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How Much Does Minecraft Hosting Cost

ð¥ 5 Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting – Fast, Reliable and Affordable ð?ð?»

The price of hosting a Minecraft server is calculated based on the amount of RAM allocated to the customer. Some providers will restrict performance and charge more for additional slots, storage or help. Make sure to calculate the entire cost of the service to determine which is the best value and includes everything that you need to get started and continue growing.

What Hosting Services Should You Look For

Services and network features are the most important thing to consider when picking a host. Maybe even more so than hardware!

Minecraft servers are generally very competitive, so if your server is big enough, try looking for a host or hosting package with decent DDoS protection included as standard. Subdomains are generally provided for free, but some hosts take it one step further and provide a free dedicated IP on their more premium hosting tiers. This will allow you to get rid of the server port when giving other players your servers IP .

Its worth looking for hosts where a test server IP is being provided. That way youll be able to test for a lag-free connection and adequate bandwidth yourself.

Services are, in our opinion, what separates a good host from a great host. 24/7 and Config Support can be priceless when your very important server just starts crashing for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. Additionally, an Uptime SLA can guarantee your server will almost always be available!

Cheap Minecraft Server Hosts

Minecraft does not require high performance from the server. As we mentioned above, there are minimal server hosting requirements. The simplest plan will be enough if you are going to use the server to play with your friends. Dont overpay for a large amount of memory and the number of slots if you dont need it for an interesting game.

To choose the cheapest option, you just need to make sure that the provider is reliable and that his plan covers the recommended Minecraft requirements. The less you expect from the game, the cheap Minecraft server hosting plan you can choose without losing the fun of the gaming experience.

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What Is A Minecraft Modpack

A Minecraft modpack is simply a collection of modifications to Minecraft in one installation file, or pack. A modpack changes, or modifies, the way standard Minecraft gameplay is run.

Included in a modpack are the config files that enable the mods to run without issue. The modpack creators, or developers, typically resolve all ID conflicts for blocks and items, and eliminate duplicate worldgen items. Each modpack is styled differently, bringing new rules, designs and adventures to Minecraft. Some of the most popular modpacks include SkyFactory and Stoneblock by CurseForge. See the current CurseForge modpack list sorted by popularity here.

Ddos Security And Firewall

Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting 1gb

Paid Servers are highly secured as the technical teams are monitoring them 24×7. Free servers are prone to various attacks like DDOs and Bruteforce.

You can restrict the malicious activity on the server. Spammers can be removed and hence making your Minecraft server a safe place to play is in your hands.

One more benefit is better Uptime. If a good web host is used to create a Minecraft Server, you will get around 99.9% uptime, isnt it a great deal?

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What Is A Minecraft Server And What Is Minecraft Hosting

Definition: Minecraft server is a private network that any player can make to experience a multiplayer game, with other people allowed to join and play together.

A server can have a username and IP restrictions to control the players who can access it, as well as setting and commands including, but not limited to, limiting the number of players, rule setting, enabling PvP, etc.

9+ years old, and with over 126 million active players, it seems like theres no end to Minecrafts popularity growth.

In other words, Minecraft is one of the most popular and beloved games of all time, and of any genre.

You can play Minecraft in several ways with your friends, but the best way to play is on a Minecraft server thats hosted online.

Good news! Youre in the right place as my article curates the best Minecraft server hosting thats also affordable and comes with a free trial .

But first

What To Look Out For In Minecraft Hosting Providers

If youve made it this far into the article, you should already have a pretty good idea of what to keep an eye out for when choosing a Minecraft hosting provider. But if you skipped over certain parts or simply want a quick summary, dont worry because weve got you covered. Here are the most important things you need:

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Shockbyte Best For Instant Setup

Pricing: Starts from $2.50 per month

The first on the list is Shockbyte, a Minecraft hosting service provider that has been providing exceptional service to gaming enthusiasts since 2013. Shockbyte is known for being inexpensive and for making the process of running game servers simple for anyone looking for an action-packed experience or to improve their gaming abilities. The developer of this amazing Minecraft server hosting platform ensured their platform is super easy to use and provides a broad range of features to make you enjoy a transformed gaming experience from the former.

Shockbyte is user and novice-friendly, with a variety of packages to choose from to ensure you get the best deal. This platform is undoubtedly one of the best affordable Minecraft server hosting services available for anyone wishing to hire servers to host their Minecraft games on the internet.

Key features

  • It supports both MCPC and MCPE.
  • Ninety-nine percent uptime
  • Backup software that runs on its own
  • It offers DDoS protection, round-the-clock service, and free subdomains.

Reasons to buy

  • They have a refund policy that lasts for 24 hours.
  • They offer great customer support and are available 24/7.
  • They give advance notice in times of glitches to be expected.

Reasons to avoid

  • There is no Network Service Level Agreement in place.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting For Everyone

5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting: Top & Cheapest Options â

Durga Prasad Acharya Hosting

Minecraft Hosting

The craze for video games never seems to cease.

