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Another Woodland Mansion Spawn

Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition – The Best Seed Ever 2020 [Not Clickbait] Minecraft Seed Xbox One/MCPE

Seed: -4589128118707775879Version: 1.11

Woodland Mansions are one of Minecrafts most exciting generated structures, but theyre not exactly easy to track down. This seed works with the 1.11 Exploration Update and spawns you close to one of these behemoth structures. Be warned, though: they house some formidable mobs.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds You Need To Try In 2021

Minecraft seeds allow you to create a pre-determined world to build in, making them incredibly useful if you want to have an initial spawn point near a village, dungeon, ravine, or other unique structure. You might even want to test your luck on a deserted island. Whatever you fancy, here are the best Minecraft seeds that work with all Bedrock Edition versions.

Abandoned Mineshaft Next To Village

Seed: 141280768

Like most other seeds on this list, this one has a village right at spawn, but what separates this seed from the others is an exposed mineshaft nearby. If you make your way to the desert biome a few blocks away from the village, youll come across a ravine with multiple waterfalls, some lava pits, and an abandoned mineshaft running through it. The mineshaft even has a few chests strewn about with rare items and materials, making it absolutely worth the trek into the depths.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more Minecraft tips, check out our best Minecraft enchantments list or our best Minecraft mods list.


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Minecraft Lush Caves Seeds Bedrock & Java

Mojang has been making some pretty serious updates to Minecraft, and in the 1.18 version of the game, there will be even more to explore. One of these areas is going to be naturally spawning Lush Cave biomes. You will find a variety of plant life in these biomes, including moss, grass, azalea, vines, and cave vines with glow berries! There can also be dripleaf plants which will only spawn in Lush Cave biomes that have shallow lakes in them.

As of right now, you can only get the Lush Cave biome to spawn naturally in the 1.18 experimental version of Minecraft. You will need to install this manually for Java by downloading a zip file and placing it in the versions folder of Minecraft. Download the version and learn how-to install this via Minecrafts official guide.

If youre on Bedrock, which would be Pocket Edition, PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10, or the Nintendo Switch then when you are creating the world, make sure to check Caves and Cliffs in the Experiments section of Game Settings.

If youre looking for more new worlds to try, check out the Minecraft Seeds section of our website!

Exposed Underwater Stronghold + 3 Blacksmiths

10 Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

This Minecraft seed for PS4 and Xbox One spawns us on a small island with a village that has 3 blacksmiths. The village is perfect to get you resources and help you start your journey in the game. Once you are ready, you can go underwater to find an exposed stronghold right near that island.

Blacksmiths village and an exposed stronghold are both very rare on their own. But this seed takes it to another level. Theres another island near our spawn that has a village with a glitched ruined portal. The portal eats up a large portion of a villagers house, leaving it scattered. And well, it looks amazing.

  • Seed Code: 542630838
  • Village with Glitched Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 1397, Y: 68, Z: -204

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Best Minecraft Seeds You Need To Try In 2021

    Minecraft is a timeless classic that continues to win over the hearts of old-school players and new-style gamers despite the differences in play-style. The sandbox setting and virtual limitless-ness that is the Minecraft world is undoubtedly what draws people in, but many people stay for the sheer unparalleled creativity that stems from the Minecraft community.

    Yes a huge part of what keeps Minecraft so immensely popular are the players themselves.

    Aside from Minecraft mods, Minecraft shaders, and Minecraft texture packs, another piece of Minecraft content that players contribute and share with each other are seeds. Minecraft seeds are invaluable to Minecrafts world-building and replay value.

    In fact, some could even argue that Minecraft seed codes are a must-have for new players, as Minecraft seeds can definitively shape the Minecraft gameplay experience.

    But before we give you the codes for some of the best Minecraft seeds, lets break down exactly what these Minecraft seeds are.

  • How to Use Minecraft Seeds?
  • Why Use Minecraft Seeds?
  • Savanna Villages on the Great Plains
  • Castaway Minecraft Seed
  • Want to learn a valuable skill while creating worlds? Enroll in CodaKid classes which use games like Minecraft to teach coding for kids!

    The Top 20 Minecraft 114 Seeds For May 2019


    It’s taken Mojang a while to finally release the long-awaited Village and Pillage update for Minecraft 1.14. But now it’s here with some brand-new seeds!

    If you’ve been playing all of the latest Minecraft snapshots, then you already know about all of the changes in the newest update. However, if you’ve primarily been exploring the game’s previous version, here are all the essential new things that Village and Pillage has to offer.

    You will find all of these new improvements, as well as a few other cool features, in this month’s top selection of Minecraft seeds.

    For every seed we’ve ever written about, check here.

    Coordinates: 100, 250Biomes: Desert, Savanna

    In this seed, you will spawn near the southern border of a desert biome, right next to a pillager post. This desert is special because it hosts an abundance of villages and desert temples.

    There are about 15 villages and more than 20 temples within 2,000 square blocks. You will find them by following the river that flows through the biome.

