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Avoid Overly Cheap Minecraft Hosting Plans


There are many hosting companies out there that offer rates lower than the ones recommended here. However, I urge you to exercise caution when considering taking up these plans. Many of these plans will often offer sub-par services and may cut corners in areas ultimately affecting your gaming experience

Hostinger is our top pick as Minecraft hosting provider for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is extremely rare to find a host that offers plans specially built to cater for Minecraft hosting.

Their Minecraft hosting plans are built on VPS servers, meaning you will get the dedicated resources needed to host Minecraft. Their plan structure is also built around the concept, offering a minimum of 2GB memory, near instant Minecraft server setup, and technical support that can help if you get stuck.

Minecraft Bukkit Server Hosting

Bukkit is a popular choice among Minecraft lovers. It allows server owners to add plugins fast and easily. You can also add premium customization to the game and complete it with your complex features. Bukkit is a sort of Minecraft API that allows a multiplayer mod and using vital plugins on the server of yours. Youll be amazed at how fast you can create a genuine server using a bunch of plugins.

The server itself uses all the plugins and all the players will be able to use the usual Minecraft launcher to join.

Mind that you have to monitor the updates of plugins and make sure they suit the current version of your Minecraft. You dont need to face the conflict of plugins and they game and lose players. Also, badly coded plugins can only waste RAM and the server can crash.

If you simply integrate automatic restarts, they will clear the RAM out and everything will be in order.

Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

So, having reached this point in the article, are you now wondering why on earth youd go through the headache of finding your own server to host Minecraft on?

While I wouldnt blame you for shying off at this point, there are some very positive aspects of Minecraft hosting to think about.

  • Freedom of Choice in Mods

    If youve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because the version youre on doesnt have certain mods enabled, it can be frustrating. These plugins might even be readily available, just out of your reach. By hosting your own Minecraft server, you get a free choice of what to install.

  • Building a Community

    Humans are social creatures and while it can be a lot of fun to be with friends, time doesnt always permit. Thankfully the digital world removes distance and Minecraft can be a great way for you to build a small community of your closest friends. Your own world within the world, so to speak.

  • My House, My Rules

    With hosts that support a large community, rules are often created for a huge blanket effect for the benefit of the majority.If you host your own Minecraft server, you only need to consider rules that will affect your little group. Even better it will be at your pleasure and no one elses.

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    Mod And Plugin Support

    One aspect that makes hosting Minecraft servers highly attractive is getting to choose your own mods and plugins to build custom gameplay experiences.

    That’s why it’s vital that the hosting plan offers the function to install these files yourself.

    Usually, the provider provides full root access to upload mods and plugins via the control panel or FTP client. Many hosting services offer a one-click modpack installer, a much more user-friendly option for non-technical users.

    Some hosting providers also offer a paid service for setting up the modpacks and plugins for you. Though they can add extra costs, it’s great for ensuring that they’re properly installed and working.

    To Connect To Servers Running Older Versions Of Minecraft

    Free Minecraft Server Fast!(Working 100%)2016

    Create a new profile in the Minecraft launcher:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher
  • If you cant see Launch options, click the menu icon at the top right
  • Give your profile a Name and select the minecraft version in the Version drop-down
  • Use the upward arrow on the right of the Play button to change the profile
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    Connecting To Your Atl Server

    Once ATL Modpack has started:

  • ‘Click Add Server’
  • Enter a name for your server in the ‘Server name’ box
  • Enter your server details into the ‘Server Address’ box, this is in the format :, e.g.
  • Double-click the server to join it
  • Hint : The number one reason for connection problems is when the modpack’s server and launcher versions don’t match, make sure the version number in the server list matches the one on the launcher. If not change the launcher version or contact support for a free server upgrade.

    Make sure the modpack version in the launcher and server match, if they don’t match you’ll have a connection error when you join.

    What Is The Upside Of Managing Your Own Minecraft Server

    If youre just starting to think of setting up a Minecraft server, you may find some good insights here and choose an AUS Minecraft server hosting PE to start your journey.

    The five things that you can get with the help of the Minecraft server hosting in au are:

  • Making up your own Rules
  • Building a Community
  • Installing Mods of your choice
  • Teaching and learning
  • Giving people a safe space
  • Having set up your own server means you get to make up your own rules. This is a great way to create a community that shares your views and ideas. You can make a whole new place for people to feel creative and imaginative, but you alone will manage it.

    Creating a Minecraft community comes with its perks. Not only you get to manage a whole bunch of people and collaborate with them, but you also create a platform with new connections at Minecraft. These are the connections that are strong and long-lasting. You solemnly choose what mods to install as you have the server under your control.

