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How Much Does Minecraft Hosting Cost

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The price of hosting a Minecraft server is calculated based on the amount of RAM allocated to the customer. Some providers will restrict performance and charge more for additional slots, storage or help. Make sure to calculate the entire cost of the service to determine which is the best value and includes everything that you need to get started and continue growing.

What Are The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers For 2021

The demand for Minecraft hosting has increased over the years as the games popularity continues to flourish. But instead of featuring all of them in this post, weve handpicked the top-performing ones to make your decision much easier.

Here are our top choices for the best Minecraft server hosting this year:

Your Minecraft Server Hosting Setup Is Instant Your Control Panel Is Easy To Use & Mobile Friendly

With NodePanel, your Minecraft server hosting is installed in seconds. NodePanel lets you easily create modded servers, install modpacks, install plugins, and change configurations . Plus, with our app, you can easily manage your game hosting from your phone.

Hundreds of modpacks are available through our panel. From Minecraft Forge, to Spigot and Sponge whatever server jar you’re looking for, mods are easy to install and play. NodePanel also automates updates so you game more and spend less time handling maintenance..

Our Customers’ Favorite Modpacks:

  • Vanilla Minecraft / Bedrock
  • Custom Modded Configurations
  • Some modpacks require more server resources than others to run smoothly. If you have any questions about this, our support staff is always happy to help! Visit our modded Minecraft server hosting page for more information on supported mods.

    Create your Minecraft Server today!

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    What Is A Minecraft Server

    If youve ever played Minecraft, youll know that the multiplayer mode makes it a more worthwhile and enjoyable game, enriching the experience considerably. After all, one of the many skills that Minecraft can help you develop is teamwork.

    A Minecraft server is essentially a private network that any player can create for a multiplayer experience, allowing other people to join and play together. A server can have IP and username restrictions to control the players who can access it, as well as commands and settings including, but not limited to, rules, enabling PvP, limiting the number of players, etc.

    Minecraft servers require hardware to run on, of course, so entail an expense in that regard and if youre going the hosting route, that means a fee to rent the actual hardware required.

    How To Find The Best Minecraft Hosting

    Finding the perfect Minecraft hosting hardware

    Here are criteria to find the best MC hosting:

    • Cost of the hosting
    • The cost involved in training system admin on the Minecraft hosting panel
    • How good is their customer support?
    • The provider should have a successful track record of stability/uptime/reliability.
    • You also need to check the overall review of the game hosting provider.

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    What Is Minecraft Hosting What Are The Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

    A Minecraft Hosting has dedicated server hardware, which allows you to play Minecraft game. You can also host your virtual Minecraft server that helps you to play this game with whomever you want. In the last years, it has able to gain a lot of popularity.

    Here, are benefits of running your Minecraft server:

    • When you run a Minecraft server, it is your world. You will decide what to do and what not to do.
    • It is not only design, but you will establish the rules, decide who plays, and who does not.
    • You can invite your friends, and other players get to come in and explore your world.
    • You get to choose mods and plugins, and the people playing on your server will have to adapt or play somewhere else.
    • When you are hosting your own Minecraft server, you will decide who stays and who goes.

    Best Minecraft Server Hosting Options

    Minecraft is one of the most successful online games ever, so its no wonder users want to start their own game servers to run custom setups for multiple players. However, finding the best Minecraft server hosting companies can be tricky due to the games high resource needs.

    Fortunately, there are some reliable options that many online gamers will appreciate. They enable you to host multiplayer games without having to set up the entire environment from scratch. Also, youll get a choice of mods that are easy to install even without prior experience.

    In this article, well give you an overview of the best Minecraft server hosting companies that will suit all budgets. Well also discuss what features to look out for when choosing a hosting provider. Lets get right to it!

    In a hurry? Heres a summary of our findings:

    Best Minecraft server hosting

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    You Can Add As Many Players As You Want

    Even though there are some limitations to how many players a server can host, thats still a big number. Minecraft is all about creativity and exploration. With more people, the game becomes more interesting and intriguing to play. Your virtualized server can greatly help with that. Thus, to invite all your friends to join you in Minecraft, renting your server is the best idea.

    Best Minecraft Server Hosting Summary

    FREE Minecraft Hosting | Top 3 Free Minecraft Hosts

    To make your choice a bit easier, weve compiled this quick comparison table, highlighting the key parameters of the top 5 hosts:


    As you can see from the list above, each of the Minecraft server hosting providers is considered the best for various, oftentimes different reasons. Because of this, choosing the right one for your particular needs becomes very important.

    In the meantime, the most balanced and consistent among all of the above Minecraft hosting options, in our opinion, is Hostinger. Its a bit on the expensive side with a base plan starting at $8.95/month but their onboarding and interface are perfect for beginners who simply want to host games they can enjoy with their friends. This hosting provider also caters to more advanced users looking to build custom worlds and take advantage of numerous mods.

