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Over Christmas Minecraft: Pocket Edition Won The App Store

How To show FPS in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and other Microsoft Store Apps! (100% Working)

When people opened up their brand new iPhones and iPads for Christmas, what was the first app they were most likely to download?

Well, the datas in, and it looks like Minecraft: Pocket Edition had a pretty great Christmas, raking in more money in holiday sales than any other game in the world.

The data on Mojangs top-grossing app comes courtesy of App Annie, and its not a huge surprise. Minecraft is such a cultural juggernaut and crossover hit that Microsoft actually paid $2.5 billion for the game early this year. But while its not a surprise, it does make Minecraft: Pocket Edition unique on the App Store, because it costs $6.99 in a marketplace where the vast majority of the top downloaded games are free-to-play, or cost $2.99 at most.

Having beat other popular games such as Clash of Clans, Game of War and Candy Crush Saga in Christmas sales, Minecrafts success continues to show that taking part in the race to the bottom isnt the only way to be a success in the App Store. If only it could be the rule, not the exception.

Things You Should Know About Minecraft Realms For Ios Android

Microsoft recently updated the Minecraft Pocket Edition, adding online gameplay. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the new feature.

Minecraft players on Android or iOS devices undoubtedly know about the former limitations of playing Minecraft Pocket Edition line. Whether you rented a server or figured out how to host your own, the experience wasn’t all that fun: Mobs and animals were missing, and the maps were rather boring.

Last week, Microsoft updated Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, adding Realms, the official multiplayer hosting service for Minecraft. If you’ve been looking for a better Minecraft online experience, here’s what you need to know about Realms.

How To Download And Play Minecraft On Pc

  • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

  • Look for Minecraft in the search bar at the top right corner

  • Complete Google sign-in to install Minecraft

The world of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an ever-expanding universe made of blocks and textures. This expansive world seems too large to be kept on a tiny mobile device. Unlock the true scale of this new Minecraft adventure by playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition on PC or Mac. Watch as the video above gives you moe information about BlueStacks 4 and tells you how you can experience this game-changing player for yourself for free.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on grand adventures. Blocks are found by mining and scavenging around randomly generated worlds. Use these blocks to create items like weapons and clothing or to erect great buildings for safety and security. Regular updates add new content and features like block colors, block textures, and even holiday-themed content. Expand your Minecraft universe anytime you want by easily switching between devices and computers.

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How To Train Your Dragon

This is Berk, home of Vikings and dragons! Join Toothless, Hiccup, and the rest of the dragons and riders on heroic adventures in Minecraft. Compete in racing, map the world, and release captive dragons from invading trappers! Tame, collect, and train dragons from the vast reaches of the Barbaric Archipelago.

Well One Of You Has To Pay

Minecraft on the App Store in 2020

At first glance, it would appear you’ll need a subscription to connect to the Realms server. That, however, is not the case.

Only one person needs to pay the monthly fee to keep the server active, meaning if you can convince enough friends and family members to join and split the cost, each person won’t have to pay all that much.

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Minecraft Revenue And Usage Statistics

Minecraft has cemented its place as one of the few games to continue to grow in users a decade after its original release. While most video games have a shelf-life of less than two years, Mojang Studios seem to be capable of drawing gamers back in time and time again.

Launched in 2009 by Markus Notch Persson, a game developer who had previously worked for King, Minecraft received lots of attention even before its official launch. The alpha and beta, available for PC users, lasted two years, which consisted of Mojang fine-tuning aspects of the game for official release.

At the official launch, Notch handed over creative control to Jens Bergensten, a title he has kept since 2011. As millions flocked to this new game, Mojang continued to add new elements to the base experience, enabling more complex creations by its users.

In 2014, rumours of a potential Mojang IPO led to Microsoft acquiring the studio for $2.5 billion. At the time, Microsoft was not as large of a gaming publisher and it wasnt clear what Microsofts plans were for the game. It has since gone on to acquire several game studios, including Double Fine Production, Compulsion Games, Bethesda Studios and Obsidian Entertainment.

Between 2016 and 2017, Telltale Games launched Minecraft: Story Mode, which was the first attempt to stretch the IP beyond the sandbox experience. In 2020, Mojang would follow up Telltale with its own expansion, Minecraft Dungeons, a dungeon-crawler available on consoles and PC.

What You Need To Know

  • Minecraft Earth is an AR game that combines exploration and building mechanics.
  • It’s currently the most-downloaded app on the Apple App Store in the United States.
  • The game just entered early access in the country.
  • The game is available for free on the Apple App and the stores.

Recently, Minecraft Earth Early Access went live in the United Kingdom and the United States. The download is a free-to-play game that blends augmented reality with a new version of Minecraft built on the Bedrock Engine. The goal is to build structures and explore a superimposed Minecraft world wherever you are.

