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How To Make A Minecraft 1.17 Server (Hosting Your Own Vanilla Server is EASY)

To make your choice a bit easier, weve compiled this quick comparison table, highlighting the key parameters of the top 5 hosts:


As you can see from the list above, each of the Minecraft server hosting providers is considered the best for various, oftentimes different reasons. Because of this, choosing the right one for your particular needs becomes very important.

In the meantime, the most balanced and consistent among all of the above Minecraft hosting options, in our opinion, is Hostinger. Its a bit on the expensive side with a base plan starting at $8.95/month but their onboarding and interface are perfect for beginners who simply want to host games they can enjoy with their friends. This hosting provider also caters to more advanced users looking to build custom worlds and take advantage of numerous mods.

At the moment, Hostinger is running a promotion on all hosting plans with discounts reaching up to 90%, so its a great time to check out their Minecraft hosting offer!

Alternatively, if youre looking for a more budget-friendly option, you cant go wrong with Shockbyte, and their cheapest plans are starting at just $2.50 / month. High uptime stats and various plans that you can potentially upgrade to will guarantee you a stress-free hosting experience.

Did you have any of experiences with any of the Minecraft hosts? What did we miss?Let us know in the comment section below.

Choose An Appropriate Location For Minecraft Server Files

  • Before downloading, set the system location from which the server should run
  • The server would produce prerequisite configuration files during the first instance. They all are vitally important and should be collectively stored in a separate folder to ensure quick access.
  • For the sake of access, you might assign a shortcut key to the folder and save it on your desktop. It is not mandatory though. You can save it at any location of your choice.

  • Go to the Minecraft website and download the Java.jar file which is the server software. It should be stored in the same location where you saved the installation files.
  • Start the server by double-clicking the .jar file which will generate configuration files. Make necessary modifications before the server gets ready for use
  • Open eula.txt file and replace eula=false with eula=true which is mandatory to start the Minecraft server.
  • You might encounter an error alerting that the server properties cant be saved. In that instance, right-click .jar file Run as an administrator that will enable you to run the Minecraft server as an administrator.

Enable port forwarding

Go to the file named Server Properties. Make the required changes in key server settings and then save it. Its default server port is Port 25565

Start the Minecraft server

Open windows command prompt to start the Minecraft server.

  • Go to the folder that is containing the Minecraft server file and give the following command

Java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar nogui

Choosing Your Server Version

Minecraft is perhaps the greatest sandbox game of all time. What this refers to as there are an unlimited number of modifications that can be made to the game itself along with the ability to create whatever you would like in the game. When you are creating a Minecraft server you can predetermine what the server will be able to do by choosing the type of server that you would like to create.

The best Minecraft servers are mostly based on Spigot and plugins since they are much easier for players to connect to, but there are many other popular types. When you start the main server executable all of the required server files will be created and you will be able to edit this after the first boot. There are a few different server versions which you can learn more about below before making your selection.


There are many different kinds of servers to play in Minecraft. The default version of Minecraft comes from Mojang themselves and is also known as Vanilla. As of the time of writing this article the latest version is 1.8.1. This vanilla Minecraft is the foundation for all of the other server versions. Typically enhanced servers are older server versions which have been heavily modified to increase performance and expand functionality. This is a great way to get started with hosting your Minecraft server as there are not many additional steps to setting up this type of server. It is easy to get your very own server up and running on this type.



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What Is A Minecraft Server Hosting Company

A Minecraft server hosting company allows you to run and manage your own server with as little work as possible. These companies use their own hardware, so you dont need your own dedicated computer to run it and it can take as little as five minutes to set up.

Benefits of Using Server Hosting

  • DDoS protection DDoS are attacks that flood your network in order to slow or crash your server
  • Automatic backups ever afraid of losing everything you have built in Minecraft? Backups help prevent this and many hosting companies offer this service
  • 24/7 support Sometimes trying to run your own server will bring along unexpected problems. Youll have professionals who can help handle those problems for you every hour of the day
  • No hardware needed One of the drawbacks of hosting your own server is needing the hardware to support it. Hosting companies use their own hardware so you dont need anything!

How To Make A Minecraft Server

Best 3 Minecraft Server Hosting For 2020  Minecraft ...


    Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and is very easy to start playing on single player. If you want to play Minecraft in multiplayer, you will need to have a server to connect to. This is a centrally located server where multiple players are able to connect and play together. Whether you are going to start your own Minecraft server, or rent one from us, there are many things to consider. You need to think about everything from hardware requirements, server setup, security, maintenance, security and upgrades. You will need to make sure that all of this is in place before releasing your Minecraft server to the public. Starting your own Minecraft server is a fun project and this tutorial will teach you how to make a Minecraft server.

