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How To Make A RLCraft Server – RLCraft Server Hosting

As you might be already aware, hosting games is often challenging since they are typically more resource-hungry than typical web applications. Thankfully, Minecraft isnt exactly a huge resource hog so you can easily host the game on web servers that meet some pretty basic specifications.

That being said, were talking here about the basic setups of Minecraft pure Vanilla as its called. For such installations and an average player group of up 10 users, you can get by with the bare minimum in the VPS hosting space.

Lets look at the exact requirements for plain Vanilla Minecraft hosting in numbers:

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Core

Storage space requirements are pretty negligible in context to whats usually offered by hosting providers, so weve skipped it altogether. Just make that storage is SSD-based.

However, if youre more serious about Minecraft then youll be likely looking at hosting setups that will allow you to enjoy the game in player groups of 50 and above. You might also like to consider other possibilities such as the use of custom mods, which will increase the requirements even further.

In such cases, wed recommend a VPS hosting plan like the Minecraft Villager Plan offered by Hostinger, which includes 3GB of RAM but clocking in at $12.95/mo. As you can see, the more players you want to host, the higher your potential monthly cost gets.

How Much Does Minecraft Hosting Cost

The price of hosting a Minecraft server is calculated based on the amount of RAM allocated to the customer. Some providers will restrict performance and charge more for additional slots, storage or help. Make sure to calculate the entire cost of the service to determine which is the best value and includes everything that you need to get started and continue growing.

Why Our Customers Choose Apex

We have proudly hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers.

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Ive had Apex for a while now

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What Is The Best Minecraft Server Host

These are the best Minecraft server hosting services Hostinger. Best overall Minecraft server host. Shockbyte. Minecraft hosting operation with an established reputation. Apex Hosting. High quality support and lag-free servers promised. Bisect Hosting. Affordable hosting with an impressive amount of flexibility. ScalaCube.

Connecting To The Server


Once the server is up and running click on the connect button to get the address of the server for all players to join.

This shows 2 IP Addresses, heres how they work:

The is a static address that wont change every time you reload the server.

The Dyn IP: is a dynamic address that changes every time you reload the server.

I recommend sharing the static IP with friends as it is more time efficient.

The dynamic IP will be used in case the static IP method fails for some reason.

To join the server, click on Multiplayer in the Main Menu, this will open up a page where you can add new servers and join them

Enter any name you like for your server, this will only determine how it is shown in your personal list of servers and wont affect anything outside your computer.

In the server address bar, enter the static IP that we got earlier and click on Done

Your Aternos hosted server is now added to your list of servers, all you have to do in order to connect is click on it and press Join server.

In case the static IP method doesnt work for you, fear not, simply copy the Dynamic IP and paste it into the Server Address box under the Direct Connect option, and hit Join server

And there you go, you have now spawned in your very own RLCraft server!

I hope you have an amazing time playing the game with your friends, have fun!

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Take On The Rlcraft Challenges As You Try To Survive In A Realistic World

RLCraft server hosting brings the challenge to Minecraft with realistic systems for food, sleep, crafting and fighting. Can you and your friends beat it?

  • Prepare for death in multiple different ways!
  • The RL stands for Real Life including eating, sleeping and staying warm
  • Pure survival and immersion at the modpacks core
  • Adventure with friends through a deadly world
  • Completely customised starting recipes and progression

Host a truly unique take on realistic and hardcore survival in Minecraft, RLCraft server is the perfect addition to any StickyPiston server owner. With the challenges youll be facing, having some backup will help keep you alive. Choose your starting biome wisely, explore to find opportunities and riches, start levelling your skills and dont go out at night! RLCraft is still a work in progress modpack and you can follow the links below for updates, bug reports and tips from the community on CurseForge.

We recommend 3GB of RAM for a RLCraft Minecraft Server.

  • The adventure never ends, choose from 500+ modpacks in our library
  • Cant find a modpack? Just ask, well add it to the one-click installer.
  • Made your own modpack? Well build you a custom server in minutes.
  • Install & swap servers instantly with our “Click & Play Installer”.
  • Unlimited and free modpack updates including testing and fixes.
  • Server crashed? Send us a ticket and we can fix it 99.9% of the time.

Minecraft Server Support Staff Will Answer Your Questions Within Minutes

On average, we respond to your conversations within 5 minutes and resolve your problems within an hour. Our support staff is available from 11.30am to 8pm every day!

You can reach support toll-free by calling us at 1-888-907-3220, or by using the live chat here on our website.

The NodePanel control panel features an easy way to swap server hosting instances.

Our pricing starts at an affordable $14.99 per month for your Minecraft hosting. We don’t have any limits on player slots, you can customize your subdomain , and whitelist players for added security! But you play other games too, right? So do we. That’s why we created a system that allows you to save an image of your progress and freely swap to host a different game, at no additional cost.

So what if you have a burning need for some Hytale for a day, then you want to switch back to Minecraft tomorrow? Great, do it! Dont worry about fees for swapping, because there arent any. Save your Minecraft instance and then load your Hytale instance and continue gaming! Nodecraft gives you more freedom and the best service, at an affordable price.

You can swap your Minecraft Server to any of these games, for free:

Moving from another host, your local network, or have your own world?

NodePanel supports uploading files to your hosting plan with our web-based files manager . We also have video tutorials and a knowledge base.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team via our support portal or at .

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Minecraft Server Hosting: Frequently Asked Question

Still not sure which among the best Minecraft server hosting platforms to choose from? Or youre probably new to the game itself?

Dont worry below are answers to the most common questions about the game and the process of setting up your server.

Is Minecraft free?

The game is not free. The price depends on the device where youre playing the game, but the desktop version of Minecraft costs $30. You can also make in-game purchases and get access to different game accessories .

Is hosting a Minecraft server free?

Some hosting servers offer a free trial. Once the trial period ends, you need to pay up for the plan you tried out. You can change the plan that fits your budget during the trial, so you can pay without getting your servers cut. Theres also a number of cheap dedicated server options out there with hosting plans starting as low as $2.50/month.

How much RAM do I need for the Minecraft server?

To accommodate a maximum of 10 players at the same time, you need at least 1 GB of RAM on your game server. The higher the GB RAM of your server, the more players you can welcome, the more enjoyable the game can become.

Which is the best Minecraft server hosting service?What is the best free Minecraft server host?How much does it cost to host a Minecraft server?

Better Minecraft Plus Server Hosting

RLCraft Server ( Tutorial)

Better Minecraft upgrades the experience you wouldve gotten in Better Minecraft or Better Minecraft .

  • Experience the deadly terror of Mowzies Mobs at their full capacity
  • Watch yourself from the Warden in the Caves & Cliffs early update mod
  • Fight against the Dungeons Mobs that are normally found in Minecraft Dungeons
  • Lunar events such as the blood moon all thanks to Enhanced Celestials

Better Minecraft offers a new range of enjoyability for those who love modded Minecraft. Find a way to hatch and mount your own Enderdragon through the Dragon Mounts: Legacy mod while crafting a mini-end for it thanks to Architects Palletes new library of blocks. Understand the new armor toughness system with an Armor Toughness Bar and watch as it can protect you from dangers in Astemirs Forest Craft. Finally, journey to Minecrafts beginning and learn what brought about the Overworld, The Nether, and The End in The Abyss: The Beginning.

Start your Curse Better Minecraft PLUS server hosting free trial

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Best Server Hosting For Rlcraft

  • Hosting your Minecraft server isnt hard, and in todays article, were going to show you the best server hosting for RLCraft.
  • A good Minecraft server needs to be fast, responsive, and able to host enough players for your multiplayer sessions.
  • The ability to install mods quickly is crucial, especially if you want to play mods such as RLCraft.
  • If youre interested in free Minecraft server hosting, check all the entries from this guide.

To fix various PC problems, we recommend Restoro PC Repair Tool:

  • that comes with Patented Technologies .
  • Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.
  • Click Repair All to fix issues affecting your computer’s security and performance
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    RLCraft is one of the more popular mods for Minecraft, and if you want to play it with your friends, youre going to need a proper Minecraft server.

    In todays guide, were going to show you the best server hosting for RLCraft Minecraft mod, so lets get started, shall we?

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    Higher Security And Privacy

    Playing online games comes with security and privacy risks, such as DDoS attacks, data theft, resource theft, etc. When you self-host Minecraft using your regular internet connection, you share resources with plenty of others on the same network. They may pose security risks and utilize resources heavily, leaving your game lagging all the time and leading to downtimes.

    But using an RLCraft server hosting will enable tight security with secure datacenter and prevention mechanisms such as DDoS protection in addition to safeguarding your data.

    So, are you ready to play Minecraft with RLCraft mode and enjoy the game like never before?

    Lets look for some of the best RLCraft server hosting providers.

    Video Result For Best Rlcraft Servers Ip

    What Is The Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting
    How to Install RLCraft on Your Minecraft Server
    How To Make An RLCraft Server – 2.6.3
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    Cracked Minecraft Towny Server IP 2021
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    How to make a Free Cracked RL CRAFT Server with…
    RLCraft Server HUGE UPGRADE 14GB Ram 8 Cores
    Install RLCraft 2.8.1 Forge Server in Debian 10.2
    RLCraft SMP #00 New Indian Server Bedrock Edition…
    RLCraft Best Weapon Types – Spartan Weaponry Mod…
    BEST SKYBLOCK SERVER IN MCPE (Minecraft Bedrock…
    Best Survival Server in MCPE
    RLCRAFT How to Make OP Weapons and Tools |…
    Best Smp Server For Minecraft Pe | Demon Smp #1

    Useful News

    10 ways to make the most of pumpkin season, from baking treats to home decorYour browser indicates if you’ve visited this link


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    Install Rl Craft To Your Server

    Before downloading your files just make sure your server is running on the correct version you need of Minecraft. Select Forge 1.12.2 Jar from the Server jar selection on your Multicraft control panel and start up your server to load up the relevant files and folders. We recommend using the Setup option to Clean mods and directories and also select the Delete all server files before you start your server with the new Forge 1.12.2 jar to make sure its starting on a fresh server. Once you done just stop the server again.

    We will be using SeekaHost Minecraft Server for this example. Get started by downloading the server pack from the CurseForge site. On the bottom right of the page as you scroll down you will notice the option to download the RL Craft server pack for 1.12.2. You can go ahead and download this, you can also use the link below.

    Next up we need to extract the files using 7-Zip or whatever way you use to extract you files on your PC. I recommend creating an empty folder and placing the zipped file in here, then extract it to have all your files in one easy place.

    You can now delete the zipped folder for RL Craft. For the next step you will need FileZila due to the file being quite large and might be unable to be uploaded through the FTP file access due to file size limits.

    Top Results For Best Rlcraft Servers Ip

    RLCraft By CraftersLand IP & Server Information …

    Copy the link and share

    Rlcraft Servers Ip Address – The Best Domain For The Best …

    Copy the link and share

    Home – – Modded Minecraft Server

    Copy the link and share


    Copy the link and share

    Rlcraft Nightmares – Minecraft Server | TopG

    Copy the link and share

    Copy the link and share

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    Top 3 Free Minecraft Server Hosting

    The free-service exists so that you can go for the premium version anytime soon. Majority of the game hosting companies, who offer free-service have one objective in their mind.

    They provide you with the best free servers, which are usually limited, but they offer a premium package.

    The reason why we are revealing it to you because you have to expect limitations in these three free Minecraft server hosting.

    Solid State Drives On All Minecraft Hosting

    RLCraft Dedicated Server Setup Tutorial | FREE | Easy & Working

    Lightning fast Solid State Drives ensure guaranteed accelerated Minecraft world loading and an essential lag-free experience for you, and your valuable players.

    Why wait for your Minecraft server after ordering? We deliver your server instantly after you finalise your order so that you can get started without any delays.

    Our Minecraft servers are protected by our 3Tbps DDoS protection and automatic mitigation systems which allow us to guarantee unbeatable 100% uptime! DDoS Protection.

    Our Minecraft servers are powered by the easy-to-use Multicraft control panel which provides clients with a powerful, but simple to use control solution.

    You don’t play alone, and managing your server shouldn’t be done alone either. Our control panel allows multiple accounts so that others can have access to the control panel!

    Your servers are connected to the internet through premium bandwidth carriers and a 1Gbps connections – keeping your Minecraft hosting latency at its lowest.

    We don’t nickel and dime. You get free: unlimited slots, MySQL database, support, 30 days Tebex and 45 days Enjin Advanced trials!

    …and many more features!

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