How To Create Minecraft Java Server

How To Use A Premade Multiplayer Server With ‘minecraft Realms’

How to create a Minecraft Java Server!

For a lot of Minecraft players, it’s all about the mods.

However, if non-modded Minecraft is more than enough, or the idea of creating a server is such a headache that you’re willing to pay a small monthly fee, you can opt for “Minecraft Realms.”

“Realms” is a service where Mojang the company that makes “Minecraft” will build and provide you with a server. You don’t have to make it or run it, which is great if you don’t have the time, computer speed, or bandwidth to keep it constantly active.

Here’s how to use “Realms.”

Minecraft: How To Make A Java Server

We all know the major servers that everyone plays but have you ever wanted to own your own? Create a small whitelist server to play with your friends or open up a large skyblock server that will be released to the public. With this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to do just that, and the differences between paid hosting and a locally hosted server.

Giving The Minecraft Server A Domain

To make things easy for players I recommend giving them a domain name. An IP address is hard to remember whereas a domain name is not.

This is not as complicated as it sounds.

Bear in mind that when altering DNS records it may take as long as 24 hours for the changes to take effect around the world.

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Once players have followed these steps, all that is required for players to hop into the server is to open Minecraft, click multiplayer, then add server, and then input the IP address of the machine hosting the server. If the hosting player doesn’t know their IP address, they can head over to What is my IP to get that info. It is highly advised to only give out this information to trusted friends and players, as leaving an IP address out in the open can cause security concerns.

How To Make A Minecraft Server On Ubuntu

How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free (with Pictures ...

These instructions are written for and tested on an Ubuntu 22.04 server from Linode. Though theyll also work on Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and any other Ubuntu-based distro, and any other server provider.

Were using the default Vanilla server from Minecraft. You can use alternatives like CraftBukkit or Spigot that allow more customizations and plugins. Though if you use too many plugins youll essentially ruin the server. There are pros and cons to each one. Nevertheless, the instructions below are for the default Vanilla server to keep things simple and beginner-friendly. We may publish a tutorial for CraftBukkit soon if theres an interest.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make a Minecraft server:

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Choose A Location For Your Minecraft Server Files

Before you download the Minecraft server software, choose a location on your PC where youd like to run the server from.

When you first run the server, itll create a few configuration files. Its best to have all these files stored in a dedicated folder.

You could place this folder on your Desktop, in your Documents folder, in your Programs folder, or anywhere else youd like. Its entirely up to you.

Installing The Minecraft Server On The Linux Os

Installing a Minecraft Server on Linux is a little more confusing than on Windows or MacOS, as it requires using the command line.

Just as with Windows PC, it is possible to build a Minecraft server at home or via a hosting plan for Linux.

One of the benefits of choosing a hosting plan to make a Minecraft server is that no hardware management falls on you. The biggest benefit, however, is that your private home network is not exposed to members of the public.

A shared plan will suffice if there are just a few players. A dedicated server is essential for many Minecraft players.

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Edit The Eula And Connect

  • Double click the startup.bat file, or whatever you choose to call it, to see what happens. Assuming everything is up to date and you entered everything correctly, you’ll see additional files in the server folder, such as the EULA, logs, and server properties. Close out of the command window.

  • Right click on the EULA and select Edit. In order to move forward, you need to agree to the EULA, which means you need to change the false portion of the last line to true. Do so, save and close the text document.

  • Rerun the batch file. Windows’ firewall will try to keep you safe by blocking access to your network. Network access is needed, so you can ignore the warning and click Allow Access.

  • Your command window should show the server being prepared. It can take some time, but the command windows will notify you when it is done. When it is, you should be able to connect to the server.

  • Launch Minecraft Java Edition.

  • Key in the hosting computer’s IP address or simply type “localhost” in the server address bar.

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    How To Host A Minecraft Server


    On setup, youll want to create a dedicated folder for your server, as whenever you run your server from a desktop or download folder, it will create configuration files in that location. By creating a folder for your server, it will be easier to organise all the files.

    Once you click the file and start the server, youll need to complete some configuration. Here are the steps below.

  • Find the text file eula.txt and open it in a text editor
  • Change the line eula=false and eula=true to show you have read, understand, and agree to the user license agreement
  • If you have problems doing it this way, you may need to run as administrator
  • Once youve set up Minecraft hosting, you can share your server by sending your internal IP address to those on the same network, and your external IP address for everyone else though youll need to set up port forwarding on your router. Its not recommended that you host a server on the same PC you plan to run it on. For a breakdown of frequently asked questions and instructions on how to set up Minecraft hosting, Minecraft recommends this guide, which should answer any additional questions or issues that arise from the sometimes fiddly and frustrating task of setting up a server.

