Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

Get Lost In The World Of Pixel Art


If you are not familiar with Pixel Art, the concept is quite simple. Users enter a flat creative world, spawn in a bunch of coloured wool, and construct massive 2D structures that from a distance look like cartoon character sprites or images.

There are the classics like this Big Chungus from JbrosGaming and this Christmas Baby Yoda from RocketZer0. But lately, users have been going even further. Using every block in the game to put together really complex patterns that, from a distance, look like really detailed images.

To get you started, choose an image and head over to From here, you can upload any image you like and get back a detailed blueprint schematic of how to recreate it in Minecraft blocks.

Some Other New Ideas In Minecraft

  • Try out building a Sky city.
  • Want to stay somewhere far away. Well, make an island just for yourself somewhere far. But wait, do not get lost buddy.
  • Make your own personalized library with long tables and chairs, some people sitting and reading, and also an Shhhh Keep Silence Board.
  • Build a maze.
  • Construct your own Cliff hanging house.
  • Make an amuzement park with different rides, candy shops, gift shops, etc.
  • Build a mansion in the largest area possible.
  • Remember a happy moment from your childhood. Won first prize playing cricket or fun memory of your visit to a zoo. Find a place in your world. Build it with as much clear memory you have and relive it all over again.
  • Build your own Zombie world with Zombies all over the place. And villagers trying to protect themselves. You can also build an officer trying to kill the zombie and saving everyone.
  • Dug an underwater tunnel. Sounds absurd. Who cares? Its fun to do it.
  • This game is all about arranging different blocks to look good. Build a different styled house with different blocking color combinations.
  • Make an animal farm and keep all the collected sheep in it.
  • Collect all the TNT you can. Then place it all over your world and explode. After that, start afresh and have fun making things again. Warning: Extreme one. Do it at your own risk.

Try Out New Items And Features Added

One notable thing to do in;Minecraft after a recent update is to play around with any new additions that have been released. Newly-added content can range from entire new biomes like The End to various new items and features. This already huge game continues to grow and expand, so it’s always a good idea to delve back in and explore the new happenings, especially after some time off.

The recent 1.17 update alone includes a slew of new items including a land-scanning Spyglass, Glowing Sign, Glow Berries, and Tinted Glass.

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Minecraft Engineering With Redstone Ages 9 To 12

Redstone is Minecrafts equivalent of electricity.; We start by teaching how to use this energy to create the different logic gates.

Your child will then learn how these logic gates can be combined to create different circuits and complex electronic items such as calculators, elevators and more. Theyll use all the skills they learn to design and build an amazing adventure course full of challenges, surprises and puzzles that players must navigate through!

Q: How Do You Get Good At Buildings In Minecraft

10 Fun Creative Mode Ideas

A: If you want to get better at building things in Minecraft, the best thing you can do is start small and learn as you go. You have to walk before you can run, so dont try something too ambitious before you have the right tools It may put you off from building in Minecraft. You can start by building smaller structures the size of houses. This will mean that your builds wont take too much time or resources. Secondly, you should try changing things up and adding some variation to your builds. Try new materials and off-shoots of your original designs.

Finally, dont be afraid to experiment. Experimentation is the key to growth, especially in something like Minecraft. Try innovative ways of representing what you have in mind. The most important thing if youre looking to get good at building in Minecraft is to stay calm and try not to get frustrated. Look at things as challenges to be overcome and obstacles will become learning opportunities. Stick with it and in no time you will notice yourself getting better at building in Minecraft.

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Your First Desert House

Many players like to build their Survival houses in grassy biomes, forests, and even marshes and cliffs. But Minecraft players notoriously shy away from building their bases in deserts.

The reason why is simple. It is a lot harder to make your house look good when it is yellow and surrounded by yellow. Between sand, sandstone, and sandstone bricks, there doesnt seem to be much of a difference visually.

But check out this idea for an awesome desert house from YouTuber Julious. It implements aspects youd expect to see in high-quality grassland builds, but adapted for the vast Minecraft deserts.

Try it out and let us know how you get on.

Design A Fireworks Show

Design your very own Minecraft fireworks show! There are many types of fireworks to choose fromcheck out a fireworks crafting guide for help. Add some extra spice to your fireworks show by:

    Using redstone: Fireworks can be shot out of dispensers. Use redstone to create intricate, timed fireworks shows.
    Adding music: Add some music to your show with a jukebox or some note blocks. Put in music that is related to different countries, for example,. If you are using red and yellow, thats like the China Flag. You can even look up Chinese music to go with it. If you are using blue and white, thats like Greecelook up Greek music!
    Setting the scene: Pick your location and time of day for the best show. Typing /time set dusk sets the time to dusk. You can use /time set to get night, day, or dawn as well.

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The Worlds Smallest Minecraft Houses

A lot of the zanier ideas so far have been gigantic Minecraft houses. But what if you want to build the smallest Minecraft house possible?

A good place to start would be this awesome tutorial for a stylish minimalist home design from Random Steve Guy, which features a truly shocking number of amenities for such a small package.

However, some may even argue this is too big. Ive seen smaller houses out there, but that will ruin the fun. How small can you make your Minecraft house? Let us know in the comments!

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Survival


In Survival mode, a player battles mobs and ghouls, builds structures, collects resources and explores the world with the sole purpose of thriving and surviving. Here are five fun Minecraft survival ideas.

Make a farm

While farming is not a requirement in Minecraft, it is quite helpful to have resources in the form of crops. In the game, one can farm a wide range of crops. These include pumpkins, melons, and wheat. To create a farm, you will need to identify an adequately lit area with grass or dirt.

When making a farm in a dark area, start by crafting some torches. You will then need to create a gardening hoe and till your farmland. This is then followed by the planting of seeds and irrigation using a nearby water source. You can water plants by right-clicking while holding a bucketful of water.

You can then fence your farm to prevent animals from destroying your crops.

Trap players and mobs with soul sand and ice

Traps are quite common in Minecraft and are widely employed to kill mobs and other players. While in Survival Mode, a player can work with others to fight mobs, explore, build, and survive.

There are numerous traps in Minecraft, including explosive traps, water traps, pitfall traps, capture traps, and lava traps. The different traps vary in complexity and material requirements. Some, such as the ice traps, are quite easy to create.

Create a pyramid

Put collars on your tamed dogs

Cure zombie villagers

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Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

  • Create a volcanic wasteland by using obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks, and lava formations.
  • Build a lush green forest using custom trees to make it look like the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Add large skeletons of huge beasts into the desert biome.
  • Make some fireworks and have a firework display whenever you complete something.
  • Design and make custom banners and nameplates for all the houses in your village.
  • Build a dark and haunting mob arena.
  • Craft a whale or a giant squid floating in an ocean.
  • Dug up tunnels below the river.
  • Build two pirate ships and make it look like they are having a war.
  • Build compact statues around the fortress base.
  • Build a race track for your farm animals like horses or pigs.
  • Build a sky base.
  • Craft a massive chest room.
  • Build a huge library having many shelves, a librarian, tables, chairs, and an area dedicated to reading.
  • Make a horse stable with many horses and a care-taker.
  • Use creative lighting in your base and remove all the torches.
  • Occupy a desert pyramid.
  • Build your own McDonalds store in the game.
  • Build an ancient temple filled with traps and treasures all around amidst the jungle.
  • Turn a village into a military compound having jets, anti-air cannons, boats, and other war-machines.

Cool And Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

The Best Cool and Fun Things To Do In Minecraft. Bored in Minecraft and looking for some fun things to do? Try out this massive list of things or projects that will keep you busy for a long time to come. Minecraft has grown from humble beginnings into one of the most popular sandbox building games that offers users endless opportunities for gamers.

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft. Create a volcanic wasteland by using obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks, and lava formations. Build a lush green forest using custom trees to make it look like the Amazon Rainforest. Add large skeletons of huge beasts into the desert biome.

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Use/create A Resource Pack

Changing the resource pack won’t provide new blocks or items, but it will give Minecraft a fresh look that can be exciting when the first world is created, so you can pick one on the Web and have a look at Minecraft with a new eye.You can also make your very own resource pack and replace some textures, sounds, subtitles, etc. with yours!

Try Out Creative Mode

72 Cool and Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

Those who have been handling Survival mode for some time should really be a natural in Creative mode. One can avoid;being bogged down in Survival by making things easier in this creative sandbox; a mode that lets players create and destroy objects instantly and simply.

With the entire item selection within arm’s reach, players can build whatever their minds can conjure absent the looming threat of enemy mobs. This ease and open-ended features allow players to really flex their creative muscles and go to town on building creation.

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Create The Largest Explosion Without Dying

Who would not want to create the largest explosion and see the damage?

Some people would use mod packs to create a different type of custom TNTs, even adding effects to make it more interesting.

Admit it, you already tried to obliterate a village with village-wide explosions in creative mode before. Now, try recreating the biggest explosion in Survival mode without dying.

Creative And Dynamic Ceiling Lights

You need to light your house. Why? Because if not it will fill up with monsters. Not a pretty sight.

But that doesnt mean you are limited to torches and glowstone. In fact, in recent updates, your options for lighting have increased exponentially, as evidenced by this awesome Minecraft ceiling lights tutorial from MCram.

If you are looking to learn more about all your options when it comes to Minecraft lighting, why not check out our guide to the Best Minecraft Light Sources You Can Use Anywhere?

Finally, your lighting is going to look infinitely better if you use the Optifine mod. Heres our guide to Installing Optifine in Minecraft in 2021.

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Build A Computer Out Of Redstone To Play Minecraft In Minecraft

The thought process of Minecraft player Hans Lemurson must have been something like: Yo dawg, we heard you like Minecraft, so we built a computer in your computer so you can play while you play!

Lemurson;successfully built a working, rudimentary computer within Minecraft using redstone and redstone components. The magical crimson dust and its related;interactables allow users to construct basic electrical circuits in-game.

Combining these circuits with sensors and input devices lets them create doors that open automatically, lights that turn on when the sun goes down, and a host of other useful gadgets.;However, those werent enough for Lemurson, who managed to create a working binary computer using a massive web of redstone circuitry and interactive blocks.

After building his computer, he was apparently bugged by users on Minecraft forums sarcastically asking if his in-game computer could run Minecraft.;He then;successfully programmed a 2-D version of Minecraft into his Minecraft computer, proving once and for all that some good can come out of internet comments.

Top 5 Things To Do In Minecraft When Bored

10 Fun Things To Do In Minecraft!!

After completing one of the vast challenges that Minecraft offers, players may be unsure of what to do next. Since the limit is their creativity, there is always something to do in the game!

Players that tend to do the same things in their playthroughs may become bored over time. Luckily, from absolute anarchy to peaceful fishing, Minecraft has no shortage of ways to kill time!

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Not Forgetting The Blocks Of Lava

So, there it is, friends. Thats the kind of brilliant creative freedom offered to you by Minecraft. We live in a world where water can exist in block form, happily jiggling away to itself like a jelly.

Its one of many odd little things you can do in Minecraft that is totally impractical, but all kinds of neat nonetheless. And if cubes of water arent your thing, how about the even more absurd cubes of lava?

Thats right, the exact same principle applies here. Im not sure who in heckola could ever want cubes of lava, but they are a very real and very frightening thing.

A Bona Fide Minecraft Castle

If you have ever put together a massive house made from wood and stone, chances are you have imagined what it would be like to live inside a bona fide Minecraft castle.

Dream no longer! Why not build your very own intricate Minecraft castle? With a throne room, chest rooms, armoury, and dungeons, this will be the perfect addition to any rustic Minecraft world in the later stages of the game.

Over a couple of instalments, BlueNerd Minecraft has a comprehensive tutorial explaining every step of the Castle construction process.

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Build A Functioning Butt

Using TNT and Sandstone, Youtuber Chronos Pallas painstakingly recreated a human butt in;Minecraft;to hover ominously over a local village. Because, why not?

Not only is it big enough to block out the sun, but it even drops a devastatingly large mess onto the unsuspecting villagers below. It’s actually rather impressive.

We get paid to write these things, folks.

Cool Things To Build In Minecraft & Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

72 Cool and Fun Things To Do In Minecraft
  • KiwiAdmin
  • 03/19/2020 11:25:09
  • 3977

Minecraft is a huge videogame and there are a lot of fun things to do in Minecraft. There are adventures to be had, enemies to be fought and things to build in Minecraft. If youve been playing this game for a long while, you may want to try out something new. Or if you are a new player and looking for some guidance, this list of fun things to do in Minecraft will be great for you too.

However, there comes a time when you wonder, what to do in Minecraft? For those times, this is a list that will help you get new ideas and have even more fun in your favorite videogame. Of course, if youve been playing this game since launch, youve probably done almost everything there is to do in the game. But, sometimes we overlook a few features or experiences and never try them out. This article is going to be a fun way of introducing you to some weird and fun experiences. Most of the things were going to tell are going to revolve around you doing something awesome on your own.

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Fun Things To Do In Minecraft When Youre Bored

Even though Minecraft is an enjoyable game, a lack of consistent objectives can sometimes lead to boredom rearing its ugly Creeper head.

Yep, weve all been there. Despite the games unparalleled freedom and creativity, its easy to run out of steam and get a little fatigued by the sheer openness of it all.

Fear not, however, as weve put together 10 handy tips and suggestions to help kickstart the fun and get your creative juices flowing again.

Dumb Things You Can Actually Do In Minecraft

Allowing your child to join an online Minecraft server may feel scary. You might worry about their exposure to bad language, bad behavior, griefing, and unfamiliar players. These are all valid concerns but there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks and increase the chances of your child having a great experience.

The best Minecraft mods for 2021. In no particular order, these are some of the most exciting mods available for the standard PC version of Minecraft. 1. Backpacked A frustrating part of Minecraft is that you can only hold so many items at a time.

Minecraft games are based on the game Minecraft. They feature several elements from the original game, most notably, the pixelated 3D blocks. Minecraft games take this unique theme and use it to build creative games with entirely new objectives.

explore origin 0 Base skins used to create this skin. find derivations Skins created based on this one. Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar – Skins that look like this but with minor edits. Select a resourcepack project. Create new project Start a new empty local resource pack. show randomobs. comments powered by Disqus.

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