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Hollow Mountain And Zombies

Top 5 AWESOME SEEDS for Minecraft 1.18.2! (Best Minecraft 1.18.2 Seeds)

code: -4706651163609820240 version: 1.9

Now to one of my personal favorite seeds. This is a massive Hollow Mountain that is about 250 blocks high . The view from the top is impressive like this cliff side mansion, the mountain has a hill in the middle and there is a big cavern in it too. Something else good about this seed is that there is a small town next to it and a patch of plains.

Start Next To A Mangrove Swamp

As the heading suggests, this Seed will spawn you at the edge of a Mangrove Swamp. This would be attractive to all the players looking to explore this brand-new biome but wait!

The Seed spawns you at the edge of the biome allowing you to enter it at your own will. An ocean also borders the spawn location!

While this alone makes this Seed worthwhile to try out, if you head towards the west, youll find a mysterious-looking mountain.

At the foot of this, youll find a Village contained within the Mangrove Swamp! Thats right, an NPC Village within the new biome what more could you need?

How about a Stronghold? If you dig directly down in this Village, lo and behold, a Stronghold!

This Stronghold contains treasure chests filled with Ender Pearls.

A Mangrove Swamp, the Ocean, a Village, and a Stronghold all at the spawn.

Seed Details


Huge Crater With A Lake Seed

  • Seed: -520676823

IIIX-unknown-IIIMinecraft Bedrock seed features one of the best sight-seeing attractions utilizing the 1.18 update: a massive crater with a lake at the bottom of it complete with a Village and a Pillager Outpost. Its definitely a unique-looking seed that will entice you to explore the area and discover whats hidden in it.

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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Seed: 110918009997

I know, the name is kind of cheesy and honestly, there arent that many waterfalls in this Minecraft seed for 1.18. Despite a punny name, this is another seed that has plenty of things to do and areas to explore. There is also an entrance to a cave system next to the waterfall, which makes it an easy landmark to remember where your spelunking journey began. Just be careful, because theres also a lava waterfall or two around.

The 20 Best Minecraft Seeds For Building

The best Minecraft seeds

Minecraft was designed to be a game that the player can use their imagination in and build the most impressive and significant things they can think of. While not everything turns out exactly how people imagine at first, the simple manner of the game means you can go back and fix or expand absolutely anything.

In order to construct such impressive things, however, the player needs the proper domain . We here at GameSkinny have painstakingly compiled the 20 best seeds you, the player, can use to build the perfect building, city, fortress, or entire world with. Enjoy!

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The Best Minecraft 118 Seeds

Lee StantonRead moreMarch 21, 2022

Minecraft Update 1.18, also known as Caves and Cliffs, is the latest major update for the game. It was released for all platforms in January 2021. As most players know, they can choose to play the game on random worlds or input a specific code that produces a predetermined one. These seeds will work for everyone, allowing two different players to play on identical worlds.

Here are some of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.18. Read on to find out all about them.

Most Beautiful Aesthetic And Interesting Minecraft Seeds

Every keen Minecraft player knows the importance of a good seed.

The better your spawn location, the easier it is to achieve your goals and the most great builds you can create.

Whether you want to speedrun, build, or just have a good time, weve tracked down even more of the best Minecraft seeds so you can have the perfect start in your new world or in a server, you can check out this list of smp servers!

Of all the minecraft beautiful seeds you can find online, we have put together a quick list with the best 18 pretty seeds and their codes that we really like.

Go through the list and test them out, we are sure at least one of them would catch your eye.

Quick List

code: 392800909 version: 1.4

Do you enjoy exploring in the jungle or maybe going to the beach? Then this amazing seed might be perfect for you. This Jungle Oasis seed has a full ravine for you to not feel like you have been abandoned on your own in an island, you will find plenty of jungle and beach area with also a great amount of animal supplies to survive.

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Explore The Best Minecraft 119 Seeds

With that, you are now ready to dive into the world of Minecraft 1.19 with amazing worlds to spawn into. You can use them to find the new frogs mob, fight the Warden, or collect a bunch of Allays to make an automatic farm. As for players still on the earlier versions of Minecraft, we have covered the best Minecraft seeds for 1.17 and 1.18 as well. But if these seeds arent enough, you can try out the best Minecraft mods to take the game to another level. With these mods, you can even include features not yet planned for the game. Having said that, Minecraft 1.19 still has hundreds of undiscovered seeds. So, if you come across some interesting seeds, dont forget to share them with our readers in the comments below.

Different Editions Of Minecraft

TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

The popularity of this game forced the developers to slowly launch in on all available platforms. Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS and Mac.

The game can operate on various operating systems including Windows, Mac, and LINUX.