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    Setting Up Your Server

  • 1Enter a server name. In the text field that’s in the middle of the page, type in a simple name for your server’s domain.
  • Your server name must not exceed 10 characters.
  • Your server name cannot contain special characters, nor can it contain spaces.
  • 2Click Create. It’s the blue button in the lower-right corner. This creates your server and takes you to your Dashboard.
  • 3Click Activate. It’s the blue button to the right of your server status on the Dashboard. It may take a minute for your server to a high performance DDoS protected server.
  • If your server gets disconnected at any time while settings up your server or the settings, click Activate to reconnect.
  • 4Click Continue. When your server is done moving to a new host, a blue button that says “Continue” next to the button that says “Online”. Advertisement
  • How To Create A Minecraft Server On Windows Mac Or Linux Systems

    Lets start with the basics. Setting up the actual server will take a little technical know-how. You need to understand, at least at a fundamental level, how a server and a network function, and you ought to be comfortable with command lines as well as the hardware youre using.

    Some questions people ask include:

    Do I need a specific type of computer to run a Minecraft server?

    No. You dont need a special computer, but youll likely do better setting it up on a desktop.

    Can I run the server and play the game on the same computer?

    Sure, with an explanation. Its possible to run the server and play the game on the same machine, but you need to have a pretty powerful system to get the best possible performance.

    Can I run a Minecraft server over a wireless connection?

    This is not recommended. A wired connection is far more reliable and preferable.

    Do I need any specialized hardware?

    You could purchase server hardware, but a virtual private server or a dedicated server is a much simpler way to go. You wont have the hassle of maintaining your hardware, and its a scalable solution, in case you need more server power. Also, having a hosted server means there is no risk of exposing your network to the world.

    With these points in mind, here are the steps you will take in setting up your Minecraft server, in a broad sense:

  • Install the newest version of Java on your computer.
  • Configure your network and the server.
  • Run the server.
  • Make sure you can access the server.
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    How To Setup Minecraft Server In A Local Pc

    Step 1 Download and install Java

    Go to and download Java

    Step 2 Install Java

    Double click the downloaded file and follow the screen to install

    Step 3 Download the Minecraft Game

    Go to and download minecraft_server.x.x.x.jar file

    Step 4 Create a Game folder

    Create a new folder under D driver or any folder for the game file.


    Copy and paste the downloaded file server.jar to the created folder.

    Step 5 Run the game

    Start the server by double-clicking the .jar file which will generate configuration files. Make necessary modifications before the server gets ready for use

    Open eula.txt file and replace eula=false with eula=true which is mandatory to start the Minecraft server.

    You might encounter an error alerting that the server properties cant be saved. In that instance, right-click .jar file Run as an administrator that will enable you to run the Minecraft server as an administrator.

    Step 6 Play the game and Enjoy

    Run the Game and go to multiplayer mode.

    Add Server

    Install/Update your Java Version


    • The user who hasnt yet installed the Java or is using the outdated version can download it from the website


    • Open Programs tab in your Windows Control Panel and search Java. Click Update Now
    • Open Command Prompt and get the Java version number by typing Java-version.

    Note: After installation, you would need to restart the computer

    Can I Use Minecraft With Ray Tracing In Multiplayer Games Such As On Realms Or Servers

    Minecraft Java Server now in Marketplace

    Yes, you can upload your ray tracing enabled resource packs and worlds to multiplayer environments. Players with compatible hardware will be able to experience ray tracing and PBR features in that multiplayer environment. Users who do not have supported hardware will not experience PBR textures or ray tracing features.

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    How To Set Up The Minecraft Control Panel Multicraft And Game Panel

    Now, we can set up the control panel to run the server.

    Hostinger offers two control panels to choose from MultiCraft and GamePanel.

    MultiCraft is a popular choice, allowing users to manage multiple Minecraft servers from a single interface. On the other hand, Game Panel is an open-source control panel for running Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Steam-based games.

    Lets explore how to set each one up.


    First, go to the hPanel, select your MinecraftVPSserver, and navigate to the Server Management tab. Then scroll down to Other settings. Make sure that the Operating systemis MultiCraft Minecraft Panel.

    If not, switch it to MultiCraft and click Save changes. Note that this transition may take a few minutes to complete. You can see if the process has finished in the Latest Actions tab.

    Once complete, return to the Server Management tab and go to the Notes section. You will use the control panel username and password to log in to MultiCraft.

    Select the blue Login Details button on the left side of the page and click on the Login URL to open the MultiCraft sign-in page.

    Here, copy and paste the login information youve found previously.

    Youve arrived at the Multicraft dashboard. Now, head over to the Servers tab and select Create Server.