    At the moment, Hostinger is running a promotion on all hosting plans with discounts reaching up to 90%, so its a great time to check out their Minecraft hosting offer!

    Alternatively, if youre looking for a more budget-friendly option, you cant go wrong with Shockbyte, and their cheapest plans are starting at just $2.50 / month. High uptime stats and various plans that you can potentially upgrade to will guarantee you a stress-free hosting experience.

    Did you have any of experiences with any of the Minecraft hosts? What did we miss?Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Top 3 Free Minecraft Server Hosting

    The free-service exists so that you can go for the premium version anytime soon. Majority of the game hosting companies, who offer free-service have one objective in their mind.

    They provide you with the best free servers, which are usually limited, but they offer a premium package.

    The reason why we are revealing it to you because you have to expect limitations in these three free Minecraft server hosting.

    How To Choose A Minecraft Hosting Provider

    Choosing a server host is always a tricky business, especially if youre a first-timer. There are so many providers out there with seemingly amazing offers, all promising they have the best Minecraft setup around.

    How do you separate the best from the rest, then? Its tough determining who provides good service when all you have access to is the providers website.

    To help you out, Ill outline the things to look out for when picking a Minecraft host. These are the essential qualities to ensure you get a positive experience and avoid any issues with the host. You can even use the following as a checklist when investigating Minecraft hosts yourself.

    Lets dig right in:

    System Requirements and Server Resources

    Lets start with the big one for all gaming servers. A server should fulfill at least basic requirements to let you play the game.

    The good news is Vanilla Minecraft isnt all that demanding. You should have 1 Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz CPU core or better and 1GB RAM to run the basic game with around 5 players. Also, look for at least 3Mbps download and 2Mbps upload connection, or the server might miss ticks.

    Minecraft isnt particularly storage heavy. As long as you have around 5-10GB of space, you should be fine.

    One thing to watch out for is SSD storage. This type of drive is much faster and can improve game performance. All the best Minecraft server hosts already adopted SSDs over the traditional HDD storage. Still, its something to keep in mind.

    Slot Limit


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    Reduce The Number Of Mob Farms And Entities On Your Server

    Chunk loaders and mob farms use a lot of resources, so keeping your farms small in both size and number will help greatly. If you’re not sure which entities are causing problems on the server, the guides below on collecting performance information will help you determine this. In any case, it’s always helpful to remove any unnecessary or unused farms that you may no longer need.

    Owned Hardware Best Performance Great Prices

    Apex Minecraft Hosting Review

    Low Latency & No Lag

    The Minecraft Hosting provides very low latency in our minecraft server hosting with our new network technology in our Data Center. We are very proud to offer you that in our minecraft server hosted by us.

    Safe Data

    The Minecraft Hosting offers you the best type of DDoS protection in your minecraft server hosting. Also all your data is fully encrypted with full SSL encryption and extra server security.

    Unlimited Storage

    When you choose The Minecraft Hosting you are choosing freedom and that is unlimited SSD storage for your minecraft server and also unlimited slots for your minecraft server hosting.

    Dedicated Ram

    The Minecraft Hosting gives you dedicated ram for an amazing performance and amazing prices for your server. We dont oversell our ram capacity so you will get the best experience in your minecraft server.

    24/7/365 Customer Support

    The Minecraft Hosting provides the ultimate support with our 24/7 support. Our staff members will help you to fix your problems with your server very fast.

    99.99% Uptime

    The Minecraft Hosting provides 99.99% uptime, to ensure your server is on all the time, and meets all your needs. We never experience downtime with our company.

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    Enhanced Privacy And Security

    Many hosting providers empower you with a control panel using which you can control your server to restrict who is entering your server. Hence, you can enjoy better privacy and enjoy your game without hassle.

    You also get full network protection to mitigate online attacks like DDoS. So, you can enjoy a secure network without risking your data.

    Limits There Are No Limits

    Aside from the normal Minecraft, however, this is by no means the end of the story. Over the years, the community has created countless mods, which have constantly brought new game modes to the title, expanded or changed the gameplay and therefore gave boredom no chance. All these mods can be easily managed via our web interface for your server, so you always have full control and can use these mods in just a few minutes. Apart from the mods and game modes, there are also tons of texture packs to customize the look of your Minecraft. Do you want to play with the classic look and stay true to the original version, or would you like a fresh coat of paint? From different color schemes and patterns, to lighting scenes and even ray tracing, the possibilities are endless.

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    Choosing Your Minecraft Server Hosting

    Once youve made the decision that running your own Minecraft server via a host is what you want to do, the next step is to find the right hosting outfit for you and of course, weve already covered the best hosting options that we recommend .

    When choosing a host, however, there are a lot of considerations to juggle. Lets finish off this piece by weighing up some of the key factors you might want to mull over as part of the decision process to ensure you get the right Minecraft server hosting provider for you.