Especially when a deadly virus is on the loose, and we are forced to remain in our houses. A wonderful way to enjoy your time while not working can be playing video games. With a sea of video games available, Minecraft differentiates itself from the rest due to the interactive offerings that keep people hooked on it.

You could say, Minecraft is like Super Mario of this generation.

Lets put a light on this interesting and popular game.

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How To Choose The Best Minecraft Host

After youve narrowed down your selection of hosts to 3 or 4, based on all of the above criteria, its always best you look at previous user reviews before making a choice.

If those indicate a positive overall vibe towards the host, you can safely assume theres not much that can go wrong by going with them. If, on the other hand, theres lots of dissatisfied server owners complaining, you can rest assured theres no reason why your experience would be any different. Find out the reason why users were or werent satisfied with each provider and make a decision as to whether thats a dealbreaker for you or not.

Lastly, we suggest you gravitate towards Verified hosts when possible. We implemented this verification system to highlight hosts that are legitimate companies of good standing within the Minecraft community. That doesnt exclude the possibility of you having a bad experience with them. Nor does it mean an unverified host will be any less good. It is, however, something you should most definitely keep in mind when making your choice from our list.

Can I Use Cheap Minecraft Hosting

There is a tonne of smaller, more affordable Minecraft providers out there, some of them I covered above. Some services are even free, so why would you pay for premium service if free ones are available?

Why Paying For Hosting Matters!The simple answer is that these free services are not feature-rich and are very limited, especially as you grow. Without a premium service, youll be limited on bandwidth, RAM, and power and wont have features like DDoS protection or a dedicated IP address.

You may also not be able to add your plugin of choice, run modded applications, or get a high level of customer support should you have any questions or experience any problems. Lets say your hosting crashes, and you cant get it back up yourself you need a team on hand to get things sorted quickly. Otherwise, your players are going to leave, especially if it keeps happening.

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How Much Does It Cost To Host A Modded Minecraft Server

Hosting a modded Minecraft server requires enough RAM to run the mods. When youre looking into server hosting sites, if they dont have separate pricing options for modded servers, youll have to know precisely how many mods you have so that you can calculate the amount of RAM.

BisectHostings website has added banners to let you know which of their server plans are best for non-modded Minecraft servers.

Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirement

Best Minecraft Server Hosting in the UK: Top 6 Cheap Minecraft Server ...

Many games require good server hardware because they have high demands for correct operation. As for Minecraft, we can say that here you are lucky. The game has low requirements, allowing you to buy the cheapest hosting and ensure that its performance is enough for a good game. It is great because you can save money, and it will be easier for you to select the right option since you dont have to deal with a huge number of settings.

Nevertheless, we are still reviewing the minimum and recommended Minecraft hosting requirements. You should be guided by these values when choosing a provider or organizing your server.

If you are serious about Minecraft and want to have more fun playing the game, then you should look for cheap Minecraft hosting settings for 50 clients or more. If you want to host many players on your server, you need to buy an advanced plan. With the features of advanced plans, you will be able to meet more needs. The more clients you want to host, the higher the requirements for the hosting provider will be, the higher the price of such an option will be.

Minimum Requirement
2 CPU Core

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Storage Type And Space

While Minecraft isn’t a particularly storage-intensive game, getting an SSD will help speed up the performance if you’re running a Minecraft server. However, be aware of the potential differences in this area.

Some web hosts can have SSD-based server applications when storing your data on traditional hard drives. This is distinct from providing a complete SSD solution in which all data is stored on the SSD. Shockbyte, GG Servers, and Host Havoc offer the best SSD solutions in their plans.

Avoid Overly Cheap Minecraft Hosting Plans

There are many hosting companies out there that offer rates lower than the ones recommended here. However, I urge you to exercise caution when considering taking up these plans. Many of these plans will often offer sub-par services and may cut corners in areas ultimately affecting your gaming experience

Hostinger is our top pick as Minecraft hosting provider for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is extremely rare to find a host that offers plans specially built to cater for Minecraft hosting.

Their Minecraft hosting plans are built on VPS servers, meaning you will get the dedicated resources needed to host Minecraft. Their plan structure is also built around the concept, offering a minimum of 2GB memory, near instant Minecraft server setup, and technical support that can help if you get stuck.

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Nodecraft Best For Unlimited Slots For Players

Pricing: Starts from $9.99

Nodecraft web hosting is a gaming cloud platform for Minecraft Server Hosting that provides high-performance hardware. This is one of the most affordable Minecraft server hosting options available, which offers many amazing features that allow you to install modpacks and plugins, host a Minecraft customized server, and change configurations. Unlike other services, Nodecraft offers a prepared subscription service that helps you set up the game server. One of the best features of Nodecraft is the ability to switch between 28 different game servers at any time. Nodecraft is unquestionably a dedicated gaming server that provides its users with the best experience.

