How To Create An Online Minecraft Server

Connect Outside Your Network

How To Make an Private Online Minecraft Server For Free

Any players youre inviting to play with you who arent on your local network connection will need the IP address of your server in order to connect to the game. Youll also need to port forward port 25565 to your server IP address so they can access the server. If you need help with this process, then check out

Keep in mind that a lot of the Minecraft server is undergoing testing, so theres a chance bugs will arise now and then. However, the steps above will enable you to begin playing Minecraft on your very own server with your friends.

Ready to get started? Youll need a dedicated server. Get yours now.

How To Make A Minecraft Server On Windows Pc

Step 1. Make Sure you have installed latest version of JAVA

To make a Minecraft server, you required the latest version of Java Runtime Environment for security purpose. TO verify that, do one of the following.

  • Or open a command prompt and enter the code, java -version. You will see a version number and check out the latest version of Java.
  • You can visit here to check java version from your browser. You cant find Java version if you are using Google Chrome browser for this method. Because the browser does not run Java content.
  • If you dont have Java installed in the system of your version is outdated, you can download the latest version of Java from here.

Step 2. Download and start Minecraft Server software

Step 3. Enable port forwarding on your router

Note: port forwarding might cause security risks.

  • If you are hosting server for players on your local reason, then you dont need to do port forwarding. Its used when you have a server and let users connect to your server. To learn more about the port forwarding.
  • You need to find the routers admin page to know how to configure port forwarding, once you find it. Find the Port Forwarding page and hit new service or custom service. Now set up the new rule, write its name as Minecraft, type as TCP and port, write 25565.
  • It will also ask you to enter servers local IP address as the Output IP or Server IP for the forwarded port. To find the servers local IP, open a command prompt and write ipconfig.

Find The Best Web Host For Your Minecraft Server

There are many web hosts that offer Minecraft servers, including , Apex, Hostinger, and PebbleHost, so your first step should be to shop around. You’ll find various server requirements depending on your Minecraft world size, the number of players that’ll connect to your server, and whether you want to install mods. Naturally, youll pay more out of pocket if you purchase a larger plan, but many web hosts let you upgrade from a lower service tier to a higher service tier without too much fuss. So if youre just starting out, it may be safer to start with a smaller plan and upgrade later as your needs grow.

The most important thing to consider is RAM and virtual CPU allocation. Your server quality and number of players hinge on the server’s memory. 2GB of RAM could support up to 10 players before lag creeps into the game. Virtual CPU allocation affects gameplay smoothness the more CPUs or higher quality CPUs powering your server, the better. As mentioned earlier, if you just want to play with a handful of friends, a basic plan should suffice. If youre hoping to grow a community, however, you must invest money into a high-end hosting subscription.

The basic server creation steps are more or less the same, regardless of the service you choose. Here’s a quick walkthrough of what you should do:

  • Select the plan suitable for the RAM total that youll need to properly run Minecraft.

  • Configure your server, specifying the region, game version, and add-ons.

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    Get Minecraft Java Edition

    These instructions require that you own the Minecraft Java Edition. If you own the pocket, console, or Windows 10 edition of Minecraft, you will not be able to host your own custom server. Minecraft Java Edition can be purchased and downloaded here.

    If you already own Minecraft Java Edition, then you can proceed to Step 2.

    How To Set Up Your Minecraft Server

    How To Make A Minecraft Server: 1.8.3 [DIRECT CONNECT ...

    Before you get to learning how to create your own Minecraft server, it does require a solid knowledge of computer basics. Having some preexisting knowledge of how to create your own game server can be helpful, but it should be relatively simple for tech-savvy individuals.

    The general steps for making a Minecraft server are the same once you get Java installed on your machine .

    To get started building your Minecraft server, follow these steps:

  • Open eula.txt and change eula=false to eula=true.
  • Run the server again by typing: java -jar name_of_the_jar_file.jar.
  • At this point, you officially have a Minecraft server up and running. From here, you can start configuring the server to your liking.

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    Now You Know How To Make A Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

    That’s all there is to it. If you leave it up and running, you’ll have an always-on Minecraft world that you can connect to and use. A great solution for Minecraft-loving children, self-hosting the server on your local network keeps their online activity safe—at least as far as playing their favorite game goes.

    You have created your very own Minecraft game server running on the Raspberry Pi. For more fun with the game, check out the best Minecraft seeds for cool worlds and how to use Minecraft command blocks.