Many gamers didn’t think that Minecraft Earth would see the popularity Minecraft enjoys on platforms like iOS. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Today, Xbox’s Aubrey Norris tweeted that Minecraft Earth was the most-downloaded app on the Apple App Store. We were able to verify this and can confirm it’s the most-downloaded app currently in the United States.

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Drawbacks To Minecraft Pocket Edition

Firstly the user interface isnt as easy as on other platforms such as consoles or PC. Pocket Edition is a scaled down version so doesnt have the same range of resources and opportunities as other versions of the game.

This being said the main drawbacks are twofold. One is that to get the most out of this app in the classroom you are going to have to invest some time in learning how to play the game so you understand some of what can be done and give yourself ideas about how you might use it in the classroom. The other is that there will certainly be the temptation for some children to abuse the game and interfere with other peoples work. However this is usually very easily managed by stating from the outset that antisocial behavior or not being on task will result in losing the privilege. Unless you wish to spend many hours learning about to play the game and becoming an expert there is a very good chance that as you start to use it in class some children will be able to teach you and their peers and this in itself can provide a wonderful opportunity for children to take an active role in the learning activity.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is an unsuspecting and revolutionary app bursting with raw potential and 21st century skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

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Report: Minecraft Poser Removed From App Store After Hitting Top 10 Chart

YOU CAN MOD Minecraft With This App! SECRET ITEMS! – The Best Modding Apps

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 rocketed into the iTunes App Store top 10 yesterday, but there’s just one problem: The game is a shameless rip-off that has nothing to do with Mojang’s massively popular mobile version of Minecraft.

    Members of the Games subreddit first noticed the $10.99 game last night after it climbed to the top of the best sellers chart on iTunes. It landed at number four, according to Redditors, before it was ultimately pushed out. Funnily enough, it sat comfortably behind legitimate Minecraft titles Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Story Mode while it lasted. Later, Apple removed the game, which had been available on the Store for weeks prior, completely from its listings.

    Eurogamer checked out the title before it was de-listed completely, and confirmed that the download had nothing to do with Mojang or franchise owner Microsoft. It also, according to them, looked almost nothing like its namesake.

    Another oddity about Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 is the name of its developer. “Scott Cawthorn” is the name given behind the mobile title, and if it sounds familiar, it might be because it’s curiously like the name of Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon.

    Confusingly, searching for “Scott Cawthorn,” who Eurogamer discovered is actually named Viktor Todrov, on the App Store brings up all of Scott Cawthon‘s games. Redditors claimed that a Five Night’s at Freddy’s knock-off was also among “Cawthorn’s” iOS releases.

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    Minecraft Free Download For Pc Windows 10 64 Bit Latest Version

    Minecraft Windows 10 App A game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Now, Microsoft has develop this Adventure Games software for PC. Get the latest version of Minecraft for free.

    Skins And Texture Packs Cost Extra

    You also have the option of downloading character skins and texture packs, which change the look of your game play. On the PC, these modifications are free at On the Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U consoles, you pay a small fee to download skins or texture packs, though occasionally they are offered for free. The cost for skin packs hovers around $2, while texture packs cost closer to $6. Skin packs for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile devices cost around $2 each, with texture packs running $1 to $2, or free in some cases. Both skin and texture packs are in-app purchases.

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    Xbox Live Account Required

    Before you can join or create a realm, you’ll need to log into an Xbox Live account within the Minecraft Pocket Edition app. The good news is you don’t need a paid Gold account in order to connect to a server and start crafting away.

    You can sign up for a free Xbox Live Silver account, as can your friends and access Realms without issue.

    You Gotta Pay To Play

    Minecraft : App Store Story

    New subscribers of the $7.99 plan will get a 30-day trial to test out the new wares, while subscribers of the $3.99 plan will start paying right away. The difference in the two plans outside of cost is the more expensive subscription allows for you and 10 friends to be in a realm at the same time. The less expensive option only allows you and two friends, or three total players, in the realm at any given time.

    All billing is done as a subscription service through Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store.

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    Choose The Right Version Of Minecraft

    When buying Minecraft, you first need to decide which version you want. The PC version of Minecraft, which was the first, features the game in its latest updated form. Console versions are usually behind in some aspects due to the approvals required from companies such as Microsoft and Sony. Minecraft: Pocket Edition lacks some of the features of the console and PC versions of the game.

    When buying Minecraft, make sure the version you get is compatible with the system you own, whether its for the PC, a gaming console or your smartphone or tablet.

