Best Gaming Pc For Minecraft

Comparing Official Cpus To Newer Gen Models

What’s the Best Gaming PC for Minecraft?

The following are the benchmark scores of the recommended CPUs. They show how the newer CPUs fare against the official recommended CPUs.

Image: Cinebench R20 Single Core Benchmark Scores. Source:

Image: Cinebench R20 Multi Core Benchmark Scores. Source:

Comparing the official recommended CPUs with the current gen CPUs, you can see that there is a drastic difference in performance. In fact, even the cheapest AMD Athlon 3000G CPU seems feasible here.

This goes in line with the fact that Minecraft does not require a top of the line hardware.

However, again, depending upon your crafting complexities and your graphics settings you may require a better processor.

Buyers Guide For Best Gaming Desktop For Minecraft

The beauty of this game always attracts gamers towards it and it doesnt need a lot of powerful hardware in their PC.

To run it, in a computer, a 2 GB RAM, Intel i3 processor with a minimum 2.6 GHz clock speed, Intel HD graphics, Nvidia GeForce 400 and 1 GB free space in the storage is required.

These are the official minimum system requirements of this game, but to cope with the other applications of this generation it is good to go with slightly advanced desktops.

The above-mentioned specifications can suffice if one plays this game in a casual mode.

The online steamers and the professional gamers who participated in various online leagues need an advanced device.

After deep research with great care, we have enlisted the above-mentioned products for playing Minecraft and to get the best possible satisfying outcome.

To help the casual gamers to choose the best possible desktop for them to play it, we are attaching here a buyers guide.

In it, we will discuss all the important aspects that need to be considered while selecting a desktop to play it.

Besides a powerful and efficient gaming desktop, a creative mind is also needed to play Minecraft.


The processor is the foremost important thing in any system. But to run Minecraft, very basic processors like Intel Pentium or i3 are sufficient.

Just for running this game one doesnt need to invest huge money but to perform various multitasking tasks, these processors are not recommended.

Graphical ability

So Which Gaming Desktop Should I Buy

Below are the best gaming desktops we’ve tested of late. Many are configured-to-order PCs from boutique manufacturers, but some come from bigger brands normally associated with consumer-grade desktops. Note that many of the same manufacturers also make gaming laptops, if you’re weighing between the two.

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Does Minecraft Benefit From A Higher Core Count

While you will often hear that Minecraft utilizes no more than 2 cores at a time. In reality, Minecraft JAVA Edition can distribute the workload for certain tasks IF you have mods like Sodium or Optifine installed.

Image: Map Loading Time with 1, 2, 4, 6,8 and 12 Cores. Source: Seaiter YT Channel

The image above shows the example of a task that directly benefits from a higher core count. The Map Loading task shows the 12 Core processor clearly winning the race with 71% of the Minecraft world loaded while a Single Core processor still hasnt even started loading the map yet at 0%.

This is just one example of a task that requires a high core count. The actual in game graphics generation and settings such as the Biome Blend and Render Distance are hugely impacted by the cores you have.

The following video, albeit in French, shows how having more cores affect the in-game performance. In short, the more cores you have, the quicker the high quality and complex assets can be loaded.

Q: What Are Most Important Features I Should Look For In My Gaming Pc

Ultimate Gaming PC for Minecraft (with Mods)

One of the most important features is your graphics card. Whatever you see displayed on your monitor comes directly from your graphics card, which means that it enhances your video and graphics performance. It processes and renders images that are received from your central processing unit and displays it on your screen.

Your CPU is another important feature, as it handles a lot of the gameplay while you run a game, such as taking instructions from your keyboard input, loading backgrounds, and processing other events that occur within the game. These will help to make sure your games run smoothly and appear high quality.

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Budget Option: Ibuypower Trace Mr

This affordable PC has gaming style with RGB lighting and clear panels, plus it comes with a keyboard and mouse. The 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10400F CPU, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard-disk drive , 240GB solid-state drive , and NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB of VRAM have the power to get either version of Minecraft going at smooth frame rates.

Fusion Recoil Gaming Pc

The computer is operated with all the components of the newest generation, such as a processor of twelve threaded Ryzen 5 3600, fast DDR4 memory with 16GB, and AMDs 6-core.

The graphic card model NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 1650 is another fantastic piece contributing to the perfect picture of the PC.

With the huge combined 1.5GB of storage, it allows you to download all accessories, such as mods, texture packs, shaders, skins, or even any records of gameplay. Therefore, you can create your game world by owning numerous storehouses inside the Fusion Recoil Gaming PC.

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Recommended By Our Editors

The Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Minecraft Edition is available in three sizes: Small, Regular, and XL. Pricing for the Small and Regular versions starts at $499 the XL version starts at $549. Secretlab expects to start shipping the chair to pre-order customers on Dec. 15.

