Best Budget Gaming Laptop For Minecraft

Should You Build A Gaming Pc Or Get A Console

BEST Gaming Laptop 2015 – for Minecraft ( $500 – $1,000 )

No just no. Do not get a console. Are you kidding me? Im offended!

Joking aside, there are two sides to this question as well. Yes, I am a diehard PC fan. But one of my favorite video games happens to be Madden. And, up until Madden 2019, Madden wasnt available on PC. So, if I wanted to play Madden in the past, I also had to have an XBox One.

Or, if you wanted to play a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 at launch, you would have needed a console to play it. If youre a baseball fan and you want to play MLB The Show, your only option is to get a PlayStation.

So, before you go out and build a new budget gaming computer, you need to make sure that you understand that certain games arent available on PC. But, at the same time, what you lose on a console, you gain on a PC. There are also plenty of games that are exclusive to PC, like, for instance, League of Legends

And, overall, the in-game experience on a PC is better than it is on a console. Thats simply because on the PC you can play with better visuals, more detailed graphics, and smoother gameplay. And, of course, on average, PC games tend to be cheaper and there are also a lot more of them.

So, while a console will cost you less upfront , if you buy a lot of games, in the long run, a PC will win out. Ultimately, though, if youre like me, you just get both and enjoy the best of both worlds. Problem solved.

The Future Of Budget Laptops And Vr

The demand for VR ready laptops might have started out strictly for gamers, but more professions are beginning to see its appeal. VR is a safe place to practice diverse skills and operations that would otherwise be expensive or dangerous to do in the real world.

The aviation industry was one of the first to jump at the opportunity. Flight simulations have always been a part of pilot training, but now it can be done with VR, instead of the big, lumpy machines. Other industries such as education, real estate, architecture and medicine have been experimenting with VR for years. Now that the technology has caught up with our imaginations, the use of VR ready laptops for training and collaboration is bound to increase radically.

What Are The Most Important Features To Look For In A Budget Laptop

Performance is the key feature for budget laptops. If you are wanting to spend less than £500 then getting something that satisfies your needs is likely a key priorityover style and superfluous features.

With that in mind, you should look for laptops with, at least, an Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processorif you use one program at a time. Or, if youre a student or require having several tabs open in Chrome at once, look for Core i5/Ryzen 5 and 8GB RAM. However, if you are looking at ChromeOS devices, then specs dont reflect performance in the same way. You can likely get away with an i3 or Ryzen 3 processor for most Chromebooks, if your main goal is web browsing and essay writing with minimal multitasking.

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The Graphics Card And Other Specs

As I mentioned, the most important spec and unique characteristic for a gaming laptop is the graphics card. Up until around 2018 when NVIDIA released new graphics cards, their 10 series cards were pretty good. In late 2018, they started releasing their 20 series cards, and by 2020, theyd released their 30 series cards. If you can get your hands on one and have a high-end budget, go for the 3070 or 3080. Cards like the 2070 and 2080 are very solid cards as well. Generally speaking, try to avoid the 10 series graphics cards, because they will be outdated soon. The laptops we are recommending below are all new generation cards, and they fall into different tiers of strength, but they will all run games like Fortnite at a decent frame rate. This paragraph only provides a basic overview of graphics cards. Before you buy a laptop, if you want to be sure, check out a benchmark page like this one.

The other specs you should consider for a gaming laptop include an SSD hard drive, the processor and RAM. For gaming laptops, be sure it has an SSD hard drive to run its operating system. Look for laptops with an Intel processor of i5 or higher and 8gb or higher for RAM. The higher you go on CPU and RAM, the more resources your computer will be able to handle.

How Much Should I Spend On A Cheap Gaming Laptop

The 5 Best Laptops For Minecraft in 2021 (Shaders+Mods ...

Again the answer to this will depend on what you deem acceptable as a minimum level, but in our opinion the best bang for the buck machines tend to sit at around the £700 to £900 price range.

At this level you get machines that tend to be able to play games fairly well but skip out on the more premium features. That said, value doesnt really tend to hit diminishing returns until the £1,500 point and youll definitely get a machine that will last a few years at that price.

Wed definitely recommend spending at least £700 if youre comfortable doing so. Any lower and youll most likely find issues with frame rates and performance or have a machine that will need to be upgraded fairly soon. It can be tempting to pick up a cheaper ultrabook with a Core i7 or Ryzen 7 processor and tons of RAM but remember these don’t come with the dedicated graphics card or cooling requirements you’ll need for proper gaming.