    Here are the coordinates to some of the most interesting loot spots:

    • -350, 1200
    Coordinates: 15, -8Biomes: Plains

    This seed presents two small plains villages right at spawn, which is very convenient for any survival gameplan.

    One of the villages has a ravine nearby that grants access to a number of valuable materials, such as gold and obsidian.

    Coordinates: -180, -60Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains
    • 1x diamond chest plate
    Coordinates: 64, 20Biomes: Desert, Plains
    • 400, 100

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    Island Adventure Seed # 2090846439

    Using this seed will spawn you on a peaceful little island, a fun place to start a survival game. There are several other islands scattered nearby, but youll have to venture to the mainland to get some resources to build your island home. If youre tired of beginning a game in the normal biomes, then an island seed would be a great way to mix it up.

    Huge Mushroom Island Seed With 7+ Biomes

    Minecraft Epic Awesome Cool Seeds Episode 3 Ender Portal Temple & Villages PS3/PS4/XBOX/CONSOLE

    This seed on our list of best Minecraft island seeds also begins with the Mushroom biome. But as you move further, you keep discovering many new biomes. From swamp to the jungle, there are around 7 or more biomes within a few hundred blocks of our spawn.

    To help you explore these biomes, there are 3 shipwrecks and 3 cold ruins near our spawn island. All of these are underwater and offer good loots in their chests. You can also find multiple buried treasure maps for a fun side-quest. This is an ideal seed if you want a base with a touch of almost every Minecraft biome. Its also useful if you are speedrunning the game and need resources from multiple biomes.

    • Seed code: 245886274294273
    • Biomes: Mushroom Fields, Swamps, Jungle, Ice, forest, and more
    • Shipwreck: X: -168, Y: 55, Z: 120
    • Small Cold Ruin: X: -232, Y: 52, Z: 88
    • 2ndSmall Cold Ruin: X: 88, Y: 52, Z: -168
    • Shipwreck: X: 120, Y: 55, Z: -72
    • Cluster of Cold Ruins: X: 120, Y: 52, Z: 104
    • Shipwreck: X: 40, Y: 55, Z: 216

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    Floating Jungle Temple Minecraft Seed For Ps4 And Xbox One

    At this point, we are somewhat familiar with rare and resourceful seeds. But then, there are some seeds so random and unique that their existence almost feels wrong. This seed is the perfect example of that. We spawn in a really calm and normal-looking location. But if we move to a specific location not so far from our spawn, we will find the impossible.

    Theres a floating jungle temple with none of its blocks touching the ground below it. Its upper part is colliding with an extended hill, while theres a tree touching the other side. The loot in the temple is impressive, but the randomness of its spawn height is incredible.

    • Seed Code: -2075578213
    • Floating Jungle Temple: X: -385, Y:77, Z: 750

    Spruce Village And Coral Reef

    Seed: 673900667Version: 1.1.4

    Spawning directly into a Minecraft village makes for a very gentle start to life in Minecraft, but whats even better is if that village is just a short stroll from a gorgeous coral reef and some stunning mountains. This seed promises resources for days, plenty of fish for food, and a safe place to spend the night.

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    Witch Hunt Swamp Biome And Shipwreck

    This Minecraft seed benefits you spawn near a rather resource-rich spot, with a shipwreck, a witchs hut, and 2 villages with 3 blacksmiths each, all within a few hundred blocks from the spawn.

    You can also spot a broken portal and a shipwreck at the scene. Once you explore a short, you will discover the two villages with three blacksmiths each, full of resources.

    These are the great Minecraft seeds that players can use for their Sony Play Station 4.

    Simple Start Great Opportunities

    Minecraft: PS4

    Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: Electrical-Donkey917 | Seed: salmon | Platform: Bedrock 1.16+

    As you can see in the image above, this seed provides the classic Minecraft spawn experience. Begin your adventure on an island, but be ready to conquest almost everything the game has to offer! This seed was put in the spotlight because you can find almost every single type of structure within 2,000 blocks of the spawn. This not only includes Overworld structures but Nether structures as well. If you were looking to find the best structures for the best gear, this is your map seed!

    • Key Locations

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    Desert Lush Caves : 112420524

    You will find this Lush Cave in the desert biome of this seed. Theres quite a few nice things around it as well, such as a Pyramid, Village, and a Badlands biome to explore. You can make yourself a solid start with all of the resources surrounding this fertile cave. Credit to LuckyAcht on YouTube for finding this one.

    • Lush Caves: 32 69 525
    • Pyramid: -230 66 542
    • Desert Village: -354 66 677
    • Plains Village: -677 67 622

    Those are all of the Lush Caves seeds for Minecraft that we are featuring right now! Well be updating this page with additional seeds in the future. Be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our site for more coverage of the game.

    Savanna Villages On The Great Plains

    Minecraft Seed Code: 508164565

    For players who love wilderness-survival-type gameplay, this Savanna Villages on the Great Plains Minecraft seed world might be just the thing youre looking for. Its rich in resources and open space, so you can start collecting and crafting to your hearts content.