    Whether you are a parent or a Minecraft player you can learn much about the different features of setting up a Minecraft server. If you choose to use our server hosting you can have a server up and running in minutes and if you choose to do it on your own it shouldnt take more than an hour.

    • 6+ GB RAM
    • 1+ GB RAM
    • Automatic backup capabilities
    • Very fast connection with proper routing for player connections

    RAM Requirements

    Network Requirements

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    Logging Into The Multicraft Control Panel

    Your Multicraft Control Panel will provide you with access to all of the controls of your server, including the controls to start and stop your server, file access and configuration controls. Youll need to sign in here before connecting to your server.

    Once you’ve successfully paid for your order, check your registered email’s inbox for the email containing your Minecraft server details and Multicraft panel login information. You may also find a copy of the same emailin the client area.

    Use these details to sign into the control panel here.

    Running A Lan Party Type Server

    Note that these requirements are for the server only. You need to allocate more resources to the OS!
    Also note that these suggestion presume default settings in server.conf – i.e., a Draw Distance no higher than 10, and is also based on a new world the bigger the world gets, especially if there’s advanced redstone circuitry at work, the requirements – especially the RAM, or in the case of lots of redstone or mobs , the CPU – increase significantly .

    Be sure to have at least a low-ping internet connection, such as DSL or cable.


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    Avoid Overly Cheap Minecraft Hosting Plans

    There are many hosting companies out there that offer rates lower than the ones recommended here. However, I urge you to exercise caution when considering taking up these plans. Many of these plans will often offer sub-par services and may cut corners in areas ultimately affecting your gaming experience

    Hostinger is our top pick as Minecraft hosting provider for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is extremely rare to find a host that offers plans specially built to cater for Minecraft hosting.

    Their Minecraft hosting plans are built on VPS servers, meaning you will get the dedicated resources needed to host Minecraft. Their plan structure is also built around the concept, offering a minimum of 2GB memory, near instant Minecraft server setup, and technical support that can help if you get stuck.

    Why Host Your Own Dedicated Server

    HOW TO GET 8GB RAM FREE MINECRAFT SERVER HOSTING [Working 2021] | Unlimited Plugins (Falix Nodes)

    Public multiplayer uses either client servers or peer-to-peer hosting, both of which have shortcomings. Client servers are run by the main host , which manages connections from many individual players. This server configuration works for most people, but there are disadvantages, such as a lack of customizability.

    P2P hosting is another popular choice for modern multiplayer gaming. P2P allows one player to dynamically act as a host that facilitates the connections of other players. With this setup, youre reliant on the connection of whoever gets chosen as host, so a poor host connection means a poor experience for everyone.

    But with a dedicated gaming server for compatible games, you can play your favorite multiplayer games with fewer limits on performance and stability. You can experience the game the way you want, with less lag, and fewer dropped connections.

    One thing to keep in mind is that, unless you have high upload and download speeds, users connecting to your server over the internet may experience connectivity issues and lag. that is only being used by friends on the same network.)

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    Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services In 2021

    Cheap, fast and reliable performers

    Read on for our detailed analysis of each host

    Whether its the Creeper Girl expressions or Steve that first caught your attention, and whether youve invested in your own Minecraft server or have joined a dedicated server for a better multiplayer experience, Minecraft has become more than just a video game.

    Minecraft doesnt just appeal to the younger generation, with adults finding themselves just as captivated by the gaming phenomenon, and with over 200 million copies sold and counting, it has become one of the most successful game franchises of all time.

    There are tons of dedicated servers that cater to the Minecraft multiplayer mode, but dont forget that joining Minecraft servers could potentially expose your IP to a third-party so if youre looking for a safer way to play, weve got you covered. This year has certainly opened doors for new server hosting sites, but the leading names in Minecraft server hosting have remained unsurprisingly high in demand this year.

    With that being said, we’ve handpicked the best Minecraft hosting services on the market as of August 2021, and listed the key features that qualified their services to make the shortlist.

    An Easier Way Of Sharing Your Server With External Users

    • Download ngrok from. Youll need to sign up for a free account as well and follow their setup instructions.
    • Open website and sign up for free. It is a tool to will make your server visible over the internet
    • Now Start your Minecraft and run following in terminal for sharing the local Minecraft server

    ngrok tcp 25565

    • You will see the following message

    Forwarding tcp:// -> localhost:25565

    Note that the 12345 stands for a unique number for you to establish a connection. Note it down

    It will make your server visible over the net

    • Request the friend to start Minecraft and click Multiplayer
    • Next, click Direct Connect
    • Now enter the following line

    Where 12345 should be replaced with the unique number that you noted in the earlier step

    • Thats all. Your friend is now connected and you can play

    Note: An alternative to Direct Connect is Add Server followed by

    It can be used for troubleshooting issues

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    Create Minecraft Server: Step

    After you have decided on a suitable server, you can now create and set up your Minecraft server. Whether you choose Windows Server or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian as your system base is up to you.