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Minimum And Recommended System Requirements On Games

In brief: Dont rely on recommended and minimum specifications they dont tell you the whole story

If youre buying a laptop for a specific game, its often suggested that you should search the web for a games recommended system requirements, which is usually a list including Ram and storage space as well as a graphics card and a CPU . But this is only useful if youre quite familiar with computers not just of today, but of several years ago. These lists normally only mention one example of each, leaving you to figure out whether the CPU youre looking at is newer and more powerful.

Even worse, the difference between recommended and minimum is enormous a game running on the bare minimum of specifications wont be pleasant to look at and it probably wont be all that much fun to play. Plus, if youre going to be buying more games in the future, games released at a later date almost certainly wont run very well.

The most important factor that decides whether a game will work is the graphics card. Its responsible for calculating and creating the images you see on screen in 3D games. For most games its a safe bet to look for whats known as a dedicated graphics card rather than one thats integrated. The pros/cons list below gives you the basic pros and cons, then we’ll go into a bit more detail.

If We’re Making Some Suggestions

Any of the above laptops in our collection will run Minecraft without issue, though if you’re still wondering where to turn, we can offer further guidance. If you want a reliable laptop that’s equally capable of handling productivity work as it runs Minecraft, Acer’s Swift 3 is an excellent choice.

It has a 14-inch FHD display with an IPS panel, and it’s all built into a slim chassis. The keyboard is backlit, and it has a Precision touchpad. A built-in fingerprint reader resides in the palm rest. Performance hardware is enough to keep up with Minecraft and standard productivity work thanks to an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U CPU, 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and a 512GB NVMe SSD. AMD has improved its integrated graphics with its 5000-series Mobile chips, so you should have no issues running Minecraft at a smooth frame rate.

The Acer Swift 3 will handle a standard game of Minecraft. Still, if you’re looking to play Java Edition with some of the best Minecraft shaders or want to get in on RTX upgrades to the Bedrock Edition, a more powerful gaming PC is recommended. Enter the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, a laptop capable of handling whatever games you throw its way.

It will handle all versions of Minecraft, and it will also be up to the task of running modern AAA games. Be sure to have a look at our roundup of the overall best gaming laptops for far more options.

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Is Building A Gaming Pc Hard

However, there are moments that can arise during the building process that can be frustrating. The good news, though, is that there are plenty of guides out there that can help walk you through the building process to minimize the chances of you running into these kinds of problems.

Most builders wont face too many issues during their first build and even the most tech-challenged individuals could probably get through their own PC build if they are patient enough.

Ive had 10-year-olds email me to tell me how they have built their own computers, as well as non-tech-savvy parents and even grandparents. So, if they can do it, I bet you can, too.

Ive also put together a step-by-step guide to help first-time builders through the building process. You can access it here.

Best Budget Gaming Pc

Best Budget laptop for Minecraft (Early 2014)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G | GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD | Weight: 30.86 pounds | Size: 8.07″ x 15.59″ x 16.18″

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 is well geared to get you gaming in 1080p and 1440p with plenty of power for just about any game you throw at it. The AMD Ryzen 7 5700G processor inside provides eight speedy cores that can keep up with your gaming needs while letting you keep background programs running handy if you want to chat on Discord or stream your games.

The system also features an Nvidia RTX 3060. This is where the muscle comes in to let you play esports and AAA titles smoothly. The RTX 3060 should easily let you see high frame rates in esports titles whether you want to go extra fast at 1080p or just want the balance of 1440p clarity at a smooth 144Hz. Lenovo provides 512GB of fast storage to keep the computer responsive and give you a home for your favorite games. An extra 1TB hard drive can let you keep extra-large files and an extended game library as well.

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Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing

Absolutely, but you need to be mindful and reorganise your priorities regarding certain specifications. For example, you should focus more on laptops with higher refresh rates if gaming is your primary focus. However, for creative work, you should consider the quality of the panel itself. OLED, HDR and, even, 4K options may be more suitable when gaming isnt your top priority.

Truly Compact: Lenovo Ideacentre Mini 5i

If you don’t mind sticking with integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics with a focus on performance instead of fancy graphics, Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Mini 5i is an affordable way to start playing. It has a textile top cover that fits in well in the living room or home office, and its hardware can be upgraded. Lots of ports make connecting all your accessories a breeze.

