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How To Bypass The Minecraft Vpn Blocker

Best Free Vpn 2021 (Minecraft) (PC)(2021)

Heres how to bypass a Minecraft IP ban or get past their VPN blocker:

  • Sign-up with a Minecraft VPN .
  • Install the VPN app and use the connect button to connect to the fastest VPN server or choose your preferred location.
  • Launch Minecraft and join one of the online servers.
  • If Minecraft detects youre using a VPN, close the Minecraft app. Turn on your VPNs obfuscation feature and then try again.
  • If you get an IP ban while using your VPN, close the Minecraft app and reconnect to a different VPN server before logging back into the game.

Hidemesecure Free Vpn China With 10 Gb/ Mo Data Limit

  • Five free servers in the US, Canada, Singapore, & Netherlands
  • 10 GB of free data per month
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Works with Netflix Canada, YouTube, ABC, Sky Go
  • Compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, browsers, and more

Hide.Me is another effective free VPN to break the Chinese GFW. Unfortunately, like most other free providers, Hide.Me has no servers within China.

This is not something to be concerned about if you already live in China. But if you were looking to obtain a free VPN for a China server, you need another VPN.

Nonetheless, its foreign servers are what you need to access blocked overseas content within the mainland. The reliability of Hide.Me has suffered somewhat over the years, but it can still deliver good functionality within China now and then.

Unfortunately, it comes with a 10 GB/month bandwidth limit, so youre only limited to performing activities that dont require too much bandwidth consumption.

On the other hand, it offers and encryption like OpenVPN, enabling users to stay safe while using this VPN.

Hide.Me offers servers in 5 different countries, but the service it offers is why we call this VPN the best free VPN. This VPN also supports torrenting.


Hide.Me boasts dedicated software for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows Phone. It also offers add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

For further details, see this Hide.Me review.

Free Vpn For Ios And Android

VPNs for smartphones are becoming more popular. Not only do we use our smartphones more and more, but we also connect them to unprotected Wi-Fi networks more often than we do with a computer. A free VPN definitely adds value for any smartphone user.

Nearly all good free VPNs offer applications for both Android and iOS. All free VPN providers we mention in our overview above offer free software for both Android and iOS.

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Our Best Pick For All Your Vpn Needs

  • 7200 Servers in 91 Countries
  • No-logs policy
  • One of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • 2000+ Servers in 94 Countries
  • No logs policy
  • Simultaneously connect to 5 devices
  • Best VPN for Security
  • High-level encryption for anonymous browsing
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • One of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • 2000+ Servers in 94 Countries
  • No logs policy
  • Simultaneously connect to 5 devices
  • Best VPN for Security
  • 7200 Servers in 91 Countries
  • No-logs policy
  • High-level encryption for anonymous browsing
  • 24/7 live chat support

Why do I need a VPN?

Protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves.

How do I use a VPN

Will using a VPN affect my internet speed?

the difference in speed will be unnoticeable.just disconnect and reconnect to a different server.the fastest VPN we tested

Will A Free Vpn Keep Me Private And Anonymous

Minecraft Server List Unblocked ~ Kristy Sherman

The short answer is no. Free VPNs do have their uses, but unfortunately, neither privacy nor anonymity are one of them. If your mind is set on a free service, however, remember to take extreme care when you’re picking a provider.

If the free VPN you want is not attached to a premium, paid service, then there is a risk that they might misuse your data and sell it on to other companies. But even in the case of free VPNs attached to a paid service, there’s always some security and privacy measures you’ll be missing out on, or else why would anyone upgrade? Either way, you’re increasing your likelihood of exposure.

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The Problems With Free Vpns

Free VPN services may cost nothing but there is usually a good reason for that – it means the provider will be turning a profit in some other way, usually with invasive advertising or by selling your browsing data to third-parties .

Plus, free services tend to limit the amount of data you can use and the speed you can use it at, rendering them practically useless for streaming video, torrenting or as an extra layer of reliable security in your day-to-day online life. And don’t expect the kind of easy access support or server range that you get with the paid services, either.

So before we get stuck in to our list of the best free VPN downloads, it’s worth knowing that a paid-for version can cost as little as around $1/£1 per month and will give you much better performance and protection.

ProtonVPN is our current pick of the best free VPN. While the stand-out feature is undeniably that it offers zero limits on the amount of data you can use with your VPN uses, there’s plenty more to admire outside that alone.

It would be remiss of us not to begin with that headline selling point, though. ProtonVPN doesnt impose any data restrictions. In other words, youre free to use as much data as you want every month – that’s really rare for a free VPN provider, as you’ll discover below with the others on this guide.

The premium version of Hotspot Shield takes its place among the top paid-for services on the web, so it’s little surprise that its free option is so popular.

Does Nordvpn Work On Minecraft

Yes, NordVPN works on Minecraft and will help you beat an IP ban,unblock the latest Minecraft features no matter your location, or .

Thanks to fast connection speeds, a large server network, and obfuscation features, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Minecraft.

NordVPN also offers six simultaneous connections for all your devices.

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Can A Free Vpn Work With Minecraft

The truth is that it is almost certain Minecraft servers would detect a free VPN. That is because most times dont have quality VPN services. You would be dissatisfied because not all free VPNs can cloak your connection properly or guarantee your privacy.

Many free VPNs do not have the features youll need to bypass Minecraft IP bans or give you the speed to have a smooth experience. The majority also have bandwidth limits and put data caps on users connection.

Another issue is that most VPNs place users on queues to connect to specific servers. That is because they do not have enough servers for their subscribers. If you dont want delays in playing your game at any point, a risk-free VPN is your best bet.

Also, there is no assurance that a free VPN is indeed free. Your details and personal information might be at risk of divulsion. Also, many ads pop up while using a free VPN. This is not the best for any gaming experience. So, well advise that you avoid using free VPNs with Minecraft.

How To Set Up A Best Free Vpn Service

Radmin VPN Minecraft: Radmin VPN Tutorial

1Get ready!

2Set location

3Lets go!

Thank you!

Reggie B.

Fast connection to attractive country selection. I can look at everything when and where I want. Im very satisfied. The different servers per country are also good, especially in Canada. Be sure to try them out if the main servers are a bit too full. Therefore my absolute recommendation when it comes to free VPN.

Alexei Filippenko

Good VPN service with a lot of servers in different countries. Works without failures, have been using it for a couple of months. Sometimes the speed is low, but thats enough for youtube.

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Why Is Minecraft Blocked

Minecraft is most likely blocked because youre trying to launch the game on your school or works internet connection.

Schools and businesses usually block games because they want to limit online distractions so you can focus on learning or work.

Like IP bans , you can unblock Minecraft with one of our recommended VPNs.

Server And Speed Limitations:

Free VPNs offer limited servers that users can use to unblock services. These server locations can be as low as three. However, with only a few servers, one cannot expect speeds to be great either due to traffic overload.

Furthermore, limited servers do not let you unblock any service you like. So, for example, you cannot unblock BBC iPlayer without a UK server.

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Why A Good Vpn Is Needed In Minecraft

A good, trusted VPN for Minecraft can be used for various purposes. If you are in a school and during lunch break, you want to log in to Minecraft you can easily bypass your school authoritys strong security network.

VPNs can connect to servers all around the globe with a new IP address each time you log in to a new server making it unreadable for hackers and network authorities.

Nobody will get a glimpse that you played Minecraft while you were at school.

If you are in a coffee shop enjoying a free Wi-Fi service, you can connect your device with the VPN because public WI-FIs were never secured. You wont want your device to get afflicted with malware and surveillance.

Also, if you are a Minecraft fan, you might have noticed some geographical area bans. If your country has banned Minecraft then, use a good quality VPN to enjoy Minecraft.

Minecraft VPNs are the finest tools to avoid country blocks and thus opening a tunnel to play your favorite game whenever and wherever you like.

If you want to ensure safe gameplay and want to secure yourself from DDOS attack , you should use a Minecraft Vpn to safeguard your private server.

Check out the easiest way to make Dyes in Minecraft.

Another top-class reason for using a vpn in Minecraft is, playing with strangers on public servers. Many players got their ID hacked while playing with strangers. Of course, you dont want to ruin your yearlong progress in seconds.

You wont get caught by Mojang using a VPN.

Free Vpns That You Should Avoid

Download Vpn Free Server ~ Game Popular PC

If you’re using one of ProPrivacy’s recommended free VPNs, you won’t need to worry about privacy risks or online security. The same cannot be said for every free VPN provider, unfortunately.

We scoured the privacy policies and terms of all the free providers we could get our hands on. And during our research, we were utterly shocked at how some providers completely disregard user privacy and actively put users at significant risk.

Here are some free VPNs that you should avoid at all costs.


according to the privacy policy

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Why Is It Free

Our VPN is completely free, with no speed or traffic limits. We are not like 99% of other free VPN services, because they limit the traffic amount or the bandwidth.

Why is it free?

We are a non-profit organization that created a VPN service by our own efforts in the very beginning. Now, the service depends on donations of our grateful clients.

We believe that the Internet was built for people, not for profit. And it has to be safe and secure.

If you are satisfied with our service and would like to help us financially:

FineVPN secure and free VPN for you!

What Is The Best Free Vpn

After extensive testing, we conclude that PrivadoVPN is the best free VPN service of 2021.

Other good free VPN providers are ProtonVPN,, TunnelBear, Windscribe, and ZoogVPN, with each option having its own unique advantages and features.

Our top list of free VPNs can be summarized as follows:

  • PrivadoVPN: Best free VPN for Windows and Mac users
  • ProtonVPN: Best free VPN with unlimited data
  • Best free VPN in terms of customer support
  • Tunnelbear: Best free VPN if youre looking for many server locations
  • Windscribe: Best free VPN for fast connection speeds
  • ZoogVPN: Best free VPN for FireTV
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    Best Free Vpn For Tablets

    Apart from smartphones, VPNs also have apps for tablets running on iOS and Android software. It is just as easy to install a VPN on your tablet as on your phone. Most people use a VPN on their tablet to access restricted content like watching Netflix with free VPNs.

    As with smartphones, all free VPNs mentioned above have iOS and Android apps for different brands of tablets that you can easily download from App Stores.

    Vpn Protection: Can I Hide My Ip Address

    How To Make a Minecraft 1.16.1 Server Radmin VPN Without Port Forwarding 2020

    A VPN encrypts and protects your data connection online. What you do online is open to prying eyes, but you can protect and hide your IP address and data by using a VPN. A VPN secures data between you and your business, or you can obtain anonymity and protection for your personal information.

    There are loads of VPNs to choose from, and quality is on the rise. The process of choosing a VPN starts with a realistic assessment of your needs: if for example – you only use Apple products, you must find the best VPN for Mac and Apple products.

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    Are Free Vpns Dangerous

    While the main criticism of free VPNs is that they just aren’t half as useful as the paid-for alternatives, there are genuine dangers lurking with some proponents .

    For example, research in 2020 suggested that around 40% of the free Android VPNs available on the Google Play Store do not protect their users’ privacy to an adequate level. So the extra online protection you thought you would be getting just isn’t there.

    How To Choose The Best Vpn For Minecraft

    If youre determined to shop around, this cheat list of must-have features will help you choose the best Minecraft VPN:

    • Many VPN servers the more, the better! This will help you with ease and give you plenty of options for reconnecting if you get an IP ban on one of the VPNs servers.
    • Fast, consistent VPN speeds without fast speeds, youll struggle with a poor ping rate and high latency. Having many VPN servers usually helps with this because users can spread out more easily without causing network overload.
    • Ability to bypass Minecrafts VPN detection measures you wont be able to connect otherwise. Obfuscated servers are the most sure-fire way for a VPN to meet this requirement. But generally speaking, if it works with Netflix, itll work with Minecraft too!
    • DDoS protection this is especially important if youre streaming your Minecraft gameplay or even uploading edited clips to platforms like YouTube.
    • Easy-to-use apps for your devices you cant use your Minecraft VPN if the provider doesnt have an app for the device youre playing on, after all! And the easier it is to install and use, the more time you can spend playing instead of fiddling with the VPN settings.
    • Budget-friendly it doesnt help to find the perfect VPN for Minecraft if you cant afford the subscription fees.

    Surfshark ticks all the right boxes, including being an incredibly budget-friendly premium VPN especially if you sign-up with this link!

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    Whats The Catch With Free Vpns

    Its expensive to develop, build, and update a VPN. Most free services dont have enough money to maintain a quality network. As the saying goes, theres no such thing as a free lunch. Free VPNs usually make money in two ways:

  • Selling your data, search history, etc., to advertisers. Hotspot Shields free VPN does this, which they tell you about upfront. You pay for the service by receiving annoying ads.
  • The Freemium model. While you dont have to pay for the VPN, it typically comes with limitations data, speed, server access, etc. This eventually forces you to upgrade to the paid version.
  • Most of the free VPNs on my list work on the Freemium model, where you have to upgrade if, for example, you want an Indian server or just to finish the last 29 minutes of the movie youre streaming. If its the latter, you typically just click upgrade, but youll end up paying more than if you just paid for a cheaper premium plan upfront.

    This is why I recommend ExpressVPN it doesnt keep any logs, and you get unlimited data and bandwidth to browse as much as you want. Plus, you can buy with confidence knowing that it gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    The Advantages Of Getting Minecraft Servers Unblocked Using Our Vpn

    Canât login to Minecraft with VPN? Try this easy fix

    Using Hotspot Shield VPN to play unblocked Minecraft at school or work gives you peace of mind about your private data. We donât keep track of or store your online activity, IP address, or other personal information. If you want to remain anonymous online, Hotspot Shieldâs VPN is the best way to go. With it, youâll get:

    • The entire Internet, without content restrictions
    • Anonymous surfing

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    What Is The Best Free Vpn For Minecraft

    The best free VPN for Minecraft is Windscribe.

    However, I strongly recommend against using a free VPN for Minecraft.

    But if you have no choice, Windscribe offers 2GB of bandwidth every month , making it a decent free VPN for Minecraft.

    That said, I cant guarantee Windscribes free version will work consistently.

    Windscribe is a premium VPN, meaning they subsidize the cost of offering a free version with premium subscriber fees.

    For this reason, free users can only choose from a small portion of servers.

    This is still better than most other free VPNs that limit servers and bandwidth while also spying on users and selling their personal information to advertising companies.

    Overall, free VPNs will rarely, if ever, pass under the radar when it comes to Minecrafts VPN detection methods.

    Although Mojang doesnt outright ban using a VPN when playing Minecraft, theyre known to block connections they recognize as coming through a VPN.

    Windscribe wont always work. Most of the time, its more likely not to work at all. So, if you find a free server that works, consider yourself lucky.

    This is why I recommend sticking to a paid VPN provider with a proven track record.

    Dont forget you can get an 81% discount on Surfshark when you sign-up using this link!

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