    How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server

    • Now Download Forge by clicking
    • Open Forge installer again and
    • Select Install server and specify the desired location on which it should be installed
    • Look for the Eula.txt file. Open it and change Eula False to Eula true. Save and close the file.
    • Relaunch.jar
    • Computers IP can be got by windows key +R which will prompt a box
    • Type cmd in the box to open the command prompt
    • Type ipconfig
    • There would be a line with the label IPv4. There you need to copy your IP address. Provide that number in your device IP
    • type cmd. When the command prompt opens up, typeipconfig. Look for the line labeled as IPv4
    • Now launch the server by double-clicking the .bat file. Startup Minecraft. In the multiplayer menu provide your public IP and then connect to the server. You are all set to play the game

    You can read more on Tutorials/Setting up a server here or contact us to help setup a Minecraft Server for you.

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    Make A Minecraft Server On A Linux Host

    If youre not inclined to host a Minecraft server at home, you can spin up a Linux hosting plan to do it instead. This way youre not responsible for managing any of the hardware, plus youre not exposing your private home network to the public.

    As mentioned before, a Linux VPS hosting plan from GoDaddy is a lightweight option if youre experimenting or not expecting a lot of players to join your server. If, however, youre expecting a lot of players, you should look at using a dedicated Linux server instead.

    To follow these steps, youll need to connect to your hosting with SSH.

    The Disadvantages Of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

    [FREE] How to Create an ONLINE Minecraft Server!! NO HAMACHI!! [PART 1] [UPDATED]

    Hosting your own Minecraft server can be extremely satisfying, but there are a few pitfalls to be aware of before getting started.

    The specifications mentioned above may expose your computer and personal information to cyber-attacks. As a result, you risk exposing your network to security threats, including DDoS attacks.

    Additionally, someone can find confidential data, such as your address, if your IP address falls into the wrong hands! So, if you choose this route, please proceed with caution and ensure that the following steps are completed safely. There are also various alternatives like the Apex server hosting if you want to run your server without you getting hands on to host it yourself.

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    Creating A Server Your Community Will Love

    Having your own Minecraft server can help you take more control over how you play the game and with whom you play. However, now that you have a general idea of how to set up a Minecraft server, you can see that it does take some resources from your computer and does require some know-how. Not to mention, there are security issues your system might not be able to handle.
    If you want to rid yourself of the pain points of setting up a Minecraft server, like server resources and DDoS mitigation, using a premium dedicated server is the way to go. Learn all about how Liquid Webâs Managed Dedicated Hosting can be your best solution, and how Liquid Webâs DDoS Protection can help keep your server safe from trolls and malicious players.

    Creating A Minehut Account

  • 1Go to in your computer’s web browser. Minehut is one of many Minecraft server hosting services. It’s easy to use and one of the few services that allow you to host Minecraft servers for free. Minehut allows you to host 2 Minecraft servers with up to 10 players for free. You can purchase credits if you want to allow more than 10 players or make more than 2 servers.
  • Alternatively, you can host a Minecraft server for free using your own computer. You can do this for all versions of Minecraft. Be aware that the setup process is pretty complicated and it does use a lot of RAM and internet bandwidth in addition to the resources needed to play the game and run your computer’s operating system.
  • Minehut servers only work for Minecraft: Java Edition. If you want to create a server for Minecraft: Windows 10/mobile/game consoles, you can do so using Realms or Aternos or you can host your own Minecraft server on your computer. You can download the server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from
  • 2Click Sign Up. It’s the blue button in the center of the page.
  • If you already have a Minehut account, click Log In in the upper-right corner and sign in with the email address and password associated with your Minehut account to access your Dashboard.
  • 3Enter an email address. Type in a working email address on the line that says “Enter your email” text box. It’s the first line at the top of the page.
  • 6Click Continue. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the form.
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    Starting Point: Install The Most Recent Version Of Java

    Are you still here? This is fantastic! Lets get started on our own Minecraft server.

    To begin, well make a new folder to hold all of our downloads. Any place is convenient, but creating a new folder on your desktop is the most convenient option.

    All will be placed directly on the desktop in a folder named Minecraft Server in our examples. To make a folder on your screen, right-click on any space and select New Folder. The folder can then be renamed to whatever you want.

    After youve created your folder, youll need to begin downloading the files needed to set up your Server. First, ascertain that you have the most recent version of Java installed on your computer. To accomplish this, . Regardless of whether youre using a Mac or a PC, the connection should take you to the appropriate download.

    In the previous step, we built a folder for the installer, and to proceed with the installation, double-click the installer after downloading it and follow the instructions.

    Everything Else You Need To Know About Creating A Minecraft Server

    How to Make a Personal Minecraft Server (with Pictures)

    There are a few things to know before you run off to create your own persistent online world.

    If you want to customize your world, the text file server properties in the Minecraft Server folder can be tweaked to your liking.

    If you plan on having friends from outside the house join your server, the code theyll need is your IPv4 plus some extra digits.

    To find your IPv4 number, just search what is my IPv4 number? on Google. Each IPv4 number is specific to each computer, so ours will be different to yours.

    You should get something like 100.20.511.329 .