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Top 6 Laptops For Minecraft

Best Gaming PC for Minecraft?
  • HP Pavilion -Affordable
  • Laptops for $500-$1000 with a good GPU will be perfectly suitable for this game. I have created a list of the 5 best laptops for playing Minecraft that can also run such games as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota 2 and The Sims 4. I tested many models to find the top ones so that you wont have to spend much time and effort on your search.

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    What Is The Purpose Of A Minecraft Player

    The basic purpose of a Minecraft player is to explore a procedural-generated infinite map. Your aim is to discover raw materials, extract them, build tools out of them and then eventually build very large and majestic structures.

    Some Minecraft player actually made an actual replica of Minas Tirith in Minecraft. There is a huge repository of player-generated structures such as this.

    There are two popular modes in the game:

  • Survival Mode
  • Creative Mode
  • Ibuypower Pro I7 Gaming Pc Best Build For A Gaming Pc For Minecraft

    Made in the USA, the iBUYPOWER Pro i7 gaming PC delivers when it comes to build quality and technical support. The well build model features RGB illumination, which work to enhance any custom set up for a gaming station.

    This unit is VR ready and supports a large number of games, including heavy duty titles, thanks to the powerful i7 processor and GeForce 2070 GPU. It also offers 1TB + 248 GB in storage, as well as 8 GB RAM. This powerful PC will perform very well consistently, which makes it a great choice for your hub. The model also supports future upgrades, which will allow you to keep up with the latest components for consistently stunning output.


    • Powerful output thanks to i7 CPU and RTX 2070 GPU
    • VR ready gaming unit is very versatile
    • RGB lighting and great build for a custom themed finish



    The iBuyPower Pro i7 gaming PC is a great mid-range option for Minecraft gamers. This model will live up to your performance expectation for the game, while also being versatile and powerful enough for other titles. We also like that it is spacious and upgradeable, allowing for a customized gaming station.

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    Prep For 4k Gaming And Vr Or Keep It Real

    Equipping your system with any high-end GPU will boost your total PC bill by a few hundred dollars per card. Beyond adding extra power to your gaming experience, multiple graphics cards can also enable multiple-monitor setups so you can run up to six displays, but some single cards can power up to four, and few gamers go beyond three .

    A better reason to opt for high-end graphics in the long run is to power 4K and virtual reality gaming. Monitors with 4K resolution and the displays built into the latest VR headsets have much higher pixel counts than a “simple” 1080p HD monitor. You’ll need at least a single high-end graphics card to drive a 4K display at top quality settings, with similar requirements for smooth gameplay on VR headsets. If you mean to play games on a 4K panel with detail settings cranked up, you’ll want to look at one of Nvidia’s highest-end cards suited for 4K play, with the RTX 3080 easily the single best pick.

    Buying a graphics card for VR is a different set of considerations, and not quite as demanding as 4K play on recent AAA games. VR headsets have their own graphics requirements. But for the two big ones from HTC and Oculus, you’ll want at least a GeForce GTX 1060 or an AMD Radeon RX 480 or Radeon RX 580. Those are older-generation cards, of course check for specific support for a given Nvidia GeForce Turing/Ampere or AMD Radeon Navi card if that is what you will be getting. Generally a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or a Radeon 5600 XT/6700 should suffice.

    Best For Esports And Streamers

    cheap gaming pc that can run minecraft


    • Classy outer chassis design with customizable lighting
    • Scads of configuration options
    • Integrated Wi-Fi 6, with no external antenna
    • Built-in overclocking with Intel K-series CPU


    • Fan noise with CPU-intensive tasks
    • Side-panel window exposes too much unpolished cabling
    • No power-supply shroud

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    Best Pc For Minecraft In 2021

    Its crucial to have a good gaming PC if you want to play Minecraft well and comfortably.This is because Minecraft, like most other games nowadays, requires a lot of computing power to be able to play smoothly and without choppiness.If your game isnt running smoothly, then youre simply going to have trouble enjoying and performing well in Minecraft. To avoid this problem, youll need a high-performance gaming PC.Our team of expert gamers and tech-enthusiasts have already done the hard research for you by finding the best PCs for Minecraft. Were going to give you the top 5 computer picks for playing Minecraft in this guide, so lets get started.

    Here are the best PCs for playing Minecraft:

    Alienware Aurora R9 Standard Configuration

    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER


    • Having a very unique and compact design, this device can easily be fitted at any corner of a desk.
    • Being equipped with a powerful processing unit, the desktop can easily handle any uneasy situation.
    • The PC has great graphical capabilities.


    • Alienware needs to upgrade its cooling system.
    • In terms of connectivity, this PC is very poor it doesnt have any inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • This desktop is quite expensive.

    Nowadays Alienware is a very common name among various gaming desktop manufacturers.

    Its products are very highly configured so they come with high price tags.

    This gaming PC is a perfect option to create a perfect gaming environment in this generation.

    It is quite powerful and can run most of the updated games out in the market.

    The graphical performance of this Alienware Aurora R9 gaming desktop is very satisfying.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER is used in this device as its GPU.

