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How To Use Minecraft Screen Recorder Free Tool

How To Record Minecraft FOR FREE! With NO Lag! (Top 3 BEST Ways to Record Minecraft) *WORKS 2020*
  • After installation, launch OBS on your computer.
  • Tap on + under the Sources section and select Game Capture. Hit OK to continue.

  • In the Game Capture settings, select Capture any full-screen application and hit OK. If Minecraft is open, OBS will now begin to show you a preview of the game.

  • Hit Start Recording to begin recording Minecraft. Once done, hit Stop Recording to end and save the recording.
  • How To Use Hitpaws Screen Recorder For Minecraft

  • 2.Launch the software and select Record Game. If you want to record keystrokes, tap on the arrow and enable show keystrokes.

  • From the drop-down list, select Minecraft.

  • Hit the red Record button to begin recording. Once done, hit the same button again to end the recording. Select Open output folder to check out the recording.

  • Tweak The Game Capture Settings

    If you’re going to record gameplay, then you will most definitely need to record the game’s audio. To be sure it is enabled, go to the Audio tab in the Settings panel of the game recorder and check the Record audio option. If you’re going to comment on your gaming session, you will also need to enable the Record microphone option that is located right above it. Make sure that the proper audio devices are selected.

    Save the settings and click the Game capture button of the game screen recorder to open a panel with game capture settings. Choose whether or not you want to show FPS and the FPS level , and set the video quality and the output video codec.

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    Jing Short Video Capture Program On Windows And Mac

    Jing is developed by TechSmith, which can be used to record short videos and take screenshots. Well, you can get some editing tools to highlight, add shapes and other tools on your recording video.


    • Record desktop and take snapshot free.
    • Get some recording filters to highlight, add text and more.


    Bandicam Minecraft Screen Recorder For Windows/mac Users

    [No Lag] 9 Best Minecraft Recorder Software You Should Not ...


  • Record videos and audios on your Windows computer.
  • Capture activities on desktop with 3 different screen capturing modes.
  • Provide the DirectX and OpenGL graphics technology support.
  • It is hard to record game videos with high framerates.
  • Fail to record the entire screen in the game recording mode.
  • Not all features in Bandicam are free.
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    Top 4 Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

    The web-based Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is an ideal option for those who prefers not to download a new desktop app. Just open its official website and click on the Start Recording button and it will ask you to download a launcher.

    When it is done, you can begin to record anything on Screen. Just as other desktop app for screen recording, the versatile online screen recorder can record full screen, customize a recording area, capture your webcam and record both system sound and microphone sound. Compared with other programs, Apowersoft is noticeably lightweight and convenient to use.


    • You don’t need to download and install an extra program on computers.

    • It provides a cloud storage service. If your computer don’t have enough storage space, you can sign up for an account and seamlessly save the recording on its cloud service.

    • After recording, you can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and Dropbox or create a shareable link to your friends.


    Some functions are limited, for example:

    • It doesn’t allow task schedule recording.
    • It doesn’t support real-time editing on your recording.
    • It might happen to lost your recording if you heavily rely on its cloud service to store your recording.

    How To Record Minecraft On Windows 10/mac

    Many people love to play Minecraft and explore in the game, looking for resources and running from creepers. Sometimes, you may want to share your achievements and happiness in the game with your friends. If so, try the Minecraft screen recorders and make a video for YouTube or other social networks. Using the programs mentioned on this page, you can record Minecraft on PC and Mac with simple clicks. Follow those tutorials and start recording.

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    Main Features Of Minecraft Recorder For Windows And Mac

    • Record games and other on-screen videos for offline viewing or YouTube sharing.
    • Manage video, audio and screenshot settings before recording Minecraft game video.
    • Customized the recording area, system/microphone audio and other preferences freely.
    • Set hotkeys to record/capture or finish the Minecraft game recording project.

    Q: How To Only Record The Minecraft Window

    How to record Minecraft no lag / for free

    A: If you do not maximize the window and want the recorder to record the specific window of Minecraft gameplay, you can run the Aiseesoft Minecraft Recorder.

    Then select Video Recorder, click the Advanced Recorder button, and select Lock and Record window.

    From the pop-up window, click the dropdown menu from the bottom to select window to lock and click Record.

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    Minecraft Recorder Software To Record Games On Desktop

    Q: “What is the best screen recorder for Minecraft?” – Quora

    Minecraft is a sandbox video game about building everything from homes to castles. Interestingly, being provided mainly creative mode and survival mode, players are able to modify the game to create mechanics, assets, etc. in their own way. Most people consider it an engaging, educational, and creative game. Are you a Minecraft diehard? Given the idea that sharing the best moments of your gaming life with peers could be so exciting and inspiring, having a Minecraft recorder software becomes essential. In this article, we’ve picked up 8 amazing screen recorders in total for you to record Minecraft gameplay in the most efficient way. We are sure that one of them will meet your requirement perfectly.