    As the name suggests, there are two savanna villages you can visit for more items . One can be found near the ocean and the other can be found in the mountains. In between both savanna villages, theres a plains biome thats ripe for further exploration.

    Fun fact: the mountain savanna village just happens to be overflowing with mineable, craftable wood.

    Minecraft Seed Code: throwlow

    Yep the seed code is a name. Dont worry as long as youre running Minecraft 1.1.4 version, you should be able to spawn this Minecraft world without any trouble.

    As any veteran player well knows, Minecraft mansions are hard to come by. Sure, you could always build a mansion for yourself. But wheres the sense of discovery and accomplishment in that? And the loot!

    Turn the tides in your favor even just a little bit by entering this sneaky little seed code. Itll plop your Minecraft character down only a few hundred blocks away from a woodland mansion thats practically ready and waiting to be raided.

    Build your house, gather your resources, and get ready to storm this conveniently-located mansion.

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    Village Temple And Ravine

    Seed: 194699705

    The Temple and Ravine seed will land you near a temple that contains useful loot. When you move away from the temple, you will also come across a ravine right in the middle of the desert biome.

    Though the ravine is dangerous, you can still find a few valuable minerals if you keep looking. There’s also a village with a few more resources to assist you with your Minecraft game in the desert biome.

    Mesa Biome And Village At Spawn

    Minecraft Best Ps4 Seed Ever ( super cool) 1.14

    This incredibly useful seed helps you spawn pretty close to a village, where you can set yourself up well with the iron armor and swords at the blacksmith. If you move away from the village, you can spot a few different biomes, including forest and mesa.

    If you dig straight down at 114,12,-463, then you can find a cluster of 8 diamonds, all ready for the plucking. Find out more in this video of the seed. Minecraft players can try out this seed on their PS4 easily.

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    Try These Best Minecraft Seeds For Ps4 And Xbox One

    Grab your controller and get ready. These seeds are going to create some long and interesting gaming sessions for all of you. But if you want to go beyond regular seeds, you can even install forge in Minecraft to run some of the best Minecraft mods on your PC. Though, remember that mods, for now, are limited to Minecraft Java Edition. For console players, installing some of the best PS4 apps can make up for a fun adventure. Coming back to the topic at hand, if theres another interesting seed you think should be on the list, dont forget to share it with our readers in the comments section. Not to forget, even exploring these best Minecraft seeds will take a while. So, boot up your game and hop in!

    Multiple Villages Varied Biomes

    This is one of my favorite seeds to start out on for any type of playthrough. From the spawn point, you’re in close proximity to multiple villages in varied biomes, including acacia, plains, desert, mushroom forest, standard forest, and mountain. There’s nothing particularly unique about this seed, but it’s ideal if you like building varied structures in close proximity but in different biomes.

    There’s enough space to create a sprawling metropolis that incorporates all the unique villages, yet it has the topography needed for creative and multi-level builds. Scope out the surrounding area, and you’ll no doubt find a deep ravine and an ocean that goes on for who knows how long.

    Seed: 1388582293

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    The Giant Chicken Mansion #

    If you liked the previous mansion seed, this one might even top it. Located almost directly beside your spawn, this mansion features a space above for a rooftop deck, and 3/4 of a river already encircles it making it perfect for a moat. Plus this mansion comes with a few quirks. Along with a huge lava lamp encased in glass on the top floor, youll also find your own towering chicken statue just like youve always wanted. You can sometimes find animal sculptures in mansions, but this one is a favorite and one of the best Minecraft PS4 Seeds, for sure.

    Desert Temple Above Stronghold

    good seed on minecraft ps4 pro

    This next seed spawns us inside a large jungle biome. But dont get distracted by its massiveness. To reach our desired location, we have to travel a few blocks to find a large desert village. It has a variety of villagers that can get you plenty of resources. Then, next to the village is a desert temple. If you dig under it, you can reach the stronghold that expands under the village too. The TNT located under the temple will help you reach the stronghold easily. Theres also a huge ravine nearby that you can use for resources, making it a resource-heavy Minecraft seed.

    • Seed Code: 900500246
    • Village Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 104
    • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 68, Z: 56

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    Triple Island Ocean Monument

    Seed: 6073041046072376055Version: 1.1.4

    If youre a fan of Castaway roleplay, then this is one of the coolest Minecraft seeds weve come across. Youll start out on a cluster of three small islands with all the resources you could possibly need to survive, then once youre thriving there are several Ocean Monument to battle through loot one of them even has a Shipwreck spawning inside it.

    I What Are Minecraft Seeds

    Minecraft seeds are basically codes that you implement in-game to generate playable Minecraft worlds.

    Think of them as portals .

    They can lead to murky dungeons, vast fields, rich vistas, seemingly endless landscapes with gorgeous views, crumbling ruins full of riches and loot the skys the limit with Minecraft seeds. They can change the fundamental nature of your gameplay and your crafting focus.

    Minecraft seeds bring so much variation and deviation to the game that it is very, very possible for two people playing the same seed to have vastly different experiences.

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