Apart from Minecraft: JAVA and Minecraft for Windows 10 there are many other versions of this game including Minecraft Classic, Minecraft 4K, and Minecraft Education: Edition, the latter was developed in 2016, especially for educational institutions which include Chemistry lessons, free lesson plans on the website of this edition along with two buddy applications â

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Best Minecraft 119 Seeds

In this list, we will only cover the best seeds for the Minecraft Java Edition. Bedrock players can refer to our lengthy list of best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock seeds from the linked article. Use the list below to explore the seeds that catch your fancy as they arent ranked in any way.

I What Are Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft seeds are basically codes that you implement in-game to generate playable Minecraft worlds.

Think of them as portals .

They can lead to murky dungeons, vast fields, rich vistas, seemingly endless landscapes with gorgeous views, crumbling ruins full of riches and loot the skys the limit with Minecraft seeds. They can change the fundamental nature of your gameplay and your crafting focus.

Minecraft seeds bring so much variation and deviation to the game that it is very, very possible for two people playing the same seed to have vastly different experiences.

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Every Biome Available In One Seed

  • Seed: -1935531817

Reddit user SkinnyReject found an interesting Bedrock seed containing every biome and tree type on a 5×5 map grid. It also comes with a massive Mansion in the woods, lots of Villages, caves, and even End Portals, Nether Fortresses, and Bastion Remnants on both the surface and below-ground areas.

Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022

The best Minecraft seeds

Start your Minecraft adventure fresh in 2022 with these incredible seeds.

2022 is shaping up to be another strong year for Minecraft. The tail-end of 2021 saw the full release of the Cliffs & Caves expansion, adding the new Lush Caves biome among lots of other changes. New biomes, creatures, and recipes can mean only one thing: its a great time for players to jump back in. To help get you started on another adventure, weve picked out 20 awesome seeds you really ought to try in 2022. Some of these seeds are pure natural beauty, some are a chaotic mess of random world generation, and some have useful features like a complete Ender Portal nearby. All of these seeds are special for a reason. Go on a seed-finding adventure with us here are some of my favorite seeds heading into 2022.

The following seeds are for Java & Bedrock Snapshot 1.18 unless stated otherwise.

Lustrous Lush Cave

  • Seed: 838549532

The Cliffs and Caves update adds multiple biomes youll want to check out and theyre deep underground. Usually youll have to search high-and-low to find one of these, but with this seed youll find an easy path to a truly massive Lush Cave, complete with underground waterfall and jungle vines. Just check the position in the screenshot to find your new favorite Lush Cave biome.

Striking Seaside

  • Seed: 26942297

Surface Swamp

  • Seed: 62839305145583487

Four Biome Junction

  • Seed: 270351465496947700

Snowy Valley

  • Seed: 8624896

Lush Mansion Entrance

  • Seed: 1858474172

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Mansion In The Heartwood

  • Seed: 110918009997 | Version 1.17

Nothing beats charging headfirst into a mansion with the intention of besting every Illager that moves. But finding a mansion in survival is no easy feat. Itll take hours of scouring every forest hoping that one day youll come face-to-face with that foreboding wooden structure. This mansion is helpfully right at spawn, and it’s located inside an eerily heart-shaped forest surrounded by badlands. If the mansion isn’t challenge enough, there’s a pillager outpost at the other edge of the forest. Good luck!

Source: /r/minecraftseeds

Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed

Seed Code: -8993723640229201049Coordinates: Z: 181, X: -109

Lets meet up with this best seed for Minecraft enabling you to spawn in a village that is besides more than two woodland mansions. Not only that but there is also a witchs shelter in this rarest seed in Minecraft. If you love to explore something new every time, then this Minecraft seed is the dream realm for you. Not for the villagers, as they are destined to get stormed all the time.

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The Big Bamboo Forest: Seed 2825049098349321056

While the bamboo forest is not a new biome introduced in Minecraft 1.18, it still benefited from the Cave and Cliffs update. The bamboo forest is known for its bamboo, pandas and elevation changes, but now this update has taken things up a notch.

This seed is one of the best bamboo forest seeds out there because the mountains that can be generated in the biome are taller than ever. The jungle in this seed goes on for what seems like forever. If you want to experience the bamboo forest, this is the seed for you.

Mangrove Swamp Spawn Seed

Top 10 BEST Seeds For 1.18 Minecraft (Bedrock Edition Java)

With enough effort, you can find the Mangrove Swamp biome in due time. But with this Minecraft 1.19 seed, you can skip the waiting and exploring part. This seed directly spawns you inside the Mangrove Swamp biome. The biome in itself is not that large. But if you wish to visit the Mangrove Swamp after installing the update, this seed is a much better option than looking for the biome with no hints to go around.