    Teaching and learning have become very beneficial features of Minecraft. Players claim to have learned server administration, setup, Linux administration, and main commands while playing Minecraft. You get to build an environment. This will be the one with your own rules, modes, and a whole community.

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    Why Do Web Hosting Companies Offer Free Hosting

    Free web hosting should be seen as a marketing tool which means that terms and conditions may be changed frequently, and since there is no financial transaction, downtimes may be more frequent as SLA are non-existent.

    Free web hosting comes with a number of limitations of course. Server space, site speed, traffic, uptime guarantees and backup provision are all features that are often curtailed, but that’s not to say that good cheap hosting isn’t available.

    Bear in mind that free web hosting exists because it allows companies to upsell more expensive web hosting to those who may need it.

    How Can I Get Free Hosting


    You can get free hosting by clicking on the Hostinger free hosting plan. What happens next is that you will be guided through a very simple, intuitive process and a few minutes later, you will have your free web hosting plan up and running.

    We are a web hosting provider on a mission to bring success to everyone who goes online.We do it by constantly improving server technology, providing professional support, and making the web hosting experience seamless.

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    Setting Up Your Minecraft Server With Hostinger

    Check out the video below and see how we set the servers up.

    As you can probably tell by now, hosting a Minecraft server doesnt have to be terribly complex. In fact, the beauty of it is that since youre in control, you can decide exactly how complex you want your Minecraft world to be.

    Whether that means a massive server supporting thousands of players or a basic one for friends to interact together, the final decision is yours. Cost also isnt necessarily a factor as you can see, since there are many ways that help you potentially recoup your costs.

    Ultimately, hosting your own Minecraft server is a labour of love and for diehard fans of the game, certainly something to consider. If youre still on the edge and deciding if this is right for you, talk to the folks at Hostinger to see if they can advise you either way.

    Minecraft Pixelmon Server Hosting

    Pixelmon claims to be far from basic. For one thing, there are no player slot limits on the server that you choose. The server will now be oversold. They use secure DDoS protection mean which is highly valued by users all over the world. All the features and plugins you may have chosen but not quite happy with their work can be retrieved and youll be back to building your perfect Minecraft community.

    There is an online office with support operators that will be solemnly dedicated to fixing your problems on the serves. You get a mobile control panel, which is a handy feature as you will be able to track changes and updates on the server directly from your mobile device. Choose the Minecraft windows 10 edition server hosting that successfully provides a control panel accessible from other devices.

    The control panel gives access to your server in real-time. You can choose from a variety of servers to use with your hosting plan, choose the one that is near if that is a crucial aspect. You can get started with Pixelmon is no time and try the Save and Swap Game server for the first time for free as there is a trial period available.

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    How Is A Free Web Hosting Different From Paid Hosting

    Free web hosting is different from paid hosting when it comes to the suite of services available for the user. The free web hosting plan offers a starter package that is strong enough to get you through the door and start your online journey. Paid hosting plans give you more options, more bandwidth, storage and processing power, preparing your website to handle more traffic, traction and data.

    Connecting To Your Ftb Server

    FREE Minecraft Server Hosting

    Once FTB Modpack has started:

  • ‘Click Add Server’
  • Enter a name for your server in the ‘Server name’ box
  • Enter your server details into the ‘Server Address’ box, this is in the format :, e.g.
  • Double-click the server to join it
  • Hint : The number one reason for connection problems is when the modpack’s server and launcher versions don’t match, make sure the version number in the server list matches the one on the launcher. If not change the launcher version or contact support for a free server upgrade.

    Make sure the modpack version in the launcher and server match, if they don’t match you’ll have a connection error when you join.

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    Download The Technic Launcher

  • Visit the Technic website here :
  • If you’re a Mac or Linux user click those links
  • The Technic Launcher will be saved to your download folder
  • Move the download to a new folder like ‘TechnicLauncher’ do not run the launcher from your desktop or download folder
  • Double click the icon the start the launcher
  • Best Free Web Hosting Of 2021

    A disappearing breed so catch them while you can

    The expense of setting up and maintaining a website can add up quickly, so picking the best free web hosting provider for your needs can help cut costs. But be careful, as we found that out of a list of 18 free website providers that we compiled, only eight of them less than half, in other words actually delivered the goods.

    Out of 18 free web hosting providers, Infinityfree is our recommended choice with Byethost, Googiehost, 000Webhost, FreeHostingNoAds, and FreeWebHostingArea being the other options.

    Because you are being provided with a free service, the obligations usually attached to a paid subscription no longer exist, and you are usually left to your own devices when things go wrong. None of the free web hosting providers that passed our test could measure up to even the cheapest paid-for service on the market.