    Need a credit card to buy games online? Find one that suits your needs at

    Installing App Using Windows Store

    Step 1: Open the Windows Store App

    You can find the Windows Store at your desktop widget or at bottom in the Taskbar. It looks like a small shopping bag Icon with the Windows logo on it.

    Step 2: Finding the apps on Windows Store

    You can find the Minecraft in Windows store using search box in the top right.

    Or you can Select Apps if you want to explore more apps that available, according to popularity and featured apps.

    Note: If you dont find this app on Windows 10 Store, you can back to Method 1

    Step 3: Installing the app from Windows Store

    When youve found the Minecraft on windows store, youll see the name and logo, followed by a button below. The button will be marked Free, if its a free app, or give the price if its paid.

    Click the button and the installation will begin. Then you can click Open when its complete.

    If youve already installed the app on another machine, it may say Install instead.

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    Explore Amazing Worlds Inside Minecraft

    As we mentioned earlier, in Minecraft you can not only create your own video game, but you can also start playing video games created by other users. Within Minecraft there are hundreds of game designers who have created incredible worlds using only blocks, and they all started the same, having only one character.

    Upon entering Minecraft you can enjoy hundreds of different video games, and if your thing is not to create your own universe you can also spend hours and hours of fun playing in the games that other users have created. Give this fun game a chance and you won’t regret it.

    Start enjoying all the games you’ll find in Minecraft right now. Every time you explore the worlds of your friends or other users within Minecraft you will earn points so you can build your own worlds. Just enter Minecraft and start exploring all the worlds you’ll find in this fantastic game. It will be like downloading hundreds of games but within a single app.

    Do not miss the opportunity to discover everything Minecraft has prepared for you. Start enjoying everything this app has for you right now by downloading Minecraft on any of your mobile devices.

    How To Download Minecraft

    How to get REALMS for FREE in Minecraft Pocket Edition! iOS & Android Get FREE PAID APPS! 2017

    Minecraft is a really famous game on various video game consoles, at first it became very popular for PC, and then it was evolving for other consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. And now you can have this fantastic game also on your Android and iOS devices.

    If you want to start playing this wonderful game you just have to download Minecraft on your Smartphone or Tablet. You can find this app easily in Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS respectively. To make things simpler we have left a link at the end of this post to download Minecraft on any of your mobile devices.

    Minecraft for mobile devices is a paid game, so you must buy the app to start playing. However, paying this ensures you can play without ads or any other distractions, and you can access infinite worlds and games within the same platform.

    Start playing this fantastic game right now and let your imagination fly creating all the worlds you can imagine. Start exploring everything Minecraft has for you right now.

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    Uninstalling Apps From Windows Store

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    Step 1: Find the Minecraft app

    • For any apps you dont want or need, you can remove them to save a bit of space on your PC. To get to the app, click on the Start Button.
    • Next, find the app you wish to remove.

    Step 2: Removing Minecraft from Windows Store

    • Right click on the app and click Uninstall.
    • One last box will appear click Uninstall again.

    Create Amazing Worlds Using Blocks In Minecraft

    Minecraft is a very fun game that will allow you to do virtually anything you want, and this is the most attractive thing about this game. Minecraft’s scoop is that you can create your own video game, or an animated world, replicate a movie, create a replica of your favorite characters and much more, but only using blocks.

    Everything you do within the game should be built with blocks, from the characters, animals, objects and everything else. Let your imagination fly and create everything you want within this wonderful platform. One of the most popular things within Minecraft is that you can create your own video game for other people to play.

    You can create any type of video game you want, such as racing, adventure, mystery and much more. You can select the amount of lives that each player has and let them travel your entire universe of blocks.

    There are people within Minecraft who have created such great universes within the game that many users only enter Minecraft to play that game specifically. You can be the creator of the best game within this platform if you let your imagination fly.

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    How To Download Minecraft Pocket Edition For Free Via Apk

    If your intention is to download Minecraft Pocket Edition for free, You can download the demo version on Android, through its APK file.

    However, unfortunately, this demo version of Minecraft PE It is no longer available via APK on third party sites such as APKMirror.

    Therefore, you will be forced to buy minecraft on Android or iOS, which I’ll tell you about in a later chapter, or rely on equally valid free alternatives, which I’ll list in the following paragraphs.

    I advise you to pay attention to APK files that are still circulating on the web related to the demo version of Minecraft PE. You can still download the APK, but you may find a modified version that could damage or compromise your mobile phone or Android tablet.

    Alternatively, you can understand if the gaming experience in Minecraft PE satisfies your interest by watching one of the many fan-made videos of this video game on Youtube. In this way, you can understand if this edition of Minecraft can be for you and, therefore, buy it.

    To do this, all you have to do is go to the YouTube website and writeMinecraft Pocket Edition in the search bar at the top.

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