    Extensive instructions on how to create a Minecraft server for all operating systems are provided by the official Minecraft wiki.

    In the following tutorial, we will show you how to get a Minecraft server running on Windows Server 2016 as an IONOS customer .

    How Minecraft Servers Work

    How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free Java Edition

    Theres a lot of talk about using a Minecraft server and having one, but nobody ever really questions how they really work. Well be explaining that for you in a simple terms as possible for you here.As you all know, most Minecraft servers are provided by Minecraft server providers . Once you have a server from such a provider, your friends and yourself can then join that newly created server. You can then play on the same persistent world with each other, allowing for awesome cooperative gameplay.Sounds simple enough, right?Its only simple from the front-end part of things since all you have to do is have fun playing in the server. The background stuff is where it gets complicated. For a provider like us to provide you with a server three very important things must be in place first:

  • 1. A data center
  • 2. A reliable network and connection
  • 3. Robust and high performance server hardware to handle all loads
    • 45 Users Found This Useful

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    How To Setup Hamachi Minecraft Server For Windows:

    After installing and downloading the minecraft server files in your computer, you shoulld now:

    • Open up the minecraft server folder that consists of all important files in it.
    • Click and ppen the pack file in notepad and change the below given code for smooth running.

    Code: eula = false to eula = true

    • Let the server unpack all the items and load them so that you can configure LogMein Hamachi Server easily.

    Why Should I Choose Shockbyte As My Minecraft Host

    We offer many more features and utilize more powerful hardware than any of our competitors, even at a lower cost. Shockbyte has been providing Minecraft hosting services since 2013. With hundreds of thousands of customers served and more than 300K servers hosted, we have an incredibly strong reputation among the Minecraft server community.

    Were so confident youll be happy choosing us as your Minecraft host that we offer a full money back guarantee. If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, just contact our support team within 72 hours for a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know why so we can further improve our service.

    If youre still not sure, just take a look at the thousands of positive reviews from our customers on Trustpilot.

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    Start The Minecraft Server

    To start the Minecraft server, open the Windows command prompt.

    Navigate to the file path where the Minecraft server file was installed.

    Start the server with the following command:

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar nogui

    If youd rather use the servers UI, exclude the nogui parameter:

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar

    You can also create a .bat file to batch the commands together.

    Once the server is running, you can invite others to connect to your server via your local IP address if theyre on your home network, or via your external/public IP address if theyre not on your home network.

    Most Popular Minecraft Server Hosting Providers


    If you Google Best Minecraft Server Hosting Provider youll find a lot of articles with many different choices to choose from. Youll often see recommendations for:

    While they are different companies, they all offer to host a server for you. This article focuses on one of our favorite hosting companies, Apex Server Hosting, because of their low-price, easy and quick set-up, and 24/7 technical support.

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    Setting Up Your Server

  • 1Enter a server name. In the text field that’s in the middle of the page, type in a simple name for your server’s domain.
  • Your server name must not exceed 10 characters.
  • Your server name cannot contain special characters, nor can it contain spaces.
  • 2Click Create. It’s the blue button in the lower-right corner. This creates your server and takes you to your Dashboard.
  • 3Click Activate. It’s the blue button to the right of your server status on the Dashboard. It may take a minute for your server to a high performance DDoS protected server.
  • If your server gets disconnected at any time while settings up your server or the settings, click Activate to reconnect.
  • 4Click Continue. When your server is done moving to a new host, a blue button that says “Continue” next to the button that says “Online”. Advertisement
  • Preparing And Accessing Your Router’s Page

    1.Ensure that your Minecraft server is up and running.

  • Identify your router’s IP address. To be able to reach your router page: you will need to know the router address as configured by the settings of your computer:
    • In Windows, Open Start, go to Settings, Network & Internet, View your network details, scroll down to the “Wi-Fi” header, and write down the address next to the “Default gateway” column.
    • Open the Apple menu, click System Preferences…, Network, pick your Wi-Fi connectivity on the left side, Advanced…, pick the TCP/IP tab, and note the address beside the “Router” header.
    • On Linux Terminal, Open a terminal and type “ip r” in it.

    The router’s IP address is the last set of digits.

  • Determine the IP address of your machine. This should be to the right of the “IPv4” heading in the menu where you obtained your router’s IP address. This is the address with which your computer identifies itself.
    • Your machine may be recognized by two addresses if the IP address ends with a slash and another number . .
  • If your Minecraft server is still running, close it. The port should not be in use in order to forward it appropriately. You’ll have to shut down the server as a result of this.
  • Open a web browser on your PC. To do so, right-click or double-click the program icon for your selected online browser.
  • Locate the address bar and lick it. It may be found at the very top of the online browser window. If the address bar has any content, delete it before continuing.
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