    Here, there are several fields you need to fill in:

  • Type in the servers Name and Player Slots of your choice. Make sure the number doesnt exceed your Minecraft hosting plan.
  • Game Panel

    Signing Up For Minecraft Realms

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher app, and log into your Mojang or Microsoft account if you haven’t already.
  • Hit play to launch “Minecraft: Java Edition” and when the main menu has loaded, select “Minecraft Realms.”

    Open up the “Realms” menu. Emma Witman/Insider

  • If you haven’t used one already, there’ll be an option for a free Realms trial. Otherwise, click “Subscribe.”
  • You’ll be taken to a Realms signup form. Use it to create an account and subscription. Be sure to have payment info handy, even if you’re signing up for the free one month trial.

    You’ll need to enter your payment info, even for a free trial. Emma Witman/Insider

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    Downloading The Latest Version Of Minecraft

    Now you need to download the current version of the Minecraft server. You can do this by navigating to Minecraftâs Website and copying the link that says , where the Xâs are the latest version of the server.

    You can now use wget and the copied link to download the server app to your server:

  • wget
  • The server app will be downloaded as server.jar. If you ever need to manage versions of Minecraft, or if you want to upgrade your Minecraft server, it may be helpful to rename the downloaded server.jar to minecraft_server_1.18.1.jar, matching the highlighted version numbers to whatever version you just downloaded:

  • mv server.jar minecraft_server_1.18.1.jar
  • If you want to download an older version of Minecraft, you can find them archived at But this tutorial will focus on the current latest release. Now that you have your download, letâs start configuring your Minecraft server.

    Enable And Configure The Firewall

    How to Make a Minecraft Server! Java Edition!

    First, if its not already enabled, you should enable UFW that you previously installed:

    ufw enable

    You should allow the default Minecraft server port:

    ufw allow 25565/tcp

    You should allow and deny other rules depending on how you use your server. You should deny ports like 80 and 443 if you dont use the server for hosting websites. Google a UFW/Firewall guide for Ubuntu and youll get recommendations. Be careful when setting up your firewall, you may lock yourself out of your server if you block the SSH port.

    Since this is the default port, it often gets automatically scanned and attacked. You can prevent attacks by blocking access to anyone thats not of your whitelist.

    First, you need to enable the whitelist mode in your file. To do that, open the file:

    nano /opt/minecraft/

    And change white-list line to true:


    Save and close the file.

    Then restart your server :


    Access the Minecraft server console:

    screen -r minecraft

    And if you want someone to be able to join your server, you need to add them to the whitelist with the following command:

    whitelist add PlayerUsername

    To remove them from the whitelist, use:

    whitelist remove PlayerUsername

    Exit the screen session with CTRL + A-D. Its worth noting that this will deny access to everyone but the whitelisted usernames.

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    What Are Graphics Drivers Why Am I Being Informed That Mine May Be Out Of Date How Do I Update My Graphics Drivers

    You may have received a pop-up message in your Minecraft for Windows game informing you that your drivers may be out of date:

    Graphics drivers are software updates provided by graphics hardware manufacturers that make sure your operating system and programs, including Minecraft for Windows, work well together. To check if your drivers are up to date, visit Update drivers in Windows. Please make sure your Windows operating system is up to date whenever playing Minecraft for Windows.

    You can also visit the following websites to learn if your graphics card has a potential driver update:

    Keeping The Server Running

    Now that you have your server up, you want it to remain running even after you disconnect from your SSH session. Since you used screen earlier, you can detach from this session by pressing Ctrl + A + D. You should see that youâre back in your original shell:

    Run this command to see all of your screen sessions:

  • screen -list
  • Youâll get an output with the ID of your session, which youâll need to resume that session:

    OutputThere is a screen on:3626.pts-0.minecraft-18041 Socket in /run/screen/S-root.

    To resume your session, pass the -r flag to the screen command and then enter your session ID:

  • screen -r 3626
  • When you are ready to log out of the terminal again, be sure to detach from the session with Ctrl + A + D and then log out.

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    How To Make A ‘minecraft’ Server: Your Comprehensive Gaming Guide

    By setting up a Minecraft server, you can essentially create your own version of the game with unique rules and an exclusive community of your choosing.

    Once you are in control of one of these private networks, you will be able to manage things like the time of day in the game, the map layout, and who gets to play with you.

    Some popular examples of this include the “Autcraft” server, which is designed to be a safe venue for children with Autism, and the “Build the Earth” server, an ongoing project committed to building a 1:1 scale model of our planet in-game. Then there is the infamous 2b2t “anarchy server”, which permits the use of cheats and enforces barely any restrictions whatsoever.

    There are countless possibilities in terms of what you can do once you have made your own server, but getting to that stage in the first place can be quite arduous. It’s not as simple as just finding a dedicated option in the main menu, and you will instead have to put in a little bit of work.

    If you are willing to jump through the requisite hoops, then this guide will talk you through what you need to do.

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