even Better

Installing Minecraft mods opens your game to a world of endless possibilities. But how do you install Minecraft mods? What even is Minecraft Forge? This guide will answer all these questions and more, so you can run the best Minecraft mods in no time.

Before we jump into the action, its worth thinking about the different types of mods available. Do you want a new skin pack to freshen things up? Got a super PC? Why not grab some killer lighting and realistic water mods? Bored with pigs oinking on the ground? With mods, you could make them fly! Why youd want to do that, weve no idea, but hey, more options are always a good thing.;

Want to make your copy of Minecraft even greater? Then read on for our simple steps on how to install Minecraft mods. ;

Playing Minecraft: Java Edition

Officially released in 2011 by Mojang, Minecraft is one of the biggest and most beloved games in the world today. Over the years, multiple versions of the game have been released for different platforms, catering to a wider audience. Minecraft: Java Edition is the primary title source, and like its namesake, it was created in Java programming language. Designed specifically for the PC, Java allows third-parties to create mods that generate unique gameplay experiences for individuals.

Minecraft features a vast wasteland of potential, where users need to tap into their creative minds to build everything to survive. Users have become so proficient at building virtual worlds, they began creating mods to make every build unique. For instance, users have created mods such as Archimedes Ship, where everything can be turned into a boat, or the Instant Lake mod where you can fill any space, instantly, with water or lava.

Mods come in varying magnitudes that can alter your construct or change your virtual landscape. But there are also mods like Magic Yarn that exists simply to help simplify your gameplay.; For example, the Magic Yarn leaves a trail, much like Hansel and Gretels bread crumb trail, so that you can always find your way home. Mods make playing Minecraft more fun and can simplify many routine tasks so that you save time on unnecessary things.

Here are 3 crucial things to take note of in order to successfully download and install Minecraft mods. You need to:

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How To Install ‘minecraft’ Resource Packs

You can also install resource packs to mix up your Minecraft universe. They won’t alter gameplay, but can change how blocks and buildings look, as well as add fun cosmetics, unique sounds, and alternative languages to the game.;

You can find resource packs at familiar sources like, or other sites, like Here’s how to install one in your game:

  • Open “Minecraft: Java Edition,” and click “Options,” then “Resource Packs.” The resource pack menu is in the “Options” list. Emma Witman/Insider
  • Select “Open Pack Folder” and copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop the zip file into the folder. If you don’t see the resource pack listed right away under “Available,” go ahead and restart “Minecraft.” It should appear.

    Move the .zip files as they are, without opening them. Emma Witman/Insider

  • Move the resource pack from “Available” to “Selected.”

    Drag the mod from the “Available” box to the “Selected” box. Emma Witman/Insider You’re all set. Depending on the resource pack, you might see changes right away.

  • How To Install Minecraft Forge

    MINECRAFT : How To Get MODS (Ps3/Xbox360/PE/Win10/PS4 ...

    1. Once the download finishes, open the Forge Installer by double-clicking on it. If you get prompted by your antivirus while trying to open it, click on more info and select the Run anyway option.

    2. Forge will automatically detect the location of the default Minecraft installation. You can also load it to your Minecraft directory manually by pressing the button next to the default directory address. After that, all you need to do is select the Install Client option and click on the OK button.

    3. Wait for Forge to download and install itself into your game. Once its done, you will be greeted by a successful installation message. To make sure it works properly, please dont use an already modded version of the game and carefully match the game version with the version of Minecraft Forge.

    You can check your game profile in the Minecraft launcher to see if you have the Forge up and running. But theres no point in running Minecraft Forge without first installing a mod.

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    The Best Minecraft Mods

    PCGamesN are here to help change your game with some amazing Minecraft mods

    What are the best Minecraft mods? Its a question thats been asked for generations ever since a young Plato attempted to tweak his game at the knee of Socrates. Or something. As new Minecraft mods have been steadily flowing out since the games first public release almost a decade ago, theres a whole heap to choose from.

    Minecraft is a blocky phenomenon. Its the only game to ever exist that allows you to construct a castle the height of Jacks famous beanstalk and fall through an increasingly challenging abyss for an eternity but it could do with some Minecraft mods to improve things. From interface changes to tools to aid your hours of exploration, you have the option to make Mojangs classic even better on PC.

    The following list compiles some of the best Minecraft mods out there right now. All are divided into sections, depending on what you want to do with the game from simple changes to deep, intricate Minecraft mods you can get lost in for months.

    These are the best Minecraft mods:

    How To Download And Install Minecraft Mods

    If youre reading this, I assume its because you love to play Minecraft. Minecraft offers a sense of adventure that most games can only hope to deliver. You can create anything you can imagine, but only with the tools provided by the game.;

    The beauty of modding with Minecraft is that you can customize your own gaming experience by adding mods that allow the use of new tools, blocks, and armor as well as other features such as textures, lighting differences, new creatures, and even game modes.