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Whats The Best Cheap Laptop For Running Minecraft

Claire wants to buy her son a laptop to run Minecraft with Pixelmon mods. Her budget is £300, but shes willing to spend a more

I have just read your 2015 guide, Whats the best laptop for running Minecraft?, and wondered if you could update it for 2016. My 10-year-old son adores Minecraft, and his Chromebook isnt cutting it. Hes really into Pixelmon, so I was thinking about spending approx £300, though Im willing to go up a bit if it gets something that will grow with him. He is using the web and the usual office tools a lot, and hes increasingly keen to learn coding. Claire

This has been a common query for three or four years, and when buying a Minecraft machine, the basic rules never change. First, get the fastest processor you can, within your budget. Second, go for the fastest graphics card you can afford. Shop around, but I doubt youll find anything under £300, unless you are willing to buy a refurbished or second-hand laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad 3 Best Value For Money

10 Best Laptop for Minecraft 2021 August
Main specification
  • Noisy fans
  • Viewing angles are limited

Take a glance at IdeaPad 3 from Lenovo, another versatile laptop that you can get by merely spending less than 400 bucks. First, the device has got a unique shape. Plus, its lightweight and portable enough to be carried around easily. IdeaPad 3 from Lenovo is a perfect option for those interested in playing some old games or the new ones on low settings, apart from using it for online work.

Its equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 3 3250U processor that lets users play some popular games at low settings. It has a more speedy gaming process than Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5. The IdeaPad 3 boasts AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics, which make a good performance in smooth frame rates and highly detailed displays. This video card is better than Intel UHD Graphics 620 which Asus VivoBook 15 has because it can handle heavier games, not only light ones, on low graphics detail settings. Furthermore, it can easily handle photo editing and video editing.

The laptop has a 15-inch HD display with excellent narrow bezels on two sides to let you get the most out of the IdeaPad 3 laptops HD display and present a clean, contemporary look. Dual speakers are enhanced with Dolby Audio sound, so youll love what you hear as well as what you see. Speaking of Lenovos display, there is a need to say the resolution is quite frankly low, and viewing angles are limited in comparison to Acer Aspire 5.

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Ultimate Performance: Alienware Aurora R12

Want to slam Java Minecraft with so many shaders and mods that you can no longer tell it apart from real life? Want to crush Bedrock RTX improvements? Alienware’s Aurora R12 is an absolute beast. Get up to an 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF CPU, 128GB of DDR4 RAM, and an NVIDIA RTX 3090 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU, all contained in a gorgeous, unique case.

So Your Kid Wants To Play Minecraft On Pc Our Black Friday Picks For A Budget Gaming Laptop

    Hello, PC gaming illiterate parent that found us through a desperate Google search. Welcome. You’re in safe hands now. What did you type in a panic to get here? Cheap laptop Minecraft? Maybe Kid wants to play Minecraft on computer? Or the all too common Oh god help my child wants to play Minecraft on PC and I don’t even know what PC means?

    We can help.

      Whatever age your youngster is, a laptop is probably a good first step into PC gaming, especially with Minecraft. It’s portable, so you won’t need to tear down a wall and make room for a big desktop PC desk, and they can take it around the house, use it at school if necessary, or take it to a bud’s for a sleepover gaming session.

      But if they are bugging you about a beastly desktop gaming PC, I’d check out our Black Friday hub to get started. However, Minecraft doesn’t require expensive hardware to runlucky you! A simple, cheap laptop will do just fine.

      Here’s a few budget laptops on sale this Black Friday that’ll work for Minecraft and plenty more.

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      Gaming With Intel Hd Amd And Nvidia: Dedicated Vs Integrated Graphics

      In short: Look for dedicated graphics from AMD and Nvidia for a better chance at great gaming performance.

      To get the best gaming experience, you should pay careful attention to the graphics capabilities of any laptop you consider buying. It’ll have either dedicated or integrated graphics.

      Integrated graphics
      Won’t be able to play advanced 3D gamesMakes laptops more expensive, reduces battery life

      Best Budget Gaming Pc 202: Top Gaming Desktops For Less


      These are the best budget gaming PCs of 2022

      Ghost Canyon NUC

      Save money without compromising on quality with the best budget gaming PC. Thanks to powerful yet affordable releases in internals from Nvidia, Intel and AMD, its more possible than ever to get a cheap PC that can handle even the most graphically-demanding games. This means that while youre welcome to splurge on the most kitted-out gaming PC if you have the funds, those who are on a budget will be just as happy with a lower-specced alternative. After all, not everyone needs to play at the highest possible settings.

      You dont have to have the latest and greatest components to game properly. You can save a lot of money going with one of the best budget gaming PCs over more maxed out options. Since these budget gaming PCs are packed with cheaper processors and budget graphics cards, you can fire up the best PC games and have an immersive gaming experience albeit at lower settings and still have enough money leftover to spend on top-notch peripherals that can keep up with the most demanding titles. Plus, with the ongoing supply chain shortage, the best processors and best graphics cards are so hard to get right now anyway.

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