    Hardware: We cannot stress the importance of hardware enough when running online multiplayer games. If youre planning on having a number of players with different mods, Minecraft can be demanding when it comes to hardware. Choosing the right kind of processor to handle such heavy hardware requirements is critical in keeping your multiplayer environment optimized. In choosing the hosting for your Minecraft server, the hardware will definitely be a dealmaker or a dealbreaker.

    Pricing: Of course, since youre relying on third-party services to take care of hosting your Minecraft server, costs will also be a factor. Aside from the hardware, your hosting service will also be providing security, maintenance, plugins, features, the list goes on. The good news is that hosting companies offer several kinds of plans that cater to whatever your needs may be.

    Can I Just Upgrade The Server I Feel Like More Ram Is All I Need

    How to: Set up a 1.16 Fabric Minecraft Server | High Performance | 1.16.3

    If you are experiencing lag/performance issues on your server, it’s very possible that a lack of memory is NOT the culprit. While more memory can help in some cases and can typically be a short-term solution for performance issues, it will not offer a long-term solution unless you are solely and truly experiencing a lack of memory.

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    Whats The Monthly Rental Cost For Minecraft Hosting

    The monthly hosting rental cost for Minecraft server hosting depends on server configuration. Other than this, the number of slots, additional memory, the server type , MySQL database, branding and payment period contribute to the monthly rental cost as well.

    We often offer a 30% discount for server hosting if you rent a server for more than three months. The longer you choose to rent a server, the cheaper it becomes. Also, you can split the cost between your friends and other players to make it more cost-effective.

    Change The Incremental Chunk Saving Setting

    This setting is extremely important for 1.14+ as it greatly optimizes chunk saving, reducing the strain on server resources. To adjust this setting, follow the steps below and remember to restart your server once you’ve finished.

  • Open your Prisma dashboard for the server you wish to modify

  • Navigate to your File Manager

  • Open the paper.yml file by selecting the yellow pencil icon beside it

  • Locate the line that says max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick and adjust the value to 6

  • Select the green Save button near the top-right

  • Restart the server

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    Our Game Server Hosting Services Are The Best

    Performance that exceeds your expectations and features you are about to fall in love with

    High Performing CPU

    We use CPUs that enhance the gaming performance. Our servers are equipped with up to 4GHz & 5GHz on CPUs and RAM up-to 6GB.

    Tech Support

    Our experienced support team will not only give you gaming hosting support but also help you solve any tech issues.

    Unlimited SSD

    All our servers are powered with SSD storage or NVMe SSD storage. We also offer unmetered usage for all packages!

    Multiple Locations

    Create a Minecraft server in any of our multiple locations! Play with low latency from many server locations, which we’re constantly extending. We are adding more locations soon.


    We offer almost all of the popular Minecraft modpacks and server types. We are adding more and have Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Spigot ect.


    We offer the most powerful anti-DDoS solution for all our servers. It provides your services with round-the-clock protection against all types of DDoS attacks.

    Why Our Customers Choose Apex

    Apex Hosting Review 2021: A Good Minecraft Server Host?

    We have proudly hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers.

    We’re Rated Excellent

    Based on 4.7 / 5 Stars

    Ive had Apex for a while now

    Ive had Apex for a while now, about 4 months.Ive never had much of a problem with it. Apex is easy to use and easy to set up! I have introducedmy friends to Apex and they say the same! 5 stars!

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    Best Minecraft Server Hosting For Everyone

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    Minecraft Hosting

  • Get application security done the right way! Detect, Protect, Monitor, Accelerate, and more
  • The craze for video games never seems to cease.

    Especially when a deadly virus is on the loose, and we are forced to remain in our houses. A wonderful way to enjoy your time while not working can be playing video games. With a sea of video games available, Minecraft differentiates itself from the rest due to the interactive offerings that keep people hooked into it.

    You could say, Minecraft is like Super Mario of this generation.

    Lets put a light on this interesting and popular game.

    What Should I Include In My Message To Help The Team Help Me

    Thanks for asking! If you’re reaching out, it’s always helpful to have as much key information as possible regarding the trouble you’re facing. Please try to include responses to the following in your first message to our team so we can better understand what you and/or your players are experiencing and what we can do to help.

  • Have you already tried any steps to resolve the issues you’re experiencing? If so, what changes have you made? Have any of these changes helped at all?

  • Are all players being affected or does it seem to be only a select few? If only certain players are being affected, please provide their usernames.

  • Have you recently made any big changes on/to your server, such as changing the server type, adding any plugins/mods, adding/removing datapacks, and/or adding any large farms?

  • When did you begin experiencing lag issues?

  • Is the lag constant or does it only happen at certain times and/or when you’re in a certain area of your world?

  • If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, don’t worry! Any information you can provide for the above should help and we appreciate your effort.

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