    How to Download and Install Minecraft Mods

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    Finding Or Creating The Mods Folder

    If you’re already familiar with navigating your computer and don’t need the step-by-step, the exact address for the “mods” folder is: C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

    To find or create the “mods” folder for Minecraft: Java Edition mods, follow these steps:

  • On your computer, navigate to and open the File Explorer application to find the mods folder.
  • Open the View tab in the upper left-hand corner of File Explorer.
  • Inside, make sure Hidden Items is selected.

  • Now, navigate to Your PC in File Explorer.
  • Open Local Disc .

  • Find and open Users folder.

  • Open your user folder. Mine is boddy.

  • Open the AppData folder.

  • Find and open the Roaming folder.

  • Find and open the .minecraft folder.

  • Look for the mods folder.
  • If the mods folder is not present, right-click with your mouse, highlight the “New” menu, and click the “Folder” option.
  • Once the new folder is created, name it “mods” without the quotation marks.

  • Installing Mods Using Forge

    How To Install Mods On Minecraft PC (Guide) | Download Minecraft Mods

    Installing mods in Minecraft is even simpler than installing Forge. Before we understand how that works, you first need to download a Minecraft Mod of your choice. You can try googling or head over to our list of best Minecraft Mods and choose one. After that, just follow the steps below:

    1. Assuming that you have downloaded a mod file, you will now have a .jar java mod file. All you need to do is;right-click on that file and choose copy or you can also press the Windows keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C;after selecting the file.

    2. Once you have copied the file, use the Win key + R keyboard shortcut and type the following in the Run window %appdata%\.minecraft\mods and then click the OK button.

    Note: If you dont have the mods folder in your %appdata%\.minecraft\ directory, you can always create a new folder. Right-click and select the New option, followed by the folder option to make a fresh mods folder. Dont forget to name it mods .

    3. Once you are in the mods folder, right-click and select paste or press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the mod file. And we are done. Yeah, its this easy to install your favorite mods in Minecraft.

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    How To Turn Resource Packs On And Off While Playing

    If you start playing and find the new resource pack distracting, or if you want to compare the altered textures to the originals, you can turn your resource packs on and off while playing.

  • Press Esc to open the menu, then click “Options.”
  • This will open the same resource pack folder you opened through the game’s main menu. Here, you can enable or disable resource packs, and open your computer’s resource pack folder.
  • Is It Safe To Install Mods On Minecraft

    As with all tools obtained from the internet, there are questions about the safety and security of mods. Fortunately, most mod packs are safe and do not pose any threats to your device. However, its always good to stick with sources with a good reputation. Mods from shady sources may include viruses that can damage your device, mess up your world, or expose crucial data to third parties.

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    How To Activate Minecraft Mods

    Minecraft: Java Edition check. Java, Forge double-check. Well done, you are all ready to enter the wonderful world of Minecraft mods. In order to use mods, you will first need to search and download the mods that you want. CurseForge is a community-led website that lets you search for user-created mods to download and use. Together with a powerful search tool, you can search for specific mods that you might want to download and install for your game, plus everything is FREE.

    Follow these five steps and learn how to search, download, and install your Minecraft mods:

    • Step 1: Go to CurseForge and browse through the 1,000s of mods available. You can also make use of the search tool to find specific mods that you might be looking for.
    • Step 2: Find the mod that you want and click the button to download it.
    • Step 3: If you have not already created a mod folder for your Minecraft game, you will need to do so in order to save all your downloaded mods there. To create a mod folder:
    • Step 4: Navigate to C:\ drive on your computer and search for Users
    • Open Users and find your profile name.
    • Double-click on AppData, then Roaming and lastly .minecraft.
    • Create a new folder called Mods. All of your downloaded mods need to be moved to this folder.
    • Close the window and launch Minecraft: Java Edition. Make sure you launch the correct version of the game which has your Forge profile.
  • Step 5: Enjoy playing Minecraft as a newly-minted Modder.
  • The Best Minecraft Mods For Pocket Edition

    A Beginnerâs Guide to Modding Minecraft (With Java)

    Mods for Minecraft: Pocket Edition aren’t as big in scope as Bedrock Edition, but it’s still incredible how customizable a mobile game can be. There are a lot of cool Pocket Edition mods out there. You can find more on a dedicated site for PE mods, mcpedl. If you’re modding Pocket Edition for the first time, you should definitely read the installation guides for the platform of your choosing.

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    Why You Need Java And How To Install It

    Java is a computer programming language that is similar to C and C++. It is considered a general-purpose programming language because Java allows developers to compile code to run on all platforms that support Java. Because Minecraft: Java Edition is designed to work on Java, your computer needs to have the Java program in order to run the Minecraft mods. You can here for free.