  • Seed Code: 6306808076142139007
  • Spawn Biome: Mangrove Swamp

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How To Use A Seed

If you would like to use a seed you found online, adding it to your world is really easy. Just follow this quick steps:

  • First and most important, verify that the version of the seed you want to add is compatible with your version of Minecraft. Otherwise it obviously wont work.
  • When you are creating a new world just add the code provided.
  • Thats it. Enjoy! We said it was easy.

Top 20 Minecraft 119 Seeds For June 2022


Minecraft 1.19 version, also known as The Wild Update, is finally ready for an official release this month. The main points of interest in the new update are the ancient cities that spawn deep underground, and a new mangrove swamp biome that accommodates warm frog mobs.

Our first selection of the top Minecraft seeds for summer 2022 focuses on all these new features, as well as rare and valuable spawn spots for easier and more difficult survival scenarios.

Hopefully, you can find a few seeds here you’d love to set up your own base and start a new adventure.

Coordinates: 50, -50Biomes: Plains, Snowy Beach

You will spawn on a peninsula with a village nearby, which is surrounded by a warm ocean.

Then, if you travel to coordinates 1200, -900, you will find yourself amidst a frozen sea with nothing but an icy island in the middle.

Under the isle, you can find an entrance into a stronghold that contains an extremely rare end portal with five active eyes.

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Tall Woodland Mansion At Spawn

Seed Code: -7457009251932508969Coordinates: Z: o X: o

This seed is quite interesting and special. As soon as you get spawned, youll get to see a tall woodland mansion with clouds going through its room. This is not only a rare Minecraft seed but youll also find quite unique loot spawns, anyone wouldnt want to miss. Theres a dessert village just under the mansion with a blacksmith which works as a cherry on the cake.

Triple Island Ocean Monument

The best Minecraft seeds
  • Seed Code: 6073041046072376055

If you are more into deserted islands, then this Minecraft seed lets you live out like a true wanderer. The seed location includes a small archipelago of three islands, and they have abundant resources for you to survive. Once you have enough resources you can choose to enter the ocean for better loot.

These structures are quite challenging with a host of pufferfish-like enemies, but they also provide exclusive loot. Loots like sponges which are only found in an ocean monuments. It is one of the best survival Minecraft seeds.

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

code: 5255823060500105168 version: 1.18+

Dont be fooled by its stony exterior theres more than meets the eye to this island spawn.

At first glance the single tree suggests a lack of useful items, but this is quickly disproven by the surface-level emeralds on top!

With large caves and the mainland close by, this seed wont leave you with an empty inventory. Theres even a shipwreck just off the coast within easy reach for looting.

Ancient City Mountains And A Village

This next Seed has a little bit of everything.

Upon entering the world, youll see snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and a waterfall flowing out of a particular mountain. Sign us up!

Additionally, after exploring, youll come across a decent-sized village in the area.

The mountains nearby also contain Goats, which are very rare at spawn, so youll also have an effective method of farming Goat Horns. Theres also a Dripstone Cave nearby!

Lastly, this Seed is valuable because behind the mountain you spawn in is a massive exposed cave. Following this will lead you directly to an Ancient City!

Talk about being packed!


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Ancient City At Spawn Seed

  • Seed: 7980363013909395816 | Version: 1.19

If you want to explore one of the new ancient cities down in the deep dark ASAP, this seed will get you there. You’ll spawn in an open cave close to the surface near a village. Way beneath your feet will be an ancient city waiting to be found. If you don’t want to do the digging yourself, teleport to the coordinates 0 -44 13 to get right to the center.

Fast Diamonds: Seed 939276771201220157

TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

After dozens, hundreds, or thousands of hours of Minecraft, you might just want to get to the good stuff right away.

Diamonds can be a pain to find if luck isn’t on your side, but this seed will spawn you right by two desert temples full of treasure, including nine diamonds. That should be plenty to kickstart your adventures.

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Ridge Village With A Lonely Church

  • Seed: 2416761687223174816 | Version 1.19

Spawning right next to a massive ridgeline, you can explore up and down both sides to see that the village covers both sides, including a lonely church on the far side, all the way down at sea level. The ridge itself is dotted with a dozen exposed cave entrances, and really flexes the new mountainous terrain of 1.18.

The Titanic Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Seed Code: 1045298416328037846

And last is another iconic shipwreck seed. Like we said earlier, Minecraft players love shipwreck worlds. They tell an awesome story, theres space to sprinkle some self-made lore, and there are plenty of starting resources to get you through the cold and lonely nights.

This particular Minecraft seed world has a shipwreck and an iceberg as its main focal points. So already, youve got some interesting sources for mineable materials. But make sure you do a thorough sweep of the area, as there are a lot of hidden features in this seed that are worth checking out. Word on the street is that theres a lush jungle on a nearby island full of rare resources among other things.

No confirmation yet if you can find a random door floating harmlessly on the waves, but hey. Stranger things can happen in Minecraft.

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