    Change The Bandicam Settings

    • Reduce the Video Size from “Full Size” to “Half Size”
    • If you change the Size value in the options of the setting section under the video tab, this will lower the quality of the video but help prevent slowing down the computer.

    • Reduce the FPS from “30” to “15”
    • If you change the FPS value , this will record the video at 15 frames per second and help mitigate slowing down the computer.

    • Reduce the Video Quality from “80” to “50”
    • If you change the Quality value , this will lower the quality of the video but help prevent slowing down the computer.

    • Try the “Motion JPEG” and “PCM” codecs
    • If you change the Codec value , this will increase the size of the video but help prevent slowing down the computer.

    • Try the “H.264” and “PCM” codecs
    • If your computer supports the H.264 encoder, you may try the “H.264” and “PCM” codecs. It will enhance the recording ability of Bandicam by using the GPU. For more information about this, visit

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    Best Minecraft Screen Recorder You Should Know

    Max Wales

    Millions of players are currently connected to Minecraft gaming platform. No matter whether you are a professional gamer or are just entering inside the gaming world, we all love to record and share interesting game moments on the internet. But in order to ensure great content quality during the recording process, one needs to choose a high-performance recording tool that never causes losses for video quality. If you are also searching for such recording tools then the article below is really useful for you. Here we have provided reviews for top Minecraft screen recorder software programs that work on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Window platform.

    Ios Screen Recording Record Minecraft Video On Ios 11 Directly

    [No Lag] 9 Best Minecraft Recorder Software You Should Not ...

    For iOS users, there is no need to install additional Minecraft recorder app. Because you can record game video with the built-in iOS screen recording feature directly. Just make sure you are running iOS 11 or higher versions.


    • Record Minecraft game on iPhone, iPad screen without third party application.
    • Take a screenshot during Minecraft screen recording on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


    • There are not much editing tools.

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    How To Record Minecraft Through Obs

    Another frequently used way to record Minecraft is using Open Broadcaster Software. It is a live streaming tool with the screen capture function to record Minecraft videos. It’s a rather complex tool with more powerful features besides recording videos. However, it will occupy more CPU, which will record Minecraft with more lag even if you reduce the frame rate. If you accept the high lag, read the following steps:

    Note: Please download Visual C++ 2019 Redistributables in advance to install OBS.

    Step 1Launch OBS on your computer. Firstly you should add Minecraft to OBS. Click the Scene menu and choose the Add Scene button.

    Step 2Then you can select applications on your computer as the scene. Click the downward arrow in the Application option and choose the Minecraft application. Click the OK button to save the settings.

    Step 3Back to the main interface, you can click the Settings button to change the recording parameters.

    Encoding: To make the recordings smaller, you should choose the x264 Encoder. As for the audio settings, just keep it as it is.

    Broadcasting Settings: If you only want to capture Minecraft videos without live broadcasting, you should choose the File Output Only option. Then you can select the File Path to save the recordings.

    Video: The resolution of videos is decided by the application you want to record, so you can’t change it. About the FPS, although the original lag is high, you can lower it to 24 fps to minimize the lag.

    Az Screen Recorder Free Minecraft Recorder App For Android

    You can use AZ Screen Recorder to record Minecraft video with no ads or watermark. Yes. The Minecraft screen recorder apk allows users to record game video for free on Android.


    • Free record Minecraft game video on Android without root.
    • Capture Minecraft gameplay video with HD and full HD resolution.


    • Sometimes AZ Screen Recorder crashes without knowing why.

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    How To Record A Minecraft Video With No Lag On Pc

    The easiest way of recording Minecraft is no doubt recording it with EaseUS RecExperts for Windows. This wonderful Minecraft recording software can capture almost everything on your screen, including video, audio, and webcam. By the simplicity of operation, all you need to do when recording a game is launching it and enjoying it.

    You can also use it to record the full or a part of the computer screen. This software will clearly record every detail on your screen whether you play the game in full-screen mode or window mode. And you can select a suitable frame rate that is compatible with the preference of your computer. In this way, you don’t need to worry that the recording process will slow down your device.

    The built-in video trimmer helps you edit the recordings and remove some unnecessary parts. You are also able to add opening titles and closing credits to the recorded videos if you need them.

    How to Record on Minecraft with Windows PC:

    Step 1. Launch the game you’re about to record and then open up EaseUS RecExperts. There are four optional modes on the main interface. Choose the “Full Screen” to continue.

    Step 2. If you want to adjust the settings according to your needs, on the right side. You can customize the output folder, output format, and quality of the recordings. Moreover, don’t forget to select a suitable frame rate as it will ensure you record the game without lag.