Key features

  • It has a user-friendly and mobile-friendly control panel.
  • It protects low-latency servers from DDoS attacks.
  • High performance with powerful hardware
  • Nodecraft allows you to switch between 28 different gaming servers at any time

Reasons to buy

  • Server lagging due to needing more RAM

Improvement In Technical Knowledge

ð 3 Cheapest Minecraft Hosting Servers: Premium Minecraft Servers for Under $5 ð

Minecraft is enjoyed mostly by Kids. When they run a server, they learn Linux, managing technical stuff, adding removing mods, players, and various other admin-related tasks. This all helps them in getting well versed with technology.

For Parents, it is also easier to check and control the activities and put restrictions wherever it is needed.

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: Ranked

  • Hostinger best modded Minecraft server hosting
  • Liquid Web best enterprise-grade hosting for Minecraft
  • ScalaHosting affordable managed VPS for Minecraft
  • HostGator reliable Minecraft hosting with generous resources
  • DreamHost beginner-friendly scalable hosting for Minecraft
  • I picked the most reliable hosting providers overall. If you’d like to know the specifics when it comes to choosing one jump to the end of this article.

    Top 10 Free Minecraft Server Hosting

    Before you go for Free, We would like to ask, are you looking at an ultimate gaming experience? Performance is not free, Yes, its cheap now. Get the deal below.

    Go for Shockbyte and choose a monthly plan, try for one month, experience the ultimate speed, and real fun, Grab the deal, and click above.

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    Minecraft On Game Consoles

    Microsoft are currently putting the work into making the Minecraft hosting cross platform. As of now you are unable to make a mobile Minecraft server work with PC versions. The main issue is because of the mobile versions broken down and simplistic nature. The mobile version of the game has cut out many of the device resource hogging elements. You dont have access to mods and advanced resources in the mobile version.

    Once this is available their may be a new jump in the player count. People who play the game casually on the sofa with a PlayStation 4 for example can then play with hardcore PC gamers. All of this will be possible on the same server with the same mods and resources

    What Is The Best Free Minecraft Server Host

    glossdesignstudio: Best Minecraft Server Hosting Europe

    If youre new to hosting or planning to host only a few friends for Minecraft, a free Minecraft server might be a better option for you. Free Minecraft server hosts offer minimal resources. Your RAM will be low, plugins and mods will be restricted or not allowed, and customer service will much slower because there wont be as many people available to handle issues.

    Aternos is probably the best free Minecraft server host. It exists solely to provide free server hosting to Minecraft players. There are slots for eight to 20 players, its fully customizable, and, most importantly, it has DDoS protection. Other features include automatic backups, mod pack and plugin compatibility, and customer service support that responds within 24 hours.

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    Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

    No time to read the list? No problem.

    Heres a brief summary of our top 10 ranked Minecraft Server Hosting websites for your next piece.

  • Bisect Hosting Most customizable pricing plan
  • McPro Hosting Most data centers for lag-free gaming
  • Hostinger Best server for Bedwars and Hunger Games
  • Vultr The best plan has the best performance above competitors
  • Weve come up with the list above based on a variety of specifications. These include the server uptime, server location numbers, user limit, security, performance, and latency.

    Moreover, much of the list also has its own server-specific features that differentiate them from the others. Not all of them are the same, so its important you know what youre buying to avoid regretting your purchase.

    If youre new to Minecraft hosting, dont worry. Our list above is considerate of all kinds of Minecraft players and server needs, no matter whether youre getting a server up for just friends or a larger community.

    GG Servers is a favorite for many Minecraft players, and its clear to see why.

    With 2639 4.5-star reviews based on Trustpilot, theres certainly a ton of appeal that this modded Minecraft hosting provider has in its arsenal.

    For one, GG Servers supports both Bedrock and Java editionsgiving you the relief of being able to host across different game versions. Youll also get full FTP and MySQL database access, opening the door for you to configure and modify your server however you wish.

    What Hardware Does A Minecraft Server Need

    This will generally depend on what server software youre using, how many players are online at any given time, your draw distance and what sort of plugins or mods youre using.

  • As far as RAM goes, we recommend you add 0.5GB of RAM per 10 online players, 0.5GB of RAM per 10 plugins and 1GB of RAM per 2GB of world file size. If youre running a modded server, we suggest adding at least another 2 to 3GB of RAM, as those are usually much more resource intensive.
  • When it comes to choosing CPUs, most hosts will usually balance their nodes so as to not experience any CPU bottlenecks. That being said, its always best to look for newer, more powerful hardware. Try finding a host with public node stats, that way you can make sure they dont oversell any of their servers and that youll be receiving every bit of the hardware youre paying for.
  • Storage will really depend on the size of your worlds and other user or plugin data. You should allow for a good bit of room for future expansion and multiple regular backups. Look out for SSD drives, preferably NVMe, as those will be much faster in reading and writing your world files.
  • Dont forget to check out the official Minecraft Server Requirements for more on the matter!

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