    Take your IPv4 and add a colon followed by 25565 so you end with something that looks like the following:


    Your version of the above number is your server address other players will need to enter when joining.

    Finally, to allow other players to join you need to forward your router ports to allow access from other parties. YouTuber Voizdev has a great explanation and walkthrough on this should you find yourself a little confused.

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    Change Server Properties Accept Eula And Launch The Server

    Players must now start the server by double-clicking on the java .jar file. This will briefly start the server with just enough time to generate a few key config files addressed in the next steps.

    Hopefully, now players should notice a newly generated txt file, inside this file, they must now locate where it says server-ip= and add the IPv4 address obtained in the previous step after the equals sign. Several gameplay settings can also be modified inside this file, including world difficulty, PvP settings, and more.

    After this, the file “eula.txt” needs to be addressed. Players must locate this file inside the Minecraft server directory, changing the setting “eula=false” into “eula=true.”

    Now, start the server again by double-clicking on the java .jar file, if everything has been done correctly thus far, the server should now be successfully running and ready for others to join.

    Other players can connect to the server by entering the Minecraft multiplayer server menu in your IPv4 address found in step 3.

    Open The Jar File Downloaded And Agree To The End User License Agreement

    After downloading the appropriate server software, players will now need to find the default gateway IP and IPV4 address of their machine. This is done differently on Windows and Mac OS X.

    On Windows

    Type press the windows key + R to open a new run window. Type cmd in this window and hit enter. A command prompt window should open. In this command prompt, type ipconfig and click enter. It should print out a lot of information, but all we are after is the Default Gateway and IPv4 Address. Make a note of these.

    On Mac OSX

    To get to the default gateway, open a new terminal window and type route get default | grep gateway. This will show the default gateway. To get the IPv4, go to System Preferences -> Network and then click the option with a green dot. It will show an IP address which is the IPV4 address of the machine. Make a note of both of these.

    After both of these have been found, type the default gateway into your browser, where you would usually type a URL. This will take you to a page where you can login to your network.

    Port forwarding is different for every router, so players will need to research this part independently, but it’s normally relatively simple, and a helpful YouTube video can be found below.

    Port forward with your IPv4 address, port 25565, and TCP/UDP protocol. Once this is done, save everything and exit.

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    Can I Play Minecraft On Windows 10

    There are two versions of Minecraft that Windows 10 can run the standard desktop version, and the Windows 10 Beta version. You can download both on minecraft.nets download page. The Windows 10 Beta features cross-platform play with Pocket Edition, and you can get a free download code from your Mojang account.

    Check You Have The Right Hardware And Requirements

    How to make a Minecraft ONLINE server!! (NO HAMACHI OR PORT FORWARDING!!)

    Before you start setting up your own Minecraft server, check to make sure your hardware meets at least these minimum requirements:

    • RAM:
    • 1GB , or up to 35GB on most operating systems
    • 2GB on Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10:
  • Intel Core-Based or AMD K8-Based
  • MacOS and Linux*
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.8 or AMD Athlon XP 1600+ or G4/Freescale 7xxx 1.8Hz
  • HDD:
  • 2GB of empty space on most operating systems
  • 10GB on Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Upload Speed: 2Mbps
  • These minimum requirements are for the server only. If youâre also planning to play on the same computer, youâll need to account for the gameâs minimum requirements.

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    How To Play Minecraft Online

    Minecraft is a great game to play alone, but the fun multiplies when you join someone or invite friends to play together. Thatâs why so many Minecraft fans are eager to find the best way to play the game online. And thatâs why you need a server.

    We will guide you through different ways to create Minecraft servers, showing you the best way to set up your own, explaining how to play with your friends for free and what great Minecraft servers already exist.

    Writing A Script To Launch The Server

    It’s definitely boring to have to remember the command-line options for your server every time you launch it. Luckily, we can write it down in a file and just run that instead.

    On Windows

    The windows version of a script is called a batch file. Create a text file in the folder where you put the jar as “start.bat”, and then right click it to edit using notepad. Paste the following in:

    Double click the file to start your server. You may get a “Class_Not_Found” and ServerGuiConcole error, just ignore these errorsand you should see your “Server Thread/INFO” dialog start the server.

    The “pause” command is there to keep the window open so you can read what happened after the server stops.

    On macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD

    All these systems use a common scripting language called the “POSIX shell script” on the command line. Create a text file in the folder where you put the jar as “” and write the following in:

    #!/bin/shcd"$"exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar server.jar --nogui

    Now save the file. Run chmod a+x to make it executable. You can now run the file by double-clicking or by running ./ in the folder .

    If you want to add a pausing part like the Windows example, remove the exec word, and add a line of read -n 1 -p “Waiting…” to the end. This is useful if you are running the script by double-clicking on the GUI.

    On Plan 9

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