    To install Java on your computer:

  • Upon download completion, open your download folder and find the Java installer. Double-click the file to open up the installer.
  • Click Install and Java was automatically initiate the installing process and set up your computer.
  • After the installation process is completed, Java will automatically tidy the file but it is best if you restarted your computer after installing the program.
  • Your computer is now Java enabled and you are ready to take the next step in becoming a Minecraft mod user.

    How To Install Modpacks In Minecraft Forge

    Lee StantonRead more June 27, 2021

    Minecraft is full of possibilities already, such as the nearly limitless seeds that can affect the world. With mods, you can change your experience even further. There are many types of mods that add new weapons, resources, creatures, enemies, and game modes.

    Do you want to learn how to install modpacks using Minecraft Forge? In this article, youll learn how to do that and identify common issues found during the process. Well also answer some questions related to modding in Minecraft.

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    How To Add Mods To Minecraft On Mac

    Adding Minecraft mods to Mac is similar to the Windows 10 process.

  • Locate the Minecraft directory. There are several ways to go about this:Option 1: Open Finder and select Go on the menu bar. Then, press the Option key to access the Library. After that, select Application Support and then trace Minecraft on the pop-up list.Option 2: Use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + G.
  • Create the mods folder in Minecrafts directory. For convenience, name the folder mods.
  • Move the mods you downloaded earlier into the mods folder.
  • Close the mods folder and run Minecraft.
  • Using Mods In Minecraft: Java Edition

    How To Add Mods to a Minecraft Server in Minecraft 1.16.1

    Java Edition users of Minecraft will need Java installed. After doing that, youll need to download the version of Minecraft Forge that matches your server version. A full list of Minecraaft Forge versions can be found here. Double-click the .jar file that downloads to install Forge.

    Java Edition mods can be found all over the place via websites like Curse Forge. Simply click download on the mod you want and move it into your mods folder.

    The mods folder will be located on the drive you installed Minecraft on, in a folder you can find through clicking users, your Windows name, App Data, Roaming, and then .minecraft. If theres no folder named mods in there, you can make one and just drop your downloaded mods in.

    To play with the mods youve installed, youll simply need to select forge from the list of available builds on the Minecraft Java Edition client.

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    How To Add Mods To Minecraft On Ps4

    Currently, there are no mods available for the PS4. However, players do have access to add-ons, but you have to purchase them from designated sources. Heres how to obtain add-ons for Minecraft on a PS4.

  • Launch Minecraft on your console and visit Marketplace on your main menu.
  • Select a World, Mash-up Pack, Skin Pack, World, or Texture Pack.
  • Proceed to purchase the selected add-on using Minecoins or your credit card.
  • Portal Blocks / Portal Gun

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2 | Portal Blocks / Portal Gun

    How do you fancy creating your own Aperture testing lab? Included in this modpack are a wealth of different Portal-themed blocks and, more importantly, a selection of Portal appliances, which includes floor buttons for dumping companion cubes onto, pedestal buttons, and indicator lights. So if you decide to create a nefarious puzzle challenge, all the tools youll need will be there from the off.

    A quick note: For the full Portal experience, youll first need to grab iChuns Portalgun modpack first. After that, youre safe to install Raptors mod-extension.

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    Conduct A System Check

    The idea of how to download and install Minecraft mods might appear daunting, but thankfully it is not rocket science. By simply following this ultimate guide on how to download and install Minecraft mods, you too can become a modder. However, before you begin, it would be prudent to do a systems check to make sure that your hardware and software are compatible.

    • First, ensure that your PCs graphics card is able to keep up with the game and mods. Your computer or laptop must be able to handle modern games like PUBG, DOTA2, and CS: GO on a medium graphic setting.
    • Second, make sure that your current version of the game is Minecraft: Java Edition. If you are playing Minecraft Bedrock, you need to download Minecraft: Java Edition for the mods to work.

    If you do not have Minecraft: Java Edition, scroll to the bottom of this article and learn how to download and install the game.

    Do take note that downloading and installing Minecraft mods only works if you are playing it on your PC. Minecraft mods are not applicable to other platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, or Nintendo Switch.

    A Note About Mappings

    Minecraft MOD FURNITURE

    There are two different sets of mappings available for method names – “MCP” community-based mappings, and “Official” mappings based in part on the official Obfuscation maps . The default in the MDK has recently been changed to ‘official’, but this tutorial will use the MCP mappings for now because function parameter names are not available in the official mappings.

    Change the following line in build.gradle line 34

        mappings channel: 'official', version: '1.16.5'
        mappings channel: 'snapshot', version: '20210309-1.16.5'

    On line 51 of, change options to gameSettings

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