    Why Is It The Minecraft Recorder For Free You Should Not Miss

    Record Minecraft On LOW END PC (NO LAG, NO OBS)
  • It offers a professional user interface that helps to develop an effective work environment.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • The Picture in Picture feature allows users to record screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Each feature is highly customizable ensuring the accurate settings for you.
  • Supports video streaming to various streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube Live, etc.
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    Install The Screen Grabber Premium

    First and foremost, click the “Download” button provided above that suits your operating system. Open the screen recorder no lag that you’ve downloaded and follow its guide to install it on your computer. Once done, launch Screen Grabber Premium and go to the “Video Recording” feature to see its interface.

    Best Minecraft Screen Recorders To Capture Your Gameplay

    By Fernando Raymond | January 13, 2021

    Are you searching for best Minecraft recorder to use to screenshot your gameplay? If your answer is yes, then read on, as youll find best screen recorder for Minecraft, as you read along!

    This is important and more and more people who read who guide on how to play Minecraft with friends on PC asking us since we launched the SeekaHost game servers site to give people to play Minecraft online free.

    Minecrafts unique game style is one of the most defining features of the game, and it gives gamers the freedom to create anything they want, which is the main attraction of the game.

    And if you want to share your gameplay with friends or anyone else, youd have to record the Minecraft videos and upload to the Internet. But, it isnt easy to get a satisfying Minecraft screen recorder, with a plethora of recorders available online.

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    The recording of your gameplay footage and sharing it seems a much better option for lots of people. While streaming is another way to go about it, but it takes a toll on your internet subscription as it depends heavily on bandwidth.

    So, if youre looking for the best game recording software for Windows, Mac or Linux for recording your gameplay, weve compiled the list of the best game recording software you can use on desktops.

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    Why Do You Need A Minecraft Screen Recorder

    There is no shortage of individuals who play the game Minecraft. It doesnt matter if you are a professional gamer or a novice recording your gameplay would be very interesting. In general, we all love to keep some sort of record of our achievement. If you can record your gameplay on Minecraft, you can share them with friends as well. However, the main problem for many users is that they cannot differentiate the best option out of the rest. This is specifically because of the large number of options available in the market.

    The Minecraft screen recorder you choose must be able to record videos of high quality. Also, the respective tool must be convenient enough, even for a novice to use it easier. Well, having understood all those challenges, we have composed this article emphasizing the best screen recorders for Minecraft. So, continue reading and pick the best screen recorder.

    PS: if you are looking for the top best 4 player switch games or the most popular Nintendo Switch games for girls, just click to have a try.

    How To Record Minecraft Gameplay Without Lag

    Best Ways to Record Minecraft on PC for Free with No Lag

    If you’re surprised to find out that your output is laggy, you could have saved your recording to the wrong format for your devices. MP4 is the universal video format that’s compatible with almost all devices you use. You may also consider changing your previously chosen resolution to play well on your mobile phones, PC, or laptops.

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    Top 4 Best Minecraft Game Recorders For Windows

    Minecraft is one of the most successful Microsofts games with millions of users playing every day. The chance to record your Minecraft and share it to YouTube/Facebook to earn money make it more and more popular nowadays. In todays article, I will share with you top 4 best Minecraft game recorders for Windows you should try. These programs are lightweight, no lag and tested carefully by our experts to guarantee that they work properly.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    How To Record Minecraft With Wondershare Democreator

    In order to record Minecraft using DemoCreator, follow the below steps:

    Step 1: Launch the software and select the Quick Capture option from the welcome screen.

    Step 2: Now start your gameplay. Click on the big red button again to end the recording session.

    Step 3: After the recording is done, the video will be opened automatically in the software’s video editor.

    Step 4: Exporting videos from the software requires you to choose the destination folder on your PC where the recording will be saved.

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    How To Record Screen No Lag

    Here, we will take Aiseesoft Screen Recorder as an example to show you how to record computer screen without lag in details.

    Step 1 Run Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

    Free download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. It also supports the Mac version, and download it based on your computer.

    Initiate the window, and select Video Recorder.

    Step 2 Make recording settings

    Select recording mode: Click Full or Custom to select the recording region on your computer. If you want to record the gameplay window, and exclude other windows, just select Advanced Recorder to lock or exclude the window.

    Select recording audio: Here, you can toggle both Microphone and System sound to record the computer audio and your narration. Alternatively, just toggling one of them is OK.

    Output settings: Click the settings icon above the microphone image, where you need to go to the Output tab, where you can adjust the video recording quality , adjust the frame rate, video codec, video/audio format and audio quality.

    Step 3 Record no-lagging video

    After all the settings are made well, just click REC button to start capturing the screen. While recording, the editing icon will let you annotate your video recording in real-time.

    Do you have any screen recorder no lag suggestion?

    Do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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