    This 8 GB GDDR6 graphics card is quite efficient at its work and always ensures HD visuals.

    Besides this unique, powerful GPU, this PC is also equipped with the Intel Core i7 9700K processor.

    This octa-core processor has 12MB cache memory, which helps it to process various files faster.

    This processing unit has the capability to run most of the classified, updated software or games without lagging.

    The average clocking frequency of this 9th generation processor is 3.0 GHz.

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    Budget Option: Hp Laptop 15t

    If you’re on a tight budget or want to get a laptop on which the kids can play Minecraft, HP’s Laptop 15t doesn’t get much better for the price. It has up to a 15.6-inch FHD display, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD, and an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU with powerful integrated Iris Xe graphics. Ports are varied for connecting accessories, and they can be had in four different colors.

      Corsair One I160 Overall Best

      The PERFECT Minecraft Gaming PC

      Nowadays Corsair is a very popular desktop manufacturer it offers computers of various ranges.

      The most unique feature of these computers is their compact design. Its products are very stylish in terms of appearance.

      This CORSAIR ONE i160 is equipped with plenty of unique features and updated configurations.

      Intel Core i9 9900K processor is used in this product. The average clock speed of this processor is 3.0 GHz that is perfect to flawlessly run Minecraft.

      This 8 core processor always tries its best to offer the best possible satisfying outcome.

      This processor runs at a very high clock speed and generates a lot of heat to tackle it out this PC uses its advanced cooling system.

      It neutralizes the generated heat and helps the product to offer stable and speedy performance.

      Having such an advanced cooling system the PC can run almost silently for a long time.

      32 GB RAM is used in this product and it helps the PC to open various applications in a fraction of a second.

      This DDR4 RAM is located upon a Mini ITX motherboard. The casing that is used in this device comes with RGB lightings and these lightings can easily be customizable.

      This advanced system comes with advanced hybrid storage configurations. Both the SSD and HDD seem to be very helpful to every user.

      An SSD drive of 480 GB is used in this device and to store various large data the users can use the 2 TB HDD of the PC.

      Windows 10 home is the operating system that is used in it. Check out Corsair One i160 Review.

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      The Perfect Minecraft Gaming Pc

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      Good Price Good Performance: Acer Swift 3

      This affordable laptop is powered by AMD’s 4000-series Ryzen mobile CPUs, bringing excellent performance at a great price. This model includes an 8-core Ryzen 7 4700U, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The FHD display is sized at 14 inches for a nice mix of size and portability, and there’s a decent port selection for connected external gaming accessories. For playing Minecraft and handling productivity work, the Acer Swift 3 is a great choice.

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      Omen Hp Gaming Pc Most Powerful Gaming Pc For Minecraft

      The Omen HP gaming PC packs a big enough punch to handle the most notoriously demanding games on the market today. This model features an Intel Core i7 processor as well as a leading GPU in the NVIDIA GTX 2080 ti. The model will not experience any lags when running Minecraft, allowing you to enjoy your gaming for hours on end.

      This powerful gaming unit is dedicatedfor gaming, and will feature faster operations. It comes with Windows 10 Homepreinstalled, allowing you to set it up quickly out of the box. While the OmenHP gaming PC is considerably high end in its pricing, it will live up to theexpectations of many gamers for Minecraft and other more intensive titles.


      • Powerful CPU and GPU ensure a great gaming experience
      • Impressive RAM and storage capacity for versatile PC use
      • Elegant design and build


      The Omen HP gaming PC is limited tohigh end budgets only because it delivers a high end output. The gaming PCfeatures the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 ti GPU and an i7 processor, both of whichare some of the leading gaming components on the market. This PC will deliverexactly to your expectations for Minecraft, while making light work of heavyduty titles.

      Best Mouse For Minecraft Wrap Up

      Best Game for low end PC (MINECRAFT)

      Our collection of testimonials does not necessarily take Minecraft as a key demand. Given that Minecraft needs little to no additional functions aside from convenience you can select any of the designs we assess.

      An excellent video gaming mouse for Minecraft only requires to fit your hand well, have a little weight for stability, and also feel all-natural to use. All that expensive stuff available on an expensive video gaming mouse is just excessive for a video game like Minecraft.

      Not that they do not aid, however, the extent to which your gaming experience adjustments with a pricey video gaming computer mouse is marginal at best.

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      How To Install Minecraft Maps

      Luckily, installing custom maps for Minecraft has only gotten easier over time thanks to the dedicated Minecraft Launcher for the Java edition of the game. Navigate to the “Installations” tab and hover over any of the available game builds. Click the folder icon to open your Minecraft game directory and find the “saves” folder.

      You should have downloaded a .zip folder for the map you’re planning to play. Unzip that folder and add it to your Minecraft “saves” folder. You should now see the custom map in your singleplayer world options when you launch the game.

      Pay attention to which version of Minecraft each map is meant to be used on as some may not function properly on newer or older versions of the game than they were built in. We’ve listed recommended versions for each of the custom maps in our list below.

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