Code Org Minecraft Hero’s Journey

Codebytes: Minecraft Hero’s Journey

Minecraft Hour of Code – Hero’s Journey

Friday, December 114:30pm – 4:50pm

Lets dig into the world of Minecraft to help the Agent activate switches, place blocks, and clear obstacles to pick up items for the journey! Recommended for grades 3-7.

Computer Science Education Week is held annually in recognition of the;birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper .

During the week, students take part in activities that provides an introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, and an innovator.

Each twenty minute episode this week features a new lesson that blends computer science with real-world topics. Each lesson will be presented twice each day, once at 11 am and then again at 4:30 pm.; Lessons will be live streamed on YouTube so please use the link provided below.; No registration is needed.;;

While activities are set for a recommended grade level, all ages are invited to join in!


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Translating The Video Captions

  • To use Amara, first click on a video link below.
  • On the left, you’ll see a list of languages. If you don’t see your language listed, click “Add a new language”. A language with a yellow dot means it’s been started but incomplete; please go ahead and complete the translation. A language with a green dot means it’s been completed and published.
  • When you begin you’ll see the English track on the left and you can enter your translations on the right. Feel free to edit the timing if necessary. When complete, click the Publish button in the top right.
  • The links for the videos are below:
  • Recommended Reading: How To Set Up My Own Minecraft Server

    How Do I Increase My Chances Of Winning

    The celebrities will work with to pick a winner. Read about what each celebrity is looking for, then, increase your chances to win with photos or videos of yourself or your class. They’d also love to see the apps, games, or artwork your students created, so add a link to your students’ work!

    The posts that have the most cool stuff will have a great chance of being selected, so include a link to the coolest code creations you made on, an ANIGIF of the app you made, or a fun video explaining your Hour of Code activity. Get creative!

    Posts with more likes, shares, and retweets will also have a higher likelihood of winning. Add an Hour of Code frame to your Facebook profile picture to really get into the spirit.

    And since you can post as many entries as you want, across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, feel free to make multiple posts to increase your chances. The idea isn’t to spam the internet and annoy your friends, it’s to celebrate computer science. So please try to make the content you post worthwhile for all of us.

    Codebytes Are Great For:

    ÙاÙÙ ÙراÙ?ت رØÙØ© اÙبطÙ
  • Students with varying access to technology. Participants can tune-in and interact whether they have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone!
  • Young students who may not be ready for fully self-led Hour of Code activities.
  • Older students who want to engage in a group lesson.
  • Parents and caretakers looking to supplement their childs learning at home.
  • Educators looking for a simple, pre-planned way to bring the Hour of Code to their virtual classrooms.
  • Stay in the know! Join our mailing list to receive updates and be the first to learn of new resources for at home learning.

    Follow us on or on .

    Lessons are created and led by our very own staff, many of whom were teachers themselves previously! This means you dont need any additional resources or lesson plans in order to organize a fun and educational Hour of Code event to your class even when they are participating from home. All you and your students have to do is tune-in!

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    How Do I Participate

    If you haven’t already, this year.

    After your Hour of Code, post and tag one of our celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, including their and the hashtag #HourOfCode.

    This challenge is open to classrooms, after-school clubs, and individual students, starting today until the end of the day Friday, December 15th.

    You can submit and post as many times as you like – but tag only one celebrity per post.

    The Hour Of Code With Codeorg

    Code org-Minecraft Hour of Code-Hero’s Journey-Walkthrough

    With literally hundreds of Hour of Code tutorials available for students in grades K-12, its somehow still no surprise that Minecraft is the most popular! Heros Journey is the third tutorial created by in partnership with Microsoft. Students are challenged to program the mysterious Agent who is their key to solving a set of increasingly challenging problems. It is the sequel to previous years Designer and Adventure tutorials. Each provides a unique take on potential overlaps between coding and Minecraft. All are worth playing!

    My sincere hope is that classes that try the Hour of Code will be motivated to go beyond that first hour. Whether you and your students are looking to expand to a whole day, a week, or a full course, Minecraft has you covered!

    Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

    Code Builder is also included with the purchase of Minecraft: Education Edition at no additional cost. Its a new tool that allows students and educators to connect a variety of coding platforms to the true 3D Minecraft experience. The platforms include, Scratch, Tynker, and Microsofts MakeCode. Each includes a variety of tools, templates, or lessons for getting started. Each one is also unique, so where should you begin?

    Start your journey into Code Builder right where you left off during the Hour of Code!



    Use a chat command to rain TNT from the sky!


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      Minecraft Is Back For The Hour Of Code With A Brand New Activity Journey Through Minecraft With Code

      Posted on 22nd Dec 2017. Follow and get the Phaser World newsletter.

      The Microsoft Education blog recently posted about their new Minecraft Hour of Code release:

      “As part of Microsofts continued commitment to empower students with these skills, weve partnered with for the past two years to offer educators and students a free Hour of Code tutorial using Minecraft. The results are far beyond anything we could have imagined.

      To date, nearly 70 million Minecraft Hour of Code sessions have introduced the basics of coding to people around the world, joining the global movement. Today, Im excited to announce that we have built a new Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial called Minecraft: Heros Journey.

      Available at today, Heros Journey introduces a fun character called the Agent and 12 new challenges that teach core coding concepts like loops, debugging, and functions. Its free and playable across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Upon completing the tutorial, students can import their code into Minecraft: Education Edition for the first time ever, bringing their work to life in the game, or share their work via email, text message or social media”

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