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You have created a great Minecraft server that you want to share with others, but you have difficulty getting new players to your server. Read on for some helpful tips on how to set it up properly, and if you have had trouble getting newer players to the server, you will be happy to have this helpful tip. If you have managed to create a good Minecraft server, then it will be a little easier to get players to stay. But the most challenging part of having a Minecraft server is finding a way to effectively advertise your Minecraft server so that you will find people to pay on it because, without the communities, Minecraft would not be as enjoyable. This is why it is very important to find a way to increase the number of players on your Minecraft server by looking for a way to effectively advertise your Minecraft server. If you have found a way to successfully advertise your Minecraft server, your Minecraft server will become more popular and more players will want to play in your Minecraft server.


Maintain Your Minecraft Server

Its one thing to get new players to your Minecraft server. The other thing is to keep those players. But thats a hard thing, so weve given you some tips:

  • Be an active player. One of the things you must do is be an active player. Try to always check out your server and try to help your players.
  • Update Your Server Frequently. Nobody likes to play a boring server. If your server doesnt change and adds something new, people wont stay. So make sure you bring in something new.
  • Talk to your community. Its essential to build a community. And the best way to do that is by communicating with them. For example, you could create polls to talk about upcoming changes.

Theres so much more to do. If youre looking to find more information about maintaining a server, I highly recommend checking out the How to Maintain a Minecraft Server/Community youtube video.

How Not To Monetize Your Minecraft Server

But before we go to the many ways of monetization, you need to learn what ways of making money are illegal to do. Fortunately, you can quickly learn them on Mojangs Minecraft Commercial Usage Guidelines.

Not looking to read? Well, let me tell you a recap:

Basically, youre not allowed to sell anything that gives people a competitive advantage. These include items, plugins, and commands. So youll have to get creative when trying to sell something.

And with that out of the way, lets get into the legal methods of monetizing your server.

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Promoting Your Minecraft Server

If you have a great server, then it’s easy to get players to stay. The hard part about running a great server is finding people to play on it. Without communities, Minecraft servers wouldn’t be as much fun!

This article is going to help you increase the amount of players on your minecraft server by showing you how to promote your minecraft server. The more popular a server gets, the more players there will be lined up to play. We will teach you how to gain more players on your server.

Following all the steps you see listed here can help you promote your Minecraft Server for free. If you have some funding, you can apply additional methods including paid advertising, holding paid competitions, along with upgraded servers.

Before promoting your server, remember to make sure it’s ready for the public. If you just started your server and are still in the process of setting things up, your players might not be happy about any delays from playing their game and move on to a different server.

Highlight The Server In The List With A Bright Color

Minecraft Servers Like Kingdomcraft : Promote your server ...

You can also order the highlighting of the server line in yellow , which will distinguish it from other servers. According to statistics, dedicated servers attract up to 70% of potential players among the rest of the list servers. It works especially well for new servers, who can’t yet afford to acquire TOP positions, a bunch of a small number of VPs and Allocations.

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Tips For Getting Popular

  • Be unique! Why should players join your server instead of the others? Your server needs to be different and fill a need that is going unfilled.
  • Encourage Referrals. You should reward your players when they bring their friends to the server. This encourages word-of-mouth recruitment which shouldnt be underestimated. Just make sure the rewards are large enough that its worth it for players to participate.
  • Show off your server. If you want new players to join, you have to convince them that your server is the best option. Make sure you create a Minecraft server website to promote your features and showcase screenshots.
  • Have Active Staff! This is probably one of the #1 factors in the success of a server. Ive played on so many servers that were incredible, but once the admins stopped adding updates and events, everyone started to leave!

Order Top1 For 2 Hours

You can raise your server to the TOP of monitoring for 2 hours, by getting 5 VPs more than the server in TOP1 . This, of course, is not as effective as VPs for a week, but by guessing the right moment, you may have time to increase online.

Price: 250 Rub.

Attention! We are as honest as possible with the administrators of servers registered for monitoring. Order this service only when you know exactly what you are counting on and know the features of the maximum traffic flow to the site. For example: it makes no sense to order it after 21:00 , early in the morning, on weekdays until 16:00 MSK RFT. It is much more profitable to order real VPs! Because with VPs the server will be in the TOP for a week, two or a month. What is actually guaranteed Online, unlike the two-hour TOP, where if you make a mistake with the time, you may not get anything. Still on the weekend it stays pretty effective way fast spin.

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Set Up Your Social Channels

Next up is setting up your social channel. This is a critical step! You want to have your players outside of your server. This way, you can communicate with them and create a great community.

So, what type of channels should you have? In my opinion, you need at least a Youtube channel and a Discord channel.

This way, you can communicate with them, announce sales and updates.

How To Keep Players On Your Minecraft Server

How to advertise a Minecraft Server

After taking the effort to attract people to your Minecraft server, you will want sure to keep them coming back. The best community servers are always full of life. Projects are completed faster and friendships are made over the slaying of the wither. Here are a few ways you can entice people to stay:

Ask yourself what you would want from a server and take the time to create those aspects for your community. Look at other successful servers to see what they helped them succeed. Get feedback from your moderators periodically to find out what things you can do to improve it so that you can continually attract new players over time.

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Server Promotion On The Source Engine

The first way, which is the simplest and most efficient: Let’s say you have a Garry’s mod project. There are no players yet, except perhaps a few of your friends. First, prepare the ground so that people have somewhere to go. Look at the list of servers. Make a sofa analysis which card is the most popular. Which is played by the most people. You should not try to go against the system and put the one that you think is the best. Put the one people want. Look at the names of the average popular servers. Make your own. You should not look at the names of large projects, as they can already give themselves any name and they will go to them anyway.

It is recommended to indicate several features of your server in the name and somehow distinguish it from other names to attract attention. For my first server, I made the following name: M9K â Rus â Wire â Easy â NoLag â . Based on the results of a survey of some players, I found out that they chose the server precisely because the name caught their eye.

Please note that if you are doing everything from a fake account, then it is worth considering the recent steam innovation, which prevents you from adding friends without making $5 purchases.

I recommend that before you start praising your server, find out what does not suit that person on the previous one and is there anything at all that does not suit you. This will make it easier for you to keep a potential player and continue the conversation with him.

Register To Server Lists

There are dozens of Minecraft Server Lists available, which you can register your server too. That way, they appear in their directories which other players often look through. These Server Lists allow you to categorize your server, so that its modes and versions can be displayed, allowing users to filter through them.

Its a good idea to have an eye-catching banner, one in a GIF format is a good choice. Some server lists also rank servers by their uptime, so having your server online 24/7 is also recommended. Or some lists also use Votifier, where players on your server can do the /vote command.

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Selling Your Virtual Currency

Another thing that Mojang has approved is selling your virtual currency. However, you have to be careful as it has to follow these strict guidelines:

  • Virtual money cannot be cashed out or used in the real world
  • It must not have any value in the real world
  • It must not give a player an unfair advantage
  • They shouldnt be named similarly to Minecoins or any other official virtual currency .
  • It shouldnt give an impression of being associated with Mojang.

So basically, it needs a unique name and should only be used to buy cosmetical items, like pets and bundles.

General Information About The Promotion On Our Monitoring

How To Advertise your Minecraft Server

Monitoring attendance from 4,000 to 11,000 unique users per day. And from 9,000 to 25,000 views. What can increase online servers. See the Yandex.Metrica informer below .

Ordering VPs is a voluntary donation for the development of monitoring.

Monitoring does not guarantee online problematic servers, servers with unpopular versions, launchers, and other situations where visitors may not get to the server.

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Create Your Own Server Page

Your server, your branding.

Serverlobby is the only server listing that lets you create a server page and customize every aspect of it. Put your own logo, select a background and pick an accent color.

We value images, so you can add your own screenshots and artworks. Want to show the latest news of your server on your page? You can.

Artworks made by Kyronic

Get Members To Invite Friends

There is no better feeling than a popular Minecraft player on your server. When popular players come onto your server, they bring their friends. So not only do you have a popular player, but you also get anyone associated with that popular player.

This also goes for groups of friends. When a couple of school buddies invite their school buddies and you suddenly have a daily player count in double digits you feel a sense of pride. Try to promote your server to groups of friends make sure they don’t quit. When one friend quits he may take others with him! This is also called ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

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Having A Playerlands Shop

The best way of making money from your Minecraft server is by having a PlayerLands shop as you can sell cosmetics. But what type of cosmetics can you sell? Here are some examples:

  • Pets If youve checked out Hypixel or any similar server, you might have seen some people roaming around with a pig or bat following them. Those are pets, and many players would be happy to buy with real cash.
  • Ranks When I mean ranks, I mean the tag you get when youve written a message behind your Player name. These can be VIP, Gold Member, etc.
  • Trail Another cosmetic you could sell is a custom trail. These are particles that your players leave behind like fire particles.

There are many other cosmetics you could sell. However, Mojang has made it illegal to sell capes. These are anything that tries to emulate Minecrafts capes.

And another benefit of the PlayeLands shop is that you can analyze your server performance.

Promotion Of Any Game Project Incl And On Source Engine

HOW TO:Advertise Your MineCraft Server For Free!

VK. No group spam. It’s sad. We will act smarter, but we need several cartoons in VK. Fortunately, they are cheap if you buy. We do the same as in the first method, but a bit differently: We go into groups of other projects, preferably almost rotten or never fired. We look at the list of participants, open those who âlikedâ in a new tab . Personally, I wouldn’t target anyone with an ava 18+ personality. Their opinion is often difficult to change. Also consider the contact limit – you can write a PM daily to 50 people not from your friends list. Don’t waste your time on those you doubt. We write them a message of a similar kind, as in the first case. Whether the project got bored or something like that. Here you can be even more specific, because. all by hand. You can even write the name of the project to make your message seem less suspicious to them. Thus, we slowly move these people to our public / group, where, by the way, you can post some kind of record that you just want to repost

Get VIP Points and your server will be in the top positions of our rating. The more VPs you have, the higher your server is in the rating!

But be ready to increase the player limit, because the number of people who want to play on your server will increase dramatically. On average, a server with 50-100 slots in the “TOP” is filled with players in a few hours.

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Paid Minecraft Server Advertising

With all types of advertising, it is important to advertise directly to your audience . There are several services which allow you to target potential players, including Facebook and YouTube. Another service would be Minebrowse, which offers Google Ads and social media advertising packages.

Facebook ads are pretty cheap and can cost as little as $1 per day while targeting a very specific audience . However, you run the risk of advertising to people who may like Minecraft, but are not currently playing the game.YouTube is very popular with Minecraft players and its possible to place text or video ads on related videos. I like this platform because you are targeting people who are currently looking specifically for Minecraft videos. In other words, you target current players.

You can also advertise on Minecraft-related websites, for example even on this website or others like Minecraft Forum and voting top-sites. Most websites will have an advertise or contact link at the bottom of the page where you can message the owner for more information. The price will depend on how popular the website is and it may be easier to negotiate cheaper prices with smaller websites.

Start A Community Based Website Or Discord Server

If you provide players with a friendly and open environment to play in, they will want to stay forever! Perhaps this isn’t true, but they will definitely want to play. Gaming with friends makes a game plenty more enjoyable so you want to promote your players bringing their friends!

If you want to run a community website, you can start off on wordpress. WordPress offers both a self-hosted option where you have full control over your site, and an option where they host the site for you. Hosting your own site is more expensive, but you have the power to do whatever you’d like with it!

Alternatively if you don’t believe your server is ready for a website, you can always start with a discord server. Discord servers are free and offer a reliable way for people on your server to communicate and share even when they aren’t playing Minecraft!

With that being said, your website or discord server is the heart of your server and where people can go 24/7 for all of the information they need. It also provides them a chance to get in touch with players they may not have otherwise played with.

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Stream Minecraft On Twitch Or Mixer

Both Twitch and Mixer are great avenues to meeting and connecting with other gamers. Entertaining streamers who can engage with their community can grow their channels while also growing their server. Many Minecraft viewers actively look for streamers who are playing on multi-player servers they can join.

The best way to add them to the server while you are streaming is to give your moderators whitelisting permissions. Make sure that your Minecraft rules are clearly listed when people log on to the server. You can also post them on your stream channels profile and your communitys Discord server.

In our opinion, streaming is one of the best ways to promote your Minecraft server, and with subscriptions and donations, you may earn enough to upgrade your server further.

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