    But theres worse news still. We discovered that the websites of some free web hosting providers were not properly secured, which doesnt generate much faith in their ability to deliver the level of service youd expect from paid-for providers. Remember the old adage: You get what you pay for? Well, nowhere else in the tech business is this truer than with web hosting.

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    Server Location And Multiple Servers

    Server locations directly impact the connection speed. No matter what others might sell you. Consider server locations to be a pizza store. Imagine you are hungry, which pizza store would you order from? Most would say the closest one as they can reach the earliest or get the order delivered the earliest as well.

    Thats right, even the basic thumb rule states the same thing, geographically closer server locations offer the best connection speeds.

    Always check for additional charges before changing server location and get reassurance from the customer support that it wont cause data loss before attempting to change your server location.

    Multiplayer Mode In Minecraft

    Minehut | Free Minecraft Server Hosting! | 24/7 1GB (1.9) – #23 “How to create a website!”

    Although Minecraft can be played solo, one of its main attractions is multiplayer mode that allows users to engage with each other. This can result in many things depending on the environment.

    For example, players can decide to wage war, run co-op quests, or simply co-exist in peace on their own little plots of virtual land. For multiplayer mode, there are four main options

    • Playing on a Local Area Network A LAN connects a group of computers in a smaller space. For example, linking a few computers in a room is considered a LAN.
    • Minecraft RealmsThe Realms concept was created by Minecraft designers to allow players to quickly host Minecraft games via the service. Its subscription based, on top of the cost of Minecraft.
    • Split ScreenThis is for consoles only and allows up to four users to play Minecraft together side by side using a single screen.
    • Online ServerThis is the most interesting of all and involves a user actually setting up an entire online environment from scratch to host Minecraft games. Most usually the host will rent server space from a web hosting company for this purpose.
    • 2 CPU Core

    Storage space is pretty negligible in context to whats offered, so well skip that here, as long as it is SSD based.

    In these cases Id recommend a VPS plan like the Minecraft Villager Plan on Hostinger, offering 3GB of RAM but clocking in at $12.95/mo. As you can see, the more players you want to host, the higher your potential cost gets.

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    Is Free Web Hosting Safe

    Free web hosting is safe. As a matter of fact, security is one of its strongest advantages. Many people associate low prices with low overall quality. This couldnt be furthest from the truth regarding our cheap web hosting plans. Your website and online projects tick all the security boxes and precautions to ensure a bullet-proof experience.

    What Is A Minecraft Control Panel

    A new feature that has been recently developed and offered by many Minecraft server hosting websites is the control panel. Well look briefly into what it holds for you to get the idea of what service to expect for the monthly fee.

    Server management with the control panel is promised to be highly understandable and automatic. The control panel will be a handy tool for a beginner and an experienced user as well. Make sure that you get full access to the control panel the website offers and your get to receive updates immediately.

    Having the control panel you can:

    • Manage the server of yours
    • Alter the servers type
    • View and add to the chat and server logs
    • Remote Console

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    Adding Your Minecraft User To The Atlauncher

  • Enter your Minecraft Username/Email Address and Password
  • Untick ‘Remember Password’ if you’re using a public computer
  • Choose a modpack from the scrolling list
  • from the Version To Install dropdown choose the latest version, If you need to run an older beta version of a Modpack choose this in the dropdown
  • If you see the optional mods option then click the ‘Select Recommended’ button
  • Once the modpack is installed click the ‘Instances’ tab
  • Find the modpack you installed and click play
  • Choosing A Minecraft Server Hosting Provider: What To Consider

    Free minecraft server hosting on Vimeo

    Like we have already mentioned, youre going to come across a lot of different hosts to choose from which oftentimes makes the selection process somewhat overwhelming to many people. You might be wondering – how do I even go about choosing a single hosting provider?. The answer is that it is not all that difficult once you sit down and really analyze what youre looking for and how much you are willing to spend to make it happen. These are just some of the things to look at before making a final decision.

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    What Exactly Is Minecraft

    Minecraft is not just another video game it is much more than that. It is an adventure game, also known as a sandbox video game, which is created by Swedish developer Markus Persson and Mojan Studios. The video game was released in the year 2011, and since then its popularity is rising exponentially.

    Minecraft allows the players to mine several blocks that they can use to build 3D constructions the way they want. You get so many play modes combat mode, exploration mode, building mode, or a combination of different modes.

    You can demonstrate your creativity while exploring, gathering resources, crafting those cubes, and combating. Verge report says that Minecraft has already sold 200 million copies and has over 126 million active players.

    Enjoying Minecraft on your device requires a dedicated and secure server so you can get better control of the game and greater customization options. It also allows you to host multiplayer game modes without exhausting your computer resources.

    Hence, it is better to go for a specialized Minecraft server hosting platform instead of building by yourself.

    Dont just go